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November 17, 2016
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April 5, 1999
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February 25, 1963
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FEBI 2,5;19$3 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : Cl STATINTL Fulbright and Cuba SEN 1 i'!: l'ur, i,,n Kplations Committee Chairman l W 11am Fulbright 1D., Ark. t, file in !ii,, T eye, tells Critics of the Kennedy policy not to rock the boa;. Riddle: %v ha! boat' 'i la l'uha i?olic} is riot a policy, it is a ctis;islet. Sen. 1'ulhrtghi'- current rebuff to in uir- mg people ty'pille, exactly the kind of speech making has us trapped and al- lott's such uuinit,u;ated Hells to function. It takes adiantut'e of thc? fact that our public's memory is short. S' ii. Fulbright's tragic wrong- heaite(Iness about Cuba iv'as "idciv publicized at the time of the Ba' of Pigs. How many n'tnc-mbeI it today? Whatever .%e are doing in Cuba is making more leeway than headway in bucking the ii in,t. And any politician in either party who says "Don't Rock the Boat" as if we were securely meeting this peril is performing a distraction from our drift onto the shoals. Sen. Fuibright's part In all this is sadly typical. Right stout the Nazi menace, but never equally right about the Soviet, .he has been dead wrong about Cuba from the very beginning. He opposed any kind of intervention t he r e unless we could waltz in with a group of Latin-American states, as if our country could order such a tidy state of affairs. In the absence of "collective security," See Fulbright preferred to take his chances on Castro. That tiie iecord. Hvwtver, we do not have collective security in Latin America. We have collective Insecurity. We are wise to be attached to the principle, as in NATO. But there is no NATO in Latin America and depending on collective secure yy ity whenever this involves numerous weak and a hat It countries means we flounder into exactly what Sen. Ful- bright helped to give -us in Cuba. When the Arkansan discovered that even a trickle of in-: tervention was moving toward the Bay of Pigs he, among others, demanded that the White House stop our indis- pensable part in it, call off the It. S. Fill- cover over the beaches, and back away from even the incrediblyyy, fragile plans. Sen. Fulbright, who now says, "don't rock the boat," c He is on record As follows: "1 am sure that It American. in the Western Hemisphere would he so severe that we would lose more In other countries than we could gailq 1m,:, Cuba.' How could America conceivably lose more in other, co tries than we have lost thruout Latin America and by the subsequent Soviet military lodgement 90 miles from our shores? The whole perilous situation, nevertheless, has t ire i duced to a well planned press campaign devised andl out to achieve at cliarly defined psychological cod, viz., ti>a1L1 all is under contro. Khrushchev Is not being fooled. Cuba-based Red subver- sives in Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, etc., ale not be- ing fooled. Out Rock the Boat" pulilician, are cooing to the uorlil'~ West dangerous dove. _. ..._.;:,,.-~?~=a ifC'.:3q Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000200930083-0