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November 17, 2016
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July 18, 2000
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November 30, 1966
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Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA US SCIENTISTS IN THE SERVICE OF CIA At a meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Dr. Ralph L. Beals, chief representative.of this scientific discipline in the United States, said that the use of scientists by intelli- gence agencies lowers the prestige, decreases the opportunities for conducting genuine scientific research abroad, and casts a shadow on the entire scientific community of the USA. is; only later do they find out when representatives of government agencies question them-on matters totally irrelevant to their sci- also for collecting information of the intelligence type. Many of these scientists are not even briefed initially of what the idea Dr. Beals gave examples of young scientists receiving lavish government scholarships, not only for their scientific work, but entific activity. The speech of Dr. Beals must be projected against the background of the July 1966 congressional hearings on the resolution of Senator Fred Harris of. Oklahoma:;concerning the creation of a National Founda- tion of Social Sciences. can be used against the interests of the countries in which scientif- ic research is being conducted. that MIT was working under a contract: for CIA. These instances, Dr. Beals further added, strengthened the arguments abroad that information collected by American scientists Technology (MIT), almost met a similar fate when it was.discovered had to be liquidated because of the indignation of the Chilean community. The speaker added that another program -- this time in Venezuela -- which was conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of "sociological" research, financed4by the United States Army, which Dr. Beals recalled the notorious "Camelot" project in Chile, .This resolution was set off by the fact that many countries, be- ing afraid of penetration by American intelligence through -- moreover, an unusual number in the USA -- groups of specialists in social sciences, admit these specialists in their territory. -- ZygmuntBroniarek Approved For Release 2000/08/03 CIA-RDP75-00149R000100320012-6