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November 16, 2016
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March 17, 1999
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March 15, 1961
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~'~~"'~' ~ 1959 STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/05/24 : CIA-RDP7 . CONGRESSIONAL" ECEWRD -=- SENA ira .n C'vngresa asscmbted?'I2tat the Act o[ f?'eUruriry 18, 1D60 (T4 Btat.S)~whlch amended the Act of May B, 1948, as sounded js7 U.C. xA9hl~ i~s hereby amended by dOleting the I~~raso "tor the flscwl Bears 1981 snd 19AZ". 'T'he ]letter presented by Mr. Fvf.aalalrr is ~ fa~llows: ' ' ' ? JatxoaaT 18, 1961. lton.~~d.rr?.rtwaD 1[. NxaON, . t?residgttt LJ the 5ensis. Dr~.a.tA[a. VrCS paaarota.r: I oubrtdt hsre- wiL11 a p{Maed draft Of an atmendment tO the loin eeoluWot} pztnldtnb far nseaubet- r;hip arnd Ucipatlon by the IInlted 13tatN in the In -American ChAdtsa'a xastitute. 1'hls draf lagislat~n has the purpooe of deleting a p ass ip _the present legleiatlott which. Uy 1 the authorltX far tslaYing aj>proprlatlona Lhe >yecal years 1961 sad l'Jfd, -n. el[eQt ll sad V8. memlietohlp-in tUe Inter-Amer) C~Hdtsa's Institute, 11a urgunfzt~uon !n oh vre have pertiolpated . and played a lead role ainw 19;i8. The Inter-Ambrl bhlldrea's };nstltwte V an entity w'bose eft .teahnleol abilltMls and wboae ooatrtbu to the wail-bslt-f of the chtldten art Lh atttClpatlag Atwrl-. rxn ettal;,pa have been tq~-tt the American. ouc 1 h1p to this helms+ phere rend pasltton of knowledged ootn- petence !n matters of oh rem'e aooli~l??weL? fare, !e unquestbned. out V8. saM~x Uershlp the eRsctttronegp We' Otga~llfa-? tion'a program wOUld be ~ affected. Wlthtn the framework of 1 primary ptrr- posc as a center for technl naultatton, tulvlaorlr oertloes, to footer' a pful publl- caclona program sad for the d minatlan of hifw7natlon on all marten neat t0 the wc1[are of the ChtlQrea of et'laas, the inpn-American Childtvna It3s boa recently staged suooewfttl aenUnre>s ahlld nutrluon which ip turn have fed natlonel aetrllnats on the sub~eot. Zli station with LJPiICSF, the Institute L ttr>n cKOrts is Chile by.heip~ t0 plan btaH centers fou? child Oal'e CealIIlnj tlvely low budget of ;80,(100 annually, the. Cristttut:o 1s recrognlaed tttrottghout the Ametlau for Its high dep'ee of technit`ai performance In matters Of ahlld welfare. The ~eltminatloa O[ a tt?Ot! ?limlt On.Otir membetshlp?ls considered tn.+the beat inttr- sate of our eftectl~e pattWipstloa lta the wo- tivittea of the Orgarilaatioa, Othetwlse, long-range oonslderatton off the ;dlerotioa.? cal for the United' States at etery~bond Z ear's ineetlrtq o1 the Dlreetin~ a[ It wc~uld also. be more !a o~formltir with the pal;tern o[ meaibershlp'f alithoriaattoa goverrilng our partlctps (m other lnter- natlone.l orgnnlzatlonj, 1 q~dlag the Onitod Natlnne. and its apeclaUlEed agenclea; the ()rK;lnlTatlon of Amer1c11h Btates and Oche[ intrr-Amertcan organl~adons, various,other eglunui organlaatio~and argtnlaatlons Of a more limited aiasLidtmistion type. tr.s. !parttcipatiW>(`tn the Cb2ldten's Instl- tuto, a specidlaa~ W'ganlsatlea Of the Ot+? gantzaclan of A~bsricaa $tatsa,? is a.mcaua'. of a:pressing oo+sso>,tent'a *31ppOrt of Pan American blidarlt~. ? flni ootxtlau~ 7nrnihershlp 111 the QhildrMt's Instituts. ln- surea Uy the favorable oonsldsratton~of the chart hfglslatton aubfeitted hersivitt4 would assure the Amarlcat oL otl!' wtltls~naes to favorable oonatdssasilon to this tsquest dur+ ~ ~Rk',1[$A'ITti(i: lab the prevent ssuALri: , ]k11 81it~tlid' '~sstaring ~'~'atrlotleln; A oimilar oeetntttnto+atSon IJ Dflnb ssat't0 pu +?}~ `'m8,'trinitan the Bpealca.ot. tM gouty of ?Sepressatlfld/, ` N.Z., asi 1lL~I'gh Orioiil.:.. ,~i~,`'Y OF-WAY ON II~IAN IlANI7$, ,~` srrez'~ or' r1$w Y ? ~.I. rb t.v.l r Mr. JAVTPi3 (tt'~ hitnselt ~.1ind x..I~[r~ >~lsl-snta) subtnttted.aifi atneMmettt,.ffi be proposed b7a~'iof11t17. $t1-te ? of Few York. -which was to the Committee: an taterlos s;ttlar. Atfaira and da+dtlx'ed to be PENDIB Oln ;eQttest, ahd b~! ot>vt ~~On-. ere ~o to bey la t~e"k~tA~~ OtaatY' Qeriies+sd atC3ur >s.'Vaa lsgYdrh[. a[ Plttetrursh. at ihw?1llvateen ~arl- IpYrlbps a~ltarach E 1911~~ ttM-11ew Jepay $lfate: 1+ldaatitla Hoare. of 3tduoa~aml. ? .. ,; adtLaa~l antltlad ">I~sdeatS Leg-m 4~c+ itar-ivASlar1,':ptltl~tshed >m till Ls ( v. ir.) ZYibtine. s .. . tai eatltilR '7ieage"Qtepa~s awrtant~ i~,4'?c ._ b~ -; c-a ;3 -- pnbilahed la'th~ ?itamllva -cx.r.l~ ,t'11Lt:~~ 1"llL1f. l'reaidetAt.: ~i waa ~. ]{t 1NY a Itredt privilege to bees h1m ~vitt>rws gain. He is a man who hen the ailt~e diYmnad,havlai; Dean seatelooed to dearth b! both the Naala sad the Com- nttiafata. ' . I am afire a1I of us joined with him in his prq'e2' flail the bleestllQa u[ freedom be rrstolted 'to' ties brave Hungarian people sad toy tl~ hundreds of miIliolia of tither peoples is Stil'Opt, and also is As4-, who tioda~ airs abut oft from these biesdiln{at. =+ But an aet?oi prayer, a1 I sqe lt, !a oleo ati act ai.selC-dMleatiaa. ~ If we pray for freedofil, but it in our actions we deny freedom or fall abort of defending it, we shall not merit the divine assiatanoe Tor wh1Ch Iraprair. - .:IE b trOfn thtt sttiadPoiut, Preai- deat, ttu-t 11Y11u cgml:tent certain re8i~nt leydl`'~i that have appead"ed in the aagtied "Xotttb 8hapiab ~>dl''tsniwialt, K~ Y.Rf~ch 1 ,W I"Raoe Corps Pco? tie Clourier.Pwtt Qaca- .3001. , ,. Zlatis H9mo HER.. 7rbcuar: S*, 191: Rtsbtr wad Jobs,;' Ztreninjt ??., ,.r?awsJ Car. w?~w?.~a.w ..waww. >oditaefai .nat7aa "orris ~e ~s1 , . Z1asr>rs.~!! pablilphbd !a Ziff Lines d 1[uctt 9. Igdi., ` , lditaalal ssltltled '$'apa xoowa 19est,~ deaLag ~, ttta adgtfalstratton'a pprroposed fatal ~attd, published In the Farm appear hereafter to the +'Lasaaiatlast I,eglalatln ?t~tiOLs rai~tlad ~ . aGlatNttN OdtilnM Pi'obratb.?? pabllahed?tn t>~ gee`oq,Iadepsadsnoe Cfroosr of i"si],ruary, 1101,.,' , ArtlaMl entitled "Hotel in the' Odd West $ty1~r , Publi~t7ptT ~} Rurallta Of )16atOh. 2961. ' I~!lEber a44rMasQ to him b7 trot. Howard 'Dea>t1j?'~b1yrSWy'aS tbe'Jlmerloan Lwocfation of Qlti~tt7 pMe[esaprs, Qnsvetwity ad Oregon TD me -~ERd ,~Cttrk ?~esaid 'IZ ibime : iii 3SarlAh q tbetlt+e . 1- ;sport tp the b8ect, that Amipasepdd~ dtevensoft favored df+o~ta~ t~ to+cailed cold oar faattea troth the Vaned Nations agenda, thus Approved For Release 2000/05/24 :CIA-RDP75-001.498000200330088-1