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November 11, 2016
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February 19, 1999
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July 26, 1966
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i l.n.N FORE SUN Sanitized - Approved Foj-,.Ee,@ CIA-RDP75 o stor O ALLED SPI y is being told." meet technician from May, 1935. time, the. full had A hook of Goerner, "The Search to January, 1946, - said he I .. _ ?_ _ never heard of any such incidents i ub MISS EARHART have been hundreds of or ? ??? Tokyo, Fumn a have peen interviewed," the e story y in Fumiiko Nkajima said. "Classified Federal files have who lived In Saipan and adjoining, n c\nmined Now for the first islands as an industrial develop-i b cation of the Pacific islands place r e i "United Stags e e a 9 We . ,, planr;" ,,, . V eoncerned about Japanese.'forti s ,nwirw~~a rHd?^l+rk4i1*s,4s>;s+ He added; . WAS eaecu Mi. Sever" _ ass. sets, turned u~ Ito trace o4 lhd t'' death ?'fhJa nest3 beheaded h l 1 ff t ,around the world, were recovere . A le ysen Cry it radio, call by Miss Earhart from a grave on Saipan in 194 Another witness,, identified only and secretly returned to Americ As the. daughter of a Saipan doe saving: "Gas Is, running lowbeen The Register said its conclusto lot,, was quoted as telling Investi? ble to reach youby radio^. . that Miss, Earhart and lyoona gAlors: ena we are circling but cannot see were engaged in espionage wa the woman the Japanese based on a search of.'classific rolled the flier died of dysentery. yuA wide rahging search aiy- flles in the, Department'' of lh She,could not be helped. The man Uted - de-raa g ingvy: ships and, 1 d planes, and Dpartment of state. who came tn'the island with her lanes, assisted by~ dapanew vest' t I' alter ~ man and woman being held cap commented: There wet en t any,, - saldleis on the island in 1937.' Napa, Cal., July 25 1 the by the Japanese in 1937 and aeg er sa may L that they had identified photo-) . Two Former Marines Amelia Earhart, the long-missin graphs of Miss Earhart. The Register said two former aviatrix, was on a spying miss"Looked Vrey Sad" United States marines-Evercit) for the United States GovernmIicnsnn, Jr., of Saerap,ento, Cal,,; when she vanished in July, 1One native, Maria An'iola'and Bil ly Burks, now living ins and subsequently died as a .laShoda San Nicholas, was quoted, Trxas-had told of digging up aI nese captive on the Pacific islas saying: grave on Saipan under supervi-' of Saipan. "I saw the white woman many sion of A mnrine officer In l9441 In a copyright story summtimes. My father's house was not, and finding remains of two bodies.tip a long investigation of the mfar away. The Japanese would let The Register said Henson re- tery, the newspaper said Mher walk about a little bit, but not' lated that he asked the officer Earhart succumbed to dysentoutside he yard. "What are we looking for?" and and that Frederick J. Noonan, "When she first came she was the officer replied "have you ever navigator,was be headed by w',li?ing clothing like a man, but heard of Amelia Earhart?" .Japanese a few days later. the Japanese later gave her a Miss Earhart and Noonan he.d In Washington, a spokesman fo robe to wear. She always looked left Lac, New Guinea, on a sched ,the State Department said its file very sad. She never spoke to any, tiled flight leg to tiny Ilowlano- showed no evidence either th'a one, I do not think she knew the' island; on the day they disap- ;Miss Earhart was on an intelli language, peared. From Howland, they 'pence mission or that she was ca : "Then I didn't see her for quit. 'planned to fly on to Honolulu andf lured by the Japanese, } a while. One day a Japanese of- then to Oakland, Cal. ,'. Recovered From Grave, fieer came to see my father, a Wide-Ranging Search ` The Register declared that th tailor, And asked him to make a The Coast Guard cutter,Itasca;, )remains of the two fliers, who dis black cloth for/the .woman. The awaiting their arrival at Howland, Appeared near the end of a. fig officer said she had died," reported the last message heard d Al " I from the twin-eneined plane was b an u Aviator Worked For U.S. of natives" had been found on Saipan 'who remembered a white fors fnrp in Saipan," Nakajlma fished next month, ?uw ununun California Newspaper Says The Register story - said'"scores Miss 11, hart and, her navigatorl were cs P te n ili? red b la CPYRGHT under Japan's control,' by th League of Nations. If Miss get hart could observe-and possibl photograph._ some of these I lands, valuable information, gout be compiled,";,., Miss Earhart :Was 311 and No non 44 At the 'lime of their di appearance. Probe Launched In 1960 The Register said the' investig lion which it'jolned three year ago, was launched In, 1960 by Fi crick Goerner; A 'nbwsman radio stallion KCBS.,h1 San Fro Sanitized Approved For. Release CIA-'RDP.75.-00140R-0 Q2OO480014-6.