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January 23, 1966
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0 0 NEW IT YO' K lil t Approved For Release 2001J1R/2.6r C RDPAQW RO CPYRGHT CPYRGHT Peking approach found little; but verbal sympathy. 1 Mr. Ben Barka on election from Rabat to Morocco's short ! VV h v f h e A hcl i it f n n ,lived National Assembly in, 63. , is Soon afterward, in July, the; wing "plot" against the King, He was sentenced to death) wire in. ahsentia once fort Family Installed in ('ait?o For Mr. Ben Barka, it was! iad married in 1949, and four hildren in Cairo at the Nasser .+ egime's expense, he roamed the II 'revolutionary" world again. of little attention from the Al_I organs despite his sympathyll Last year, he was put! om political gossip. Meanwhile, shttt::'.ing back find rth from Paris to Geneva to;' lssing compromises, "new op-1, ons," even a possible modus( The royal palace was lent: IIS for "social justice" a.nd he installation of a concrete! L all but forgotten him. . Only ! handful of Moroccan students; By PETER BRAESTRUP Special to The New York Times night for news of the centra He was, taken by a car fron jAnierican-style "drug store" o ]de--Pr6s on the Left Bank. In- lvolved in the plot against him I allegedly, three Moroccan offi- cials headed by the Interior 1iKing : Or was General Ourxtr, as Abdelkader. Ben Barka charges, trying to' cut short a reconciliation between the King the cruel intricacies of Moroccan politics, a special Arab blend of personal-feuds and shifting alliances, of sudden "fraternity" and sudden denunciation,. A Grocer's Son ~ Mehdi Ben Barka, the son of a grocer, had been an articulate itempetuous fighter in this By- zantine climate much - of his He infuriated his French Not long afterward, at the 'Univers!ity of Algiers, he be- came first a member, then pres- ident of the Association of North African Students, . grouping Approved For Rel " r i the. Princes was reporter man, to have told the radical'; .friends. "He wants to do toy much, and so he won't . accom plish anything in the end." In the fight for independence Mr. Ben Barka, spent more than three years between 1951 ant '1954 under house arrest in the Moroccan Sahara, helped rear ga.nize the Tstiqlal party ant participated in the negotiation in 1955 that led to end of thi French protectorate. After independence in 1956 he was elected president o: the National Consultative As sembly, A,hich became his per sonal forum if little more. Although Mr. Ben Barke pledged fidelity to ' Moha.mmcc V, the King tired of the Assem? bly's polemics and dissolved it Meanwhile Mr. Den Barka hat broken with the conservative wing of Istiglal, made off with the left wing and founded the National Union of Popular Fdrees in 1959 Mehdi Ben Barka ? With strong Socialist leanings; Darin; this period, he{,asvauel.y echoing the slogans of the French left, the new party .rres`ed several times by the had, the support of big-city la- 'rench police and was releasedbor leaders and Morocco's po- iuickly each time, litically active students. He was a promising naatlie-; natician, His French friends on Police Abuses Denounced he Algiers faculty intervened 1W7hile his fellow leftists gainer vith the, authorities when his'anini:,tcrial posts in periodic political activities brought Po-'Cabinet shuffles, Mr. Ben Barka icemen to his door. Ifiercel,y attacked police abuses When Mr, Ben Barka returned;in fiery Arabic, called, for the Rabat in 1943, his fellow of French-owned fa.rm- occan intellectuals were seeth-;land and "the mobilization of ug, with nationalist fervor,! Morocco's human resources." imulated by allied promises ofi it was Mr. Ben Barka's hey- f-detennmatlon and France s,day. He was hailed by left-wing artimd defeats, Paris intellectuals and by Mo- Moslem high school students: roccan street crowds. fused to attend classes in pro- Of the Istiqlal old guard, his st against French rule. Mr.;~ormer companions and politi- an Barka, bimse`.` took part ilr,cal elders,'he would say: reet clashes with French riot), 'They talk of a revolution in licemen in Fez and Casa-'...Moro-,,co. But they only talk. In anca. ' fact, all they, have done is take At the age of 24, ostensibly'over power from the French." ly a high school teacher of' Mr. Ben:' .Parka drew the athematics at Rabat, he be-.nmity. of Ralaft conservatives, me one of the most active the army, the, Moslem landown- aders? of the natic. alistIsti-,0rs and jealous left-wingers as al (Independence) party. well, The, Sultan of Morocco, who, From 1960 to 1962, he lived ter became independent Mo-;in Paris as a kind of semi-exile, cco's first King as Moham-!studying "econometrics," trav- ed V, chose Mr. Ben Barka as,'eling to Peking, Havana, Cairo e of the tutors for his youngia.nd other "revolutionary" cap- n. Prince Hassan. The PrincelitaIa, He was deeply impressed as to succeed to the throne by the austere Chinese Commu- 1961. 1nist approach. No lasting bond was Created' "That's the only wal+ an un- tween the bright but fun-lov-derdeveloped country like ours g-'Prince and his austere tutorcon grow,". he told a friend ho was later to attack bitterly later e luxurious living habits of But in Morocco, where even dependent, Morocco's rulingl6aders of the officially banned asses..,, .Communist party build ' back :yard swimming pools, then ase 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R0001003600