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November 16, 2016
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May 4, 2000
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October 14, 1963
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AAHA,. NEBRASKA ill 1 4 i9 oRLD-HEoved For Release 2000/05/24: CIA-RDP' 126,43 125,854 268,388.. Froljit Edit, Othw Date: Farewell to SMMH Bond!' e s , Jam Alas . Alas, the orient. Express and ;'.he Simplon : Tunnell miwts Not so Tong ago these were sy hor- of the intrigue, the terror anda thef - ror that marked the every-day i Of the international spY? Now they lie aruins, demolished by the disintegration gun of reality. chew up For no longer need the Slay papers. and swallow the incriminating PaP No: longer heed he. grit his teeth and in white-faced anguish endure the torture of the red hot needle pushed slowly, ,under his nails. No, friends, these are more humane, times, and the fringe benefits which. brighten the lives.of ordinary have come also, in some measure, to 'the w o r k.e it s in Mr. Bond's hated SMERSH and our own beloved CIA. Today, when captured in flagrante delicto, the spy need only smile pleas- antly, confess' All, and wait patiently; for Washington andMoscow to arrange, (as ? they did. last week for the ump-, teenth time) an . exchange of prisoners.A. be So farewell, _ James Bond. Peace v~rftC ~ ''~~ e served d ' n e y e n mily: K with you, Dimitrios. You hav ne fa h111in Ariven . y -- : c g o i a s tune and we hope you w11.1 envy ~~~? . reason that their. opp ~uvill best be setrvd ifs &0y new social security: , and all Cold War,' Rus$Ian s xample YOU , ge, for e And we hope also that y exchan t of, the Soviet industrial complex. ~~ the members of your brotherhood are omplex. owi nearing the age.-of is hapRetirement, i-Urals for an American p $ for the thing that is happening is more round cpmmq " 1 crrnllnd`R:BAC S underg rules; we fear it will lead sporty to a1f Today the spy 11C1A ~~"' ~.. r Tomort'o - he total abolishment of your calling- g,, ted prisoner of war.- Many of the better college football(I will vanish. No doubt society 'will be better `;. coaches. find that they save time for his going, but sometimes ill be more tedious, ' acts ctures for ' w motion p money by exchanging ,the nig nts ( escape from the world of Timemag~t 11 heir teams is action, instead of ted Press and H ck frag- ci b a a t t bring ' si the Asso sending seout scouso_ne, ments of information. Surely the wise; ley and Brinkley will be made h t more difficult. and economy.minded statesmen in t idences of Kremlin and the various res Approved For Release 2000/05/24: CIA-RDP75-00149R000100430020-5