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November 17, 2016
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April 21, 2000
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April 12, 1964
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ooI N. f [.,iii e r By PON BOIHNING I- SClLwo It Founded V. Our L att. s The Castro press once`?re- i By Dr. Hevia ferrcd to it as "an incuhator4 of pirates." SCHOOL officials neither To students and staff at t confirm nor deny alumni the Pan American Merchant participation in this or other Marine Academy here the exile activities. sAcademy Is good for lur in the Cuban Communist,{; "The y' discuss no plans here - the fuj must, b!e 17 and publication "Bohemia" was a +.- neither what they have. Lure or Cuba , later all of have the equivalent of of `mark of distinction. Latin America." been connected with nor least a high school Qducation It shows, they say,' that what the intend to do. We' tt and preferably one year of "our enemies recognize us. 1. ,- --_ they u e S'; It's envisioned that one day n..,.._ - . The Academy, in an out-of- !In what they d4 otherwise, ': the students will be the lead= said newly named Academy r m in a free Cuba mariti Currently a 'class of 17: is; the-way spot adjacrht to the Maml River, is the ahrn I?Directoa Manuel AranM~, M , me enrolled for the eight hours a, e,r mater for 200. young Cuban ?w,,, _ v, ,~.. ;~, ??;, ban president, Dr. Carlos-,!- I arts. ago, the Academy's fate was ~ti JJ' ork by Day Physically at least - since It' uncertain when Dr. Hevia: {;? 'opened in 1001 in three sec:-: Some, it is said, werq In died early this month. and-floor rooms of a down. r the ranks of those who par- Class- at 1 lilt taco office building. Rut its. backers - mostly t1._ b In+rrestea Mliu1La11?s - ', MEANWHILE, they are It 110W has lour first floor + ; sated their continued support L1 ?1 uopis ("two large and two 4 and Aran, longtime friend anti-Communist exiles tvhai ' and associate of Dr. Hevl:+, i,, .hnt"i 6 variety of jobs l small") near the Seventh d and attend "" dtd b Mii J onaeyaman ?ames "We're established now and ton-free Academy q 1 a s s e s . Dickey.: .' . " "`'" "" " "` " four nights a week. point where we can expand c; Only outward sign of its; and do an even better lob" :1.`:Instruction Is in Spanish. J,' existence is a?sheet of letter.; said M i am I Businesslna+i Tl four instructors are all head stationery in the win '1 ... ??-----v_ Ina- - - I -'-- ?'-'' -- - . .. i and secretary-treasurer of, and professors at,, the Cuban proclaiming the "Pan Amer.: Student ? Body" Entirely Cuban GTNN 0 SAID: -it, is hoped. that a memorial biography of 'with any profits going to the. time youths from `ing artd.?: ? ?~;: 11; ..,' , f.,' consisted .entirely' of- Cghans ands as Ginn`e cplains itti"the; dered a. halt to such ac''lvI. The raids ;prempted'.'the ''BOhec:ila" attack.. , Y4.. -?R,.?. ?.w?Y11~4~~+~y~y,~?.IFL'IR.I~ Approved.- FoI Release 20001,06113: rates immediate concern is to train- ow that 'knowledge is used they say, is the concern of the students, not the Acad..' e "Now," adds Aran, To qualify for admission J Cubans and enable a group of 'sea-minded', ones to get to- ,gether, to know each - other ,Tio salary. The fix-inanth a course. parallels' that of ,hed U.S. Merchant Marine.' Acad The organization's charter:?j says it is "non-political, non- A profit and non-military.+' Its k purpose,'-say', Oran :and Glitid, Is only, to;'teach .the sea.fat PYRGHT IA-RD`P75-00149 R000300090009- -RDP75-00149R000300090009-4 FOIAb3b Approved For Release 2000/06/13 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300090009-4