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November 11, 2016
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April 20, 1999
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June 24, 1966
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AND TIMES HERALD Sanitized - Approv4iffiF2i Ifase : CIA-RDP7 - STATINTL 0 asaC oJAssassin odd.Planned $o~uaz. The following ep~?ode con- cerning. Bogdan Nilcolaye- vich Stashinsky, ulhose name has come up in the Dodd hearings, was provided by a source who was on;the scene at the time. The confessed Russian assas- sin whom Se.pator Thomas J. Dodd (D?Conn.) planned to in- terview In Germany in 1964 was a cool operator. Bogdan Nikolayevich Stash- inskiy, had turned up in West Berlin on Saturday' night, Aug. :12, 1961, a few hours before the East Germans started' building The Berlin Wall.. He had ap- proached 'Berlin police and insisted on being, referred to Allied authorities. Relaxing over a cognac' In ,an Apierican reception room; .the slender blond with a thin :face and waves of curls which ,gave him a' superficial re- semblance to the Texas pianist Van C l i b u r n calmly an- nounced-that he had assas- sinated General Stefan Ban- del?a and Professor. Lev Rebet, ,] e'a d e r s oI the Ukrainian ,emigre. community in'Munichy ,on the orders of `the; >~Oiet tions, the details of the kill- ings, disposition of the weap- ons (cyanide poison pistols), and ' his subequent welcome, and reward by KGB' officials: in Moscow. He had decided to seek asylum in West Berlin, he said, because the death and funeral of his child by a Ger- man woman provided the op- portunity. I-le had been given time to attend the funeral that afternoon, but skipped the funeral and used the time to turn himself in, When Stashinskiy went" bn - trial before the West German, Supreme Court at Karlsruhe in October ? 1962 for the mur- ders of Rebet In 1957 -and, Bandera in 1959, the widow of+ Rebet and.., the daughter of: Bande'ra asked the court to show leniency - because thy considered that the killer him= self was a "tool" and a ? "via tim':; of the Soviet terror sys- tem;which employed him. He was sentenced to serve; eight years. in prison. of Senator Dodd's official" ip.; terest in the case was re lated1to' the'`Senator's position secret police (KGB),' r:ron the-,.Senate Subcommittee , He:;described his prepara;-.on, Internal.Security.. 0 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000200300015-4