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November 11, 2016
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July 7, 1999
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December 12, 1965
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DEC 1 2 '~9~5 - o Approved For Release 1999/09/17: CIA-RD STATINTL I FoHis Dscppernce Stis Fears of Foul Pky By G. 0. HERNDON of the missing scientist. He has' Star Staff writer communicated to NIH officials A National Institutes of here that Amsterdam policq, 'Health official said last night have located witnesses who saw that Dutch authorities are Folli$ at 4:30 a.m. Sunday about investigating the possibility that 50 yards from a canal and 100,' Dr. Richard H. Follis Jr., the yards, from his.hotel, the Schill=? Washington pathologist who er? vanished in Holland last Sunday, Schaefer. said NIH officials1 may have been the victim of were told that the witnesses who!I foul play. saw Follis also reported seeing Dr. Follis, scientist for the three men known to police as Armed Forces Institute of "shady characters" near him. Pathology here and an interna- Earlier' press reports from, tionally recognized expert on Amsterdam thyroid diseases and nutrition, man, quoted Piet Land-- thyroid arrived in the Netherlands on therethe as police commissioner. Friday, Dec. 3. there, as saying that the city Sun- Dutch police officials last was swept by high winds S Tuesday reported that the 56- day and that he believes Fouls apparently fell into, pathologist was pre- Later, ap anaee; sumed to have fallen into an know , the Landman said pAmsterdam canal during a gale men know seen n near I near F' ofollis the but three: hr have' Sunda Follis had stopped in Amster- not been able to locate them. is to call on a Dutch scienti_ Spying ;Rumors fic colleague. He was en route European newspapers have' 'to a medical cofiference in Iran tha I-- a mission that was jointly and hhrve up the Follis speculated that he sponsored by the Armed F.orcesIat he !Institute and the nutrition Bence v is-engaged in intelli- ;section of the Office of Interna- Bence work. 1tional Research at NIH. Follis's home' here is at 4915 Albemarle St. NW. His wife, 2nd Scientist Sent Edith, and four children are The section chief, hr. Arnold there, waiting for word from or Schaefer, said that NIH officials about the scientist. last week dispatched another His colleagues and Mrs. Folks scientist, Dr. Lawrence Hursch say that the notion lie was4 of the University of Illinois, to involved in intelligence activi-' Amsterdam to report on, and if i ties is "absurd." possible, assist in the police "I can't believed it," Mrs.' investigation of, Follis's dusap- Follis said, "Dick is a complete-.t pearance. ly dedicated medical scientist ..: Dr. Hursoh, who flew to . I sit here day after day and .Holland from Turkey, is a friend try to figure It out.'.; it Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000200790034-0