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November 11, 2016
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June 10, 1999
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February 23, 1967
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DUFEiAM MOFu'W G HERALD FOIAb3b Approved or Release 199//'1 ~9'IA-RDP75-00149 CPYRGHT N 10 Washington Post-Los Angeles Times News service search, which receive;, substan- Camelot, an aborted Defense : al from the d Department Of collect- WASHINGTON - R. Taylor 1 in inf States iInformati n A en 11 tio o a ' g cy orma rc n n Chile s pt ti ,-o Cole, provost of Duke Univer portedly has received funds cal and social situation, includ, sliy was one of four leadin f h , g rom t e Sidney ad Eth lg thibilit nser,oe possy of an ex? political scientists picked Wed- Rabb Charitable Foundation tremist coup against the gov. ncsday to investigate the Cen-. and the Pappas Charitable ernment. tral Intelligence Agency's pene-. Trust, both of Boston. Dahl also warned that the tration of the academic com- l'. The Rabb Foundation was academic community must munity. identified as one which fun- avoid a ":McCarthyism-in-re- The four scholars were apt- '. netted funds to the National Verse" situation which might pointed to a special panel es- Stud t A en s ssociation from CIA arise if thblii e puc vews as tablished by Robert A. Dahl, cover foundations. The Pappas "equally quality of deceit" those president of the American Po- trust has given funds to other who were willing accomplices lil.ical Science Association, who organizations which received of the CIA and those who were said ' lie is "sickened and funds from CIA conduits. , innocent recipients of funds alarmed" by news accounts of Kirkpatrick has ackuowlodged from foundations they trusted. CIA activities. receiving funds from the two : Be said scholars must find: Cole Wednesday nightdedlincd foundations but said he knew ways to "protect the integrity to comment on the CIA-student of no, programs carried cat at of our scholarly affairs from organizations situation but , the behest of CIAlo . over zeaus , noted that he had. accepted the Dahl; .in his letter to the four: agencies particularly y the the CIA g , invitation to serve on the panel. investigating The panel will investigate the 4 b Political $eP iitisisr, whenever they seek- to inspire C,IAs contribution of funds to did not mention Kirk alrick conduct markedly different from CIA'sai student or oo Iiampelman or their. private,; and sometimes flatly at odds ,tax-exempt research foundation; with our own codes of profes. and will also look into the at- but it was understood,' that the _sional behavior." fairs of a Washington-based re-.i' political scientists would look ! The Washington . based firm search firm that received funds: into its affairs. headed by Kirkpatrick and from foundations used by the Dahl, in Palo Alto, Calif., said Kampelman has C1:1. engaged in be had never, beard of Kirk wade-ranging activities varying Na:ricd to Dahi's panel, in ad- patrick's firm but said he has from the mere packaging of d.rcm to Core, were Gabriel Al- become convinced it has no hooks sent abroad for foreign mond, professor at Stanford. direct connection with tite F'ulbright scholars to the re- University; C. Herman Pritch-' American Political Science As,' s- Viewing of books destined for ett, professor at the University, `sociation: United States Information Ser- of California in Santa Barbara Dahl told the vice librari l l pane mem es overseas :ers . and David B. Truman, dean of he was alarmed by stories Say- Both Kampelman, now a Columbia College, .. Columbia log "that the CIA has penc- I. prominent niversity, in New York. trated academic and cultural ! Washington lawyer, 1'lie W hi t p as ng on firm is Opil thh 1 Kirkpatik . - crcesroug foundations and frierc are close 'atiojis and Policy Research h n. _..I fi?ln pseudo-foundation t., ..,t.: and nneimn eA..:.... i , s c n nd ,.e at. s. teeter ttrei 1 the American Po llulnphrcy, whom ?t.hey first ral. tic cif Science Association . ! such practc ese~ evil effects frrno' lied around as political science Th ey are Evron M Kik, E if teacherst th U .r .ven no improper CIA in: aeniversity of alrick and Max M. Kampet-' fluence is proved, he said, the 3~iilnesota. 'an, president and vice presi. standing of US h l h h sc o ar;; t eir irkpatrick id ..,ssue a stater lent respectively of the re relations with earch firm, cal-. iricnt?which said in part, "Pro- , and executive di- leagues and their h L f , c ances ar ei or Hobert Dhld, a an I . - . ector and treasurer respective, research "will suffer grievously arc: equally concerned about the v of the political science asso, as they did after the sorry husi. integrity and welfare of our as, ialio:n. I ness of 'Camelot' to h a said sociation in itlti ,.s reaonship to " " ,., -Operations and Policy Rey He was referring to ".,~icrjcc to our government. t " .......... . ... CPYRGHT COLE "I believe the committee of ormcr.ptesidents of the Amer can ?Political Science Associa- on,, will perform a useful Approved For Release 1999/09/17.: CIA-RDP75-001498000200080008-7