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November 11, 2016
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July 7, 1999
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December 15, 1965
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_ r? -~-j" Pcino sdFai lease 1999/09/17: CIA-RDP SAN JOSE, CALIF. l ERCURY f bi ? 76,181 S. 124,417 13EC 1 51965 CIA INVESTIGATING' AMSTERDAM MYSTERY STATINTL a se of the Vanishing US. Scientist- 0 0 By W. G. KLT with Dr. H.A.P:C. Oomen duec-ire went, into the Victoria Bar,ington say that American Em- Special to The Washington rost. for of the Institute for Tropical in Rcmbrandt Square. This . is bassy officials `do not know ,oft AMSTERDAM - Dr. Richard Hygiene, who lives in Laren, 17 )ne of the pseudo-bohemian bars any contact between Follis and M. Follis Jr. of Washington, miles from here., around the statue of the master the girl. - D.C., was the. third foreign visi- Talks with Dutch aulhoritics painterFollis, was known Rembrandt. as an almost tel. Folks room th was the gone next from morning his . H hoe "tor to disappear mysteriously on food problems where planneci otal abstainer, not a drinker, was seen next in a jewelry store in Amsterdam within a few'm advance. Follis met with I 3ut at midnight in Amsterdam, on the Heisteeg where lie , ,months. Oomen that morning. He als:+. Although the many canals of had scheduled a talk with Prof.. is was full of spirits and had promised to buy an $80 ring, t lie Dutch ca ital have been A. Querido in Leiden ? but ile very friendly discussions with abut he never came back for it. p werybody out of that waterfront He vanished until midni ht. r, ragged, the body of the Amer!-'never met Querido. n ( g can authority on nutritional: Oomen said later: "I knov:, milieu who begs for a drink when he was seen again in the pathology has not been found. the American as a prominent,when they think a rich Amer Hotel Schiller, not drunk but lie disappeared Dec. 5, and scientist, It was a normal talk, ^a n is here. "very nervous, described like ?a g going to and fro, gam h'ollied s police have called off the' .We drank a cup of coffee. Follis l 'Nally. ,ally. a woman 'there tier search. was very enchanted to see men She told me: `Then he left the hotel and i The Amsterdam criminal in-'again II was 1.0 o'clock in the. visited the eTrocadero ft the ho night- vestlr al!?on department says morning. He said he wondered! "'That man was a nice man. club.. There, witnesses say, FIr was on his way to a Teheran;llc-mbrandl: Square. the pictur- IIran, medical conference but, in,(-sque joy-center of the old city. icrrupted his plane trip to talk; Nobody knows where he went ,:*ence Service (YVD) and thelhan necessary for his scientificc ,American Cenral Intelligencedutics." 'Agency are working on the case.; Follis was booked at the Hotel Follis arrived by air Dec. 3..Schiller,"" a first rate hotel on that Follis was an Americarigtiick'with my alarm, because Irday.I wish I had, Perhaps he agent, well informed . sources thought Follis did some work for was still alive, lie" was a nice here say that the Dutch Intelli;the CIA. He traveled much moreiguy, talked about his wife and der?apit ated. Their murdererscaitea the American Linbassy_ ooic t+'oIlls to his room, hiive not been caught. His call triggered the investiga- The flowers did not colne.the Although the U.S. State De- tion. next day, she said. ipartmenl has denied officially Querido said later: "I wasr "I did not call him the next other bodies in the canal; ono; Monday afternoon, Prof. Que-I was that. of a RriliSh scientist rido waited in vain for Follis to' She told me she walked to his Claude Berkeley, and lilt other keep a date with- him at tbeliotel with him and promised to" was of a Japanese u,t,siiic: sm in University of Leiden. When the ctuin the next day if he sent r ma MU k gangsLels Mee his; me. money. I "Nothing gave me the irn- It is known that Follis spent pression of a sudden disaster. the evening before he disap only one thing I remember pcared in the company of a, was that it was not quite the woman lie met in a bar. ! behavior of the Follis I knew Amsterdam police feel fie east faefore. Collis was, how can I dropped by his. murderers into; explain it, let us say, absent- one of the canals, In August.' minded." and September they found two' r aih.s presumably was mur-I what Amsterdam was like at Ile seemed depressed to Inc, 1 he drank quite a lot and was I I Christ s ti He was carrying something inbl t hi billf $15 . not aeo pays o. his mind that was heavy. Be said 1 ,was a sincere girl de- He was seen again in the spite r;ly profession. He bought Schiller but did not ask for me a bottle of champagne. this key and soon left. We went from bar to bar. He ? At 3 a.m. on the cold morning got helplessly drunk and we 1of Dec. 5 he was seen by a last cane to an end in the Amstel- 1witness on the corner of Thor- Isar, a clip joint with red - becke Square and . the Heren- i walls A band was playing." gracht (one of the 17 canals). kids. A strange man. He had a kind of tic and moved the cor- ner of his mouth up and down. Maybe he was murdered. The bloody fools from Thorbecke Square kill you for' pleasure," There, according to the wit- ness, stood a tall man in an olive green coat with a dark soft hat, looking very drunk, weiir- After that moment, silen~e; falls over Fpllis. i#ter the talk. But at midnight Follis's associates in" Wash-j' Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000200790023-2