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November 11, 2016
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May 3, 1999
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Aft r%%I s w,vx 0J`>( ANLI iU Es HERALD STATINIL Sanitized - Approved For Release : IR- t. rfillance is` dif a `tftel t d Communication nated, our technologICU lend "t1f'' h detailed eommunl in the field of strategic nU-1 p'robabffietests that a o1e the to monitoring and silo on ' inside M t could be de the taken ihtKpe i Is ts cation published by The clear weapons. wr Washington Post on March We are now asked by>.the;' stet a certainty, Imt A t~-e Soviet Union is only *p- . tected 4 and released to the general, a,tmtnistration to end all?P?~` probability, hich means that glemdntalot andeunimpo #.L lifftffltf-.hib . Disarmament Agency, nas'atp all tests. We are aslted. "Y` """ . -__ _ challenged certain of the as- to do this despite the facti. Soviet cheating because other Soviet roadblock against on- sertions I made in a recent that we are on the threshold` risks are more dangerous. I site inspections, but I say'to on the floor of the of decisive new discoveries, challenge this' last contention, the American peaple: whets speech Senate and in a previous denied us by the previous but before going on to it I we consider the vast land gxo letter to the editor of The test ban, discoveries that want . to nail down the fact ; ^ pause of the Communist + Post. might restore ourlead and that the proposed inspection "world , occupying one-fifth of' terms do I welcome Mr. Fisher's dramatically strengthen the not give us a guar- the earth's surface; when we antee against cheating. This consider the limitless capac- 1 statement because I feel that security and peace of the free , only good can come from r wore 1. is the cardinal fact to which. Ity of the Communists for ll other considerations must fraud and deceit; when we The great question before a public discussion of the ! be subordinate. consider their present capae issues involved. Mr. Fisher, us is: Doerr this treaty provide its. for undetectable tests Gi ' ` Is Reason ven underground and in space!; incidentally, was my cot- an adequate system of inspec- ? league at the Nuremburg tion with reasonable assur- The reason why the pro- when we consider the un- trials and while I disagree ance that the Soviets are not posed inspection system is in- known possibilities for decep-, sharply with some of hit secretly continuing nuclear adequate as. I have tried to tion which perverted science statements on the test-ban' tests that can give them the point out in the past, is that will give them in the future, issue, I have the greatest re, revolutionary weapons denied we have made so many re- 'we can not, we must not, en- spect for him both as a man to us by our observance of treats and concessions to the trust our national survival to and as a Government official. the test ban? Soviets in five years of nego- -a treaty which denies us a 'For almost two decades, the, ?1 have laboriously pointed tiations that our proposed sys- reasonably foolproof Inspee- peace and security of the out in speeches and letters tem of monitoring stations and . tion system Inside the Soviet ,United States and the free.that there is no such assur- on-site inspections within the jUnlon We must not entrust world have rested upon the ance; that we have no way of Soviet Union is now, a hollow ? the future of freedom to a unchallengeable military. detecting underground tests, shell. system of absentee monitor- kilo- thi In l t i s . tug. spu es Mr. Fisher d 'power with which our nuclear of a size below severa :technology has armed us. AIL, tons; that we ' have no way two ways: First, he says that Called Speculation f our honorable Pfforts...r detecting test shots in ? improvements in the science o - by h egos b n h h _ ~...,.,...,.... - roug -?- ee as 'armame114 t tion have failed, each in its nistration witnesses at con justified a vastly reduced in- here, but for the sake of ads- ill take up l I ' w y spection system within the, quate rep :turn, because of the calcu-.gressional hearings. it ls: lated deceit and treachery of through hidden tests of these Soviet Union. I dispute this. , Mr. Fisher's contentions that $ detection that I say that advances In the a treaty should be ratlfl because ki at def t i ts Y t d y , s , s e n the Commun h of our nuclear technology, we the. Soviets could develop a science of deeeitioii have out- which ' admittedly involves ond d t a --..u. --- ?........, .---,. ___. neu r have preserve .peace. missile warhead and other of detection and I point to quate on site inspection. - Five years ago we began decisive weapons. the fact that it is now pos- The reasons he advances to fritter away our nuclear Mr. Fisher's widely publi- sible for the Soviets to test are in the realm of political supremacy. We stopped test- cized letter purports to an- secretly In outer space and and strategic speculation. It Ing and trusted the Soviets saver these statements. But to test large weapons under- is contended that the risks' to stop. We halted or hobbled the remarkable fact is that ground without any possibil- of not signing this treaty are our development of a variety 'nowhere in his detailed de-' ity of detection. This situa- greater than the acknowl- ?of new, revolutionary weap-,Tense of the Administration Lion did not exist five years edged risks of signing it. id that this o and it makes any gain In These greater risks are con- . a o it i g sa s we awoke one position earthquake science irrelevant tinued testing by the Soviets ens. Then September morning to fin . d treaty gives us solid assurance that the Soviets had cheated that the Soviets cannot con- and insignificant by compari- , and the spread of nuclear`'.' .,us again. tinue tests and develop new . son. I technology to other nation e When the mushroom clouds weapons while we are immobi- Second, lie says that it does ? This argument is ent!rely Ir- of their awesome series of lized. On the contrary, he not matter, anyway, because relevant because the pro- gigantic test shots had faded, confirms my misgivings. He our reliance is based, not. posed treaty does At prevent we discovered that our pre- affirms' that the proposed upon monitoring inside the , all testing by that Soviet Un- cious nuclear supremacy had treaty does involve the risk of Soviet Union, but upon moni? ion and does n6t even Oft- vanished and we suddenly undetected cheating. He of-,' toring stations outside. Here' tend to prevent the spreitd le of of nuclear weaponry to other i i nc p entered the more perilous firms that individual tests the cardinal pr ican disarmament poll. nations. France and China A mer He con. age of parity in nuclear tech- could go undetected. ears down h otiatio repudiated e ns. nology. cedes that there is only a- c` dr 16 That print pie was nave already 1e Testimony Cited adequate on-site Inspection . I voted for the establts the ons d c ..,, . -- ---- ? Mr. Fisher disputes this an loss of supremacy, but all Soviets have rejected this (;0/i/r scientists withS ,izde- Approved For Releas ITi t 3 yP oigR000200310102-6 facts, from Edward Teller to Vans lid he, bac?e testified