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M L _j i~y t 1" ~ ~ LlZ.A V < 0 /27' ~4~y Sct Number 163-166 Broadcast on July 11-14, 1966 Vol. 4, No. I, Section 28 P.O. Box 1808, Bakersfield, California, 93301 16 July 19 H... .X% the w'Jair to the all-Russian powial Throne, Tsarevich and Gr Duke cl Russia, August Atoman, 14 a to :ussian Imperial House Ale Nichol, evieh (Romanoff A/K/ in e and under:round as Michael Gal kwyki). ii.; /r Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130Okf `Ira sh take ------ --,,,, on ju,y 15, 19 6 -,. _,. s Richard Cotten bringing you CONSR- "pis i VIEWPOINT. VATIVc may recall that we brought you what I You thoucjht t to be valuable information some months ago relative to the strange case of Colonel Go- leniewski who is in reality Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff, the son of Czar Nicholas Ii, the last of the Russian Czars. This transcript will deal with an interview which I recently had in New York with Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff, Mr. Herman E. Kimsey who was formerly associated with the C.I.A., and Mr. Cleve Backster who is a leading lie-detector expert. The interview with these gentlemen be- gan as follows: MR. COT TEN: I believe it might have merit if we found a simpler way of expressing your name for the purpose of this interview, as your official title is: HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, THE HEIR TO THE ALL-RUSSIAN IMPERIAL THRONE, TSARE- ViCH AND GRAND DUKE ALEKSEI NICI-iOLAE- ViCH OF RUSSIA AND AUGUST ATAMAN - KNIGHT OF ORDERS: OF ST. ANDREW, ST. ALEKSANDR NEVSKI, ST. GEORGE, ST. NICH- OLAS of SERAPHINS OF SWEDEN, LEGION D'HONNEUR ETC., ETC. MR. ROMANOFF: If you please, Sir, you may address me as Mr. Romanoff. MR. CO T TEN: Then I will be pleased to do so. Another gentleman who is to be included in this interview is Mr. Cleve Backster and he is with the Polygraph Research Committee of the Academy for Scientific Interrogation. You will see that Mr. Eacksier had an important part to play in the establishment of the identity of the sister of Alek- sei Romanoff, who was ANASTASIA NICHOL- AEVNA, the GRAND DUCHESS OF USSIA a/k/a/ EUGENIA SMITH. The third person in- cluded in the interview is Mr. H. E. Kimsey, a former official of the Central Intelligence Agen- cy, who has personal knowledge that the C.I.A. has information in.their possession which would, beyond any doubt, establish the proper identity Approy 000/08/27 CIA-RI . - - N DU t of r.;e roan known to our overnment as o one Goler.iewski. I wonder if at this point it would not be wise to refer to the Herald of Freedom of ebruary 1.1, 1966 and March 25, 1966 entitled "The Strange Case of Col. Goleniewski", which was developed by Frank Capell, and ask if, in your opinion, Mr. Romanoff, you find these facts about yourself to be true and accurate. M.R. ROWIANOFF: Yes Sir, I can state that the contents of the two issues of the Herald of Free- dom by Frank Cape ll,regarding my real identity and r,y voluntary support for the national security of the United States and other areas mentioned in these two issues are truthful and correct. MR. COTTEN: `thank you, Sir! As we develop this, 1, too, feel that America Must have this in- for mation and we wi I l do al I that we can to com- pile it in this transcript, making it understandable and concise. We will also reproduce information from the Herald of Freedom and other pertinent documentation. Mr. Backster, would you at this time give us some information regarding the facts you have established concerning the Romanoffs? MR. EACKSTER: My entry into the Romanoff case, or the "Reappearance of the Romanoffs" as we have captioned the case, started with an account of a client of mine in the Polygraph business bring- ing to me an account or a story of an individual who stated that she was a close friend of Anas- tasia, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II, who was not represented as being initially alive, but then later was actually admitted as being alive because of discrepancies that were found in the initial story of this woman and she was then tested on the Polygraph (or the so-called Lie De- tector) regarding her identity. As a result of these tests, there was no doubt in my mind (as the Polygraph expert involvec.), and no doubt in the minds of individuals with whom I shared these charts, that this person was indeed the real Ar. - tasia. To be quite certain that we were not mak- ing ci mistake, as far as dealing with a delusional individual, we had this person, Eugenia Smith, (as she called herself at that time) attend four interviews with one of the top c;ychiatrists in the Fountry who has dealt, and is dealing with miss- ing persons and amnesia cases and things of that azure. This psychiatrist stated that there were no caps . v ~ F,gcrs l,eoacs 52000/08/27 :CIA-R G$PYRGHT traces whAa ~oe?vedo~?de~~iiS~~P~ 12~~~s~g{ ~~ j RQPAT - vti 0 t~s13QR e the proof that she this, combined with the Polygraph examination is Anastasia and, through her, the proof that this results, we felt certain of one thing -- this was is her brother. indeed Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas li, despite all of the alleged evidence that was compiled saying otherwise! MR. CO f T EN: Now, how does this become per- tinent, if you please, to the identity of Mr. Rom- anoff as we will be seeing? MR. BACKSTER: This becomes quite pertinent because of a book that was published by Robert Speller & Sons in 1963. This book attracted the attention of an individual who visited the offices of the Publisher and stated that he would like to meet this woman. This person stated that he was Aleksei Romanoff. MR. COTTEN: Subsequent to that, the testimony I have seen substantiates that there was a con- frontation between these two persons. Mr. Back- ster, could you tell us what developed? MR. BACKSTER: Yes indeed I On December 31, 1963, these two individuals were introduced to each other as for as physical presence is concern- ed, without any prejudice as to identity, and the conversation was tape-recorded with the consent and knowledge of Anastasia (or Eugenia Smith as she was called then); the tape, indeed, was quite interesting and revealing. MR. COTTEN: Did she recognize Aleksei as her brother? MR. BACKSTER: She certainly did, and it was quite an emotional scene. MR. COTTEN: In your opinion and your business, is it fully authenticated? Do you accept it at face value? MR. BACKSTER: As far as the tape being authen- tic I can state this -- that I did the tape record- ing so I can authenticate its existence -- and the details surrounding this before, during and after this confrontation had fully proven to the com- plete satisfaction of many, individuals that this person is indeed Anastasia. MR. BACKSTER: Actually, the brother and the proof regarding his identity are separate issues that were confirmed in quite another channel and by another means, but the two do dovetail and agree. MR. COTTEN: Might I say this? We have an audience, by and large, of the opinion that the entire family was murdered many, many years ago. We are now tolling this audience that there is not only a daughter living, but also a son of the Czar. Since we will go into this a little later, can you give us a few words as to what has been developed to show that this execution simply did not take place? MR. BACKSTER: In the examination of the evi- dence, in my capacity as coordinator of the in- veztigation of the return of the Romanoffs, the careful study of the circumstances reported to have taken place or existed during the time of the al- leged murder were based on their own merits, not accurate from'a scientific standpoint. There were many other indications that came to light, even published data in newspapers, published accounts in such honored newspapers as the New York Times, the New York Tribune, etc., stating after the alleged murder of the family that the family was indeed alive! MR. COTTEN: I certainly wish to thank you. At this point, Mr. Romanoff, would you care to comment on what we just had from Mr. Backster? MR. ROMANOFF: I am of the opinion that the statement of Mr. Cleve Backster is correct. It is true that I met my sister, Anastasia Nicholaevna on December 31st, 1963 at the office of her P ~a- lisher, Robert Speller, in New York City, and at this time took place a mutual recognition between us which was tape recorded and which appears also as a separate statement of said Publishing firm, Robert Speller & Sons, Inc. I met Anas- tasia Nicholaevna, my sister, the first time here in the United States. She arrived or respectively immigrated to the United States in 1922. Since Approved For Release 2000/08/27: R ~AQ sc; {ON 28 PAGE 3 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 - CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 1922 1 had not seen her. I met her for the first time in 1963 in New York City. From the point of investigation of Mr. Backster and his Academy, there is no, question that she is the real person, the Grand,Duchess of Russia, Anastasia Nichol- aevna. I believe that certain high officials in the United States Government were informed a long time ago about her real identity; there is no question about this fact today, and we have the publication of her autobiography which is not in all parts truthful. I had the, opportunity to meet her because during this time between 1961, after I arrived in the United States and supplied com- petent officials of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. with data regarding my sister in the United States, for reasons beyond my control I couldn't see my sister up until December 31, 1963. MR. COTTEN: Thank you, Mr. Romanoff, for this information. I would now like to give you a little background on Mr. Herman E. Kimsey. From 1941 to 1944 he was a Section Chief of the U.S. Army Combat Intelligence G-2. This in- cludes the briefing of Staff Officers and Generals. In 1946 to 1953 he was a Special Agent of the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps - this is the C.I.C. In 1953 to 1963 he was Section Chief and Officer for the United States Central Intelligence Agency. In 1964 he was Assistant Chief of Se- curity including Presidential Campaign of the Re- publican National Committee. In 1964 he was Security Consultant, Security Associate in Be- thesda, Maryland. 'Mr. Herman Kimsey has an affidavit that will be photo-reproduced with this transcript and which will be much more meaning- ful with this interview with Mr. Kimsey. Mr. Kimsey, it is my understanding that the affidavit develops the fact that the C.I.A. has in its files the documentation needed to establish the identity of the man whom our Government knew for so long as "Col. Goleniewski" actually is that of Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff. Could you give us some information on this? MR. KIMSEY: Yes, Mr. Cotten! This informa-' tion which you have just mentioned and which is in the files of the Central Intelligence Agency, was brought to my attention some time ago. T'nen early in the stages of this investigation, after my severance of relationship with the Central Intelli- gence Agency in 1962, 1 became interested in this ccse through the intercession on the part of an old Counter Intelligence Agent friend of mine, Mr. Scckster, who felt that there was a development phase of this case which was not within the realm of his technical capacities and which I believe you have discussed in a previous interview. He had asked me to intercede, considering the fact that my background was particularly directed around identification techniques, including per- sonal identification. MR. COTTEN: Then you will be developing your finger-print impressions, sole prints, dental charts, measurements, face prints, blood tests and, in other words, many, many various facets all to complete the identification. Is that correct? MR. KIMSEY: Yes, that is correct. !might add while we are talking about these particular tech- niques, as a group they are rather interesting, I would imagine, to a layman, in the sense that they are primarily techniques which have not been exercised widely by Police Departments for ap proximately fifty years. Going back, by deduc- tion alone, without going into the actual facts of the possession of these comparative materials on hand 1n the C.I.A. files, this takes us back tcr*a period of time when the initial material was col- lected from all members of the Russian Imperial Family for the purpose of possible future identifi- cation and placed on deposit in the files of other Countries. At this particular period of time they were using precisely some of the methods and techniques described by you, known as the An- thropometricai Test, which goes all into the old- fashioned Berti l lon system of identification. M.R. COTTEN: Mr. Romanoff, were you aware of this material having been preserved by another Gc rnmenti? MR" ROMANOFF: Yes, the statement of Mr. Herman Kimsey regarding this matter is truthful. At this point I can tell you,' Mr. Cotten, that my father, His Imperial Majesty Imperator of all Russia, Nicholas 11, placed in the British Trust, prior to our going into exile, certain information and proofs, including fingerprints, sole prints, pictures and some medical records for necessary identification in some c itical case, so this is a fact that the C.I.A. co.:~ucted all necessary and corvsERVa v y 1FNgrSVZrftasyu2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2000/08/27: CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 aw,ut verification tests regarding my person with the aid of the British Secret Service, based in principle aspect on this material for comparison which my father placed in the British Trust. (Now at this point y wish to ernphasiza T'ha't the C.I.A. ,ot sc e of the comparison material also from other sourccc). Especially this kind of material was the principle material, and this included all of the records and conclusions and results and is the ma- terial of value just for me, because it is exclu- sively my private possession. MR. COTTEN: Correct, Sir. Well, I certainly hank you for that, and if we may, now, we will Burn to Mr. Kimsey and develop the nature of the ecumentation which was just outlined briefly and hat it is you say the C.I.A. has that would stablish his identity. ;R. KiJVS /: The information which we received tom highly competent and qualified sources in ritish private investigating circles was that the ritish Government had issued the information to hem thgt this material had been taken from the iles of the Russian Imperial Family and given to' he American Intelligence Service. R. COTTEN: Mr. Kimsey, would you comment n depth on the affidavit of the Czarevich case? i R. KIMSEY: Some of this material which was fisted, take fingerprints for example, as was listed nder Affidavit as Section A, is listed as being ken from the Czarevich in 1909. During this articular period the Czarevich was going through considerable period of severe illness, due to his lood disease of Hemophilia, and he had been t ken there (England) to a specialist and during his -visit there is when most of this material was so- I cited from him by his father, his family and edical sources, and this involved a considerable amount of medical knowledge, which is referred to further down in the listing on the affidavit. Much of this information about his medical back- ground,- his blood type, many of his peculiar facets and problem, involving the under-development of his legs a:?,;; feet (a prc`!em which he still suffers from today in a mild form), these at one time served two purposes -- the information was gath- ered both for medical reasons and then recorded for possible future identification purposes. This apparently was a custom not unusual among Royal families of the day as they knew the possibilities of problems inherent with the overthrow and turn- overs of Governments, the losses of people and memories of families. This was not an unusual thing to file such information; this-was a very common thing, and had been throughout history. MR. COTTEN: Could you say, with your ex- perience and training with the C.I.A., that it is reasonable to assume that the documentation is more than adequate to establish his identity? MR. KIMSEY: I would say that almost any one of the following items would be enough to substan- tiaterha identity of this man in any Court of Law in the United States, let alone the entire- list. The fingerprints alone are positive identification. The sole prints alone are positive identification. Dental charts, as listed under "C" on the affi- davit, are used to identify dead bodies in almost every major disaster, this is common. These all would be accepted by Courts of Law. Blood tests of certain types, especially one so unusual and having such unusual medical relationship, this can, on occasion, become positive identification also. These are all individually quite strong enough to more than do the job. MR. GOTTEN: This, then, goes on into various medical records? You have the word "Anthro- Richard Cotten's CONS ERVAT IVE VIEWPOINT is published weekly by Richard Cotten, Editor and Publisher, Post Office Box 1808, Bakersfield, California, 93301. Sub- scription rate, $10.00 per quarter. Publication includes transcripts of each of the 'six daily fifteen minute radio broadcasts plus such supplemental sections as are required. SECOND CLASS PERMIT PENDING AT BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 CONSERVATIVE VIEWPOINT SECTION 28 PAGE 5 CPYRGH~pproved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 pometrical" tests. What does this term mean? MR. KIMSEY: Initially, a Belgian anthropolo- c: - in Brussels about 1832, 1 believe it was, dis- covered the fact that all human skeletons were measured differently. This was seized upon by a much harried clerk in the French Surete, or a man, Berti?lion (as the English pronounce it). This man had been faced with the problem of try- ing to record the identification of criminals who were second offenders, and trying to prove that this was the same man who had been involved be- fore, because in those days second offenders were dealt with very severely. He compiled this in a systematic form, the skeletal measurements of the human being, and he developed this into a tremendous system in which you run into break- downs even more vast than fingerprints in number, and he was making positive identifications by rr comparing these measurements even at different age brackets or extended age periods. This is the basis system which, incidentally, became so cum- bersome that he had to cease this and resort to a much shorter and more accurate system which is that'of the artist drawing a sketch of a human face from a verbal description by a trained man. MR. COTTEN:- Mr. Kimsey, could you tell us something about your current relationship with the C.I.A. and their attitude in regard to your int- crest in this? MR. KiMSEY: From the very first day I was ap- proached by Mr. Backster to aid in this case, I went directly to the Chief of Security of the Cen- tral Intelligence Agency and I told him the situa- tion that was developing. I voluntarily said if he could give me any adequate reason to cease and desist at any time in this investigation, if he felt that we were getting into something which was disastrous to national security in any sense of the 'word, we would be very happy to stop this in- vestigation instantly. We have no desire to harm the security of the United States, and we don't want to embarrass the C. I.A. or anybody else, if this can be done. We do feel that this man's identity is something of a personal nature, that it belongs to him and no one has a right, we feel, to steal it. MR. CO i U EN: Thank you very much, Mr. Kim- spy. ; tr. BaC ter, there is a photograph that we have available, taken here in May of 1942, and I wonder if you would describe that for me please. M.R. BACKS T ER: Yes, this photograph was taken on the occasion of the 74th birthday of Czar Nicholas II, and in May 1942, which was quite a long time after the alleged massacre. This was the first release of a photograph of Czar Nich- olas 11 of Russia, taken 24 years after his al leaed murder in 1918. The announcement and release of This photograph was made by the Academy For Scientific Interrogation Research Committee of which 1 am Chairman. In this photograph is pic- tured the Grand Duchess Maria Nicholaevna and her ather the Czar, Nicholas, II of Russia, and Aleksei Nicholaevich. MR. COTTEN (Turning to Mr. Romanoff): Can you identify this picture as that of your sister, Maria? M:. ROMANOFF: Oh yes! That is my sister. MR. COT l_N: Would you tell me who was the youngest of your sisters, Mr. Romanoff? MR. ROM,ANOFF: Anastasia was the youngest sister, then Maria is the second one in age and she is two years older than Anastasia who was born in 1901, and Maria was born in 1899. 1 was born August 12, 1904 (by the new calendar) which rnckes me now 62 years old as of August of this year. MR. COTTEN: You have held your age marvel- ously well, and my congratulations to you! MR. BACKSTER: Also released by the Research Committee of the Academy For Scientific In- terrogation is the accounting of the content and photo-copies of two letters that are of quite some interest. One is a hand-written letter from the Emperor,, Nicholas 11 of all .-,e Russians, and dated January 6th, 1919, nearly six months after the alleged death of the Emperor.. Another hand- written letter was from the German Emperor, Wi I- helm 1I, signed "Wilhelm", and the, contents in these letters helped to destroy the rhyth of the massacre of the Russian lm -:al Family.. Clear photo-copies of these letters are on file?with my Approved or Rel ease - - - CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2000/08/27: CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 ommittea and also in proper archives are the riginals of these letters. AR. CO: TEN: in other words, if and when this an be handled in the proper method to substan- co; so, consequently, it is already now probably some billion dollars which could, in my opinion, be used to support people who are fighting for their freedom and are fighting the Bolsheviks. iateyour identification, there is simply no lack MR. COTT.N: Am I correct in feeling that it f scientific documentation available. would, be a tremendous boon to all of those, our AR. ROMANOFF: Yes! I am sure ;hat your ~ V ! tatement regarding this maJ rten is correct. i wish o make a statement in regard to one made by Mr. l imsey referring especially to two points. The irst point is regarding the Bertillon Method de- eloped in 1905 by a highly classified French spe- ialist for the identification of individual persons. By my knowledge, this method is exactly good nough as is a comparison of the finger prints. ncluding the picture which was described by Mr. ackster are pictures which are substantial evi- 'ence of this method. Results of this method have Iready been introduced by some statements of ome authorized persons, including a very irnport- nt portrait painter. Now, the second problem egarding my hereditary blood disease -- the ex- ression "Hemophilia" is not exactly the right ex- ression because my hereditary blood disease is 'ranger i . e. more rare than Hemophilia 1 The evelopment of the hemotology knowledge, from hat time 07/8/14, was going pretty quick -- and yen from the point of my blood disease and from ome damages done by this blood disease -- from his point there is no question that it is very def- nitely the right identification. No one can have he same'medical records, face prints, the same inger prints, the same hereditary blood disease, he same dental charts, the same sole prints -- nd sti l l be some other person. f o'r mer allies who were so cruelly betrayed at the end of World War ii, to learn of your existence? Wouldn't this be a tremendous lift to them? MR.- ROMANOF F: Yes, in part I believe so. Of-cousse, the political situation of status quo is very complicated and we have to see the matter in this complicated situation. But by all situa- tions, it is my right that this money belongs to me as well as the proofs, records and conclusions in retard to the recognition of my identity. They are of my private possession and 1 have the right to them here in the United States. ,MR. COTTEN: May I ask in what form this sub- santial treasure was held and in what countries? MR. ROMANOF-: Well, it was deposited by my father in several forms. it was deposited in the rank of England and three other Banks in England as there were some deposits in money and stock in Paris and also in Germany, especially stocks in Germany. There are also stocks and money in Tanks in the United States, the Chase Manhattan Eank, for one. The subway which you used to reach my little apartment is a subway which in part, by stocks, belonged to me because my father many, many years ago made a deposition of capi- tal for the development of this subway 1 MR. COTTEN: Might I ask when the subways in MR. COTTEN: Is it correct that a sum of some Moscow came into being? four hundred million dollars, held in Western banks, would belong to you upon proper identifi- cation? And is it true you have stated that for the most part the money would be used in com- bating the International Communist Conspiracy and freeing the one billion people held in the most tyrannical rule the world has ever known? MR. RO ANOFF: Any money in deposit belongs to me or, in part, to my sisters, but you have to understand that there was approximately 400 mil- lion dollars that was deposited a long, long time MR. ROMANOFF : The.development of the sub- ways in Moscow came much later than that of the subway in the United States. MR. COTTEN: Mr. Romanoff, I would think everyone would he vitally interested in the cir- cumstances that brought you to America and your present relationship to any Agency of our Govern- ment and what it is you hope we can accomplish. Would you fill us in on some of this, information, rpease r CPYRGM~proved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 MX. Yes! Is a very comp ;ca,ea matter in order to give a clear picture of the whole situation and the developments during the fast year;,, in the first place, I wish to bring to' your attention the fact that after my recovery from a heavy illness, which I got during the time of imprisonment in Siberia by the Bolsheviks, and because of my hereditary blood disease, I also Cot Malaria. This illness kept me, for probably flan years, very, very ill and in 1930 1 was introduced by my father, His imperial, Majesty Emperor Nich- olas II of Russia, to the All-Russian Imperial Anti- Bolshevik Movement. i was in this move- ment up to January 1961, at the time I was brought by authorized persons of the C. i.A. with the knowledge of Mr. Dulles, the former Director of the C.I.A. and with the knowledge of Mr. Hoo- ver, the present Director of the F.B.I. in the United States. I arrived with my wife on January 12, 1961, by M.A.T.S. transportation via airpla .e at the Military Airport in Dover by Washington. From this time we have been living here in the United States. Going back to some developments after the Second World War, I was forced Co enter the Polish Army because I was poisoned in December of 1944 by some fungus bacteria. I had a very heavy operation and I was dying ct this time and this parr prevented my father and my sister, Maria, nd myself from going out frc: ;a Western part of Poland to Portugal in order to 1 ive further there in exile in the underground before the Red Army took power all over Poland and closed the border. never was a member of the Polish Communist Party, even by the assumed identity of Colonel Michel Goleniewski. The card membership was nanipulated by some members of the Imperial All- Russian Anti-Bolshevik Underground for my cover ecause it was necessary. I believe that during l he time from April 1958 up to December 1963, I erved voluntarily with great results for the na- ional security of this Country and other allied ountries in Western Europe in the fight against he Bolshevik and the Bolshevik penetrations, the KG3 operations, GRU operations and other satel- lite - Red - Secret Service operations. This is a natter of record of the United States Congress and in n the records of the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and other Services. Now, a,i?er Iving more than , ive years in the United States, I find myself in a very difficult situation, including my wife and my little daugh- ter, Tanana Alekseievna Romanoff, who is the first Tatiar.u, Grand Duchess of Russia born in the United States. My wife wrote an Open Letter expressiing our difficulties, published by the New York Herald Tribune in January 1966, and by the Washington Daily News in February, 1966, which in fact brought no change in our situation. -MR. COTTEN: this Open Letter will be included with this .transcript. t is addressed to the Pres- ident of the United States, Honorable Lyndon B. Johnson, and to the Speaker of the House, the Honorable John W. McCormick and to Members of the United States Congress.-= wherein Mrs. Rornanoff outlined their present circumstances and the hardships, by virtue of Mr. Romanoff's not being able to assume his proper identity, and the fact that the C.I.A. had broken various agree- ments, etc. M.R. ROMANO.- : I wish to emphasize without going into detail that this letter had to be set up exclusively for the purpose of the regulation of our daily lives. T;,iis Open Lester had nothing to do with my recognition as Heir Apparent, etc. It was just a matter of the proper identification curds or obligation of C.I.A. by the United Stales Government contract. This is very import- ant, because during the whole six months my wife, for reason of these difficulties, became seriously i l l and she is the mother of our twnty-month-old daughter. We got some nice and empty letters from some Congressmen and from the office of the Speaker of the House, Hon. McCormick. We also got a nice and empty letter from the United States Senator, Mr. Fulbright, and a nice letter from Senator Robert Kennedy, but we are still in the same, or even worse, situation than in January, 1966, before the letter from my wife appeared. We'got no answer from tl,: White House (from President Johnson), and we also sent another letter to President Johnson's personal attention regarding this matter. MR. COTTEN: I have seen the letter from an Anti-Communist Movement here in America, an Organization in Philadelphia, addressed to the Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300130021-5 CONSE"VA7IVE VIEWP0r47 SECTION 28 PAGE 3 ;resident. Would you like to comment or, that letter? MR. ROMANOFF: Yes! This organization is supporting me voluntarily and has been doing so for a pretty long time. They investigated my case most carefully and they spent a lot of time. I be- I love they were much more careful than the United States Congress, as they had the time to do so. This gentleman has already printed some statements in the American Press and sent a letter to the per- sonal attention of the President of the United States, the ! onorable Lyndon B. Johnson, regard- ing the release of my possessions which are proofs Friday, September 11, 1964 The legend of the Ro- anov "massacre" in Eka- erinburg in July, 1018, is estroyed by the reappear- nee of Alexei Nicolacvich, he czarevitch, in the Per- on of Col. Michael Gol- niewski, the' most impor- ant defector from Commu- ist military ranks. On the night of July 16-17 he Red guards in the patiev House brought the mperial family downstairs nto an empty room, at vhich point in history the vents have been blurred or a variety of reasons. According to Judge Nicho- as Sokolov, who had been rdercd by Admiral Kol- hal: and General Dietrichs f the White Russian army o investigate the strange ircumstances surrounding and verification of my identity and it was done as you ..n see from the letter. MR. COT ; EN: With no indication yet of any assistance? MR. ROMANOF F : No, just an acknowledgement tatter from a man by the name of Mr. Watson, who is a Special Assistant to the President of the Unit- ed States, but nothing else. MR'. COT-EN: We are going to need a great segr ent of the Nation asking that our Govern- ment substantiate this or deny it. TIlE C1NCI:N I doubted that such a small number of bullets could have accounted for the deaths of 11 persons. HEEDING rumors, Soko- lov investigated the aban- doned mines near Koptaki, a few miles from Ekaterin- burg, and there he exhumed the contents of the alleged burial pit. He found Anastasia's dog Jemmy, assorted material possessions including-' some jewels belonging to the czar's family, eyeglasses, false teeth, one human finger and some 40 bone fragments, which he clas- sified as marnmifer bones, unspecified as to being either human or animal. No human skulls were found in the pit. Sokolov reported that there were he disappearance of the- insufficient bones to recon- imperial family, the czar struct even one human and his wife and children skeleton. and four servants had been The official reaction of murdered. the Soviets to the mystery The Sokolov investigators )hotographed the so-called death chamber," which zad some bullet holes and Hatchet marks in the walls and floor, and blood of splashed about. Although Sokolov was quite pessi- mistic that anyone could have survived such a fusil- 1;1(de, Pierre Gillard, former tutor of the czar's children, who viewed in person that already infamous room, "The former czar will be shot. In the night of July 16, 1913, the resolution (of the regional council of the Ural Soviets) was put into effect. The family of Ito- manov was transported to another place more secure. -Signed: Byko.v, Sakovica, Y::ravsky, et al...., According to the czare- vitch he was given a sleep- ing drug by hie mother, and then he, the czarina, the czar, and the Grand Duch? ess Marie were taken from the 1patiev House, put on a truck and, conducted out of the Ekaterinburg area by Yurovsky. Months later. they reached questionable safety in Poland under the protection of Mai steal Pii- sudski. Olga, Tatiana and Anastasia left separately by different roads. From late 1910 until late 1060, a period of 41 years, the czarevich lived in Poland, most of the time under the cover name of Michael Go- leniewski. 1T WAS under the latter . name that U. S. Rep. Michael A. Feighan of Ohio, a close friend of the late President Kennedy, intro- duced a private bill in Con- gress (HR 5507) in the sum- mer of last year which clear::: the way for Colonel Goleniewski to become a citizen of the United States. According to the bill. "his services to the United States are rated as truly signifi- cant." The CIA has, for some reason of its own, prevented the story of the services of Colonel Goleniewski from being made public, and above all his claim to the identity of Alexei N. Ro- manov? only son of Czar Nicholas II. High officials of the CIA were informed that Colonel Goleniewski was in reality the czarevitch. When. questioned by a re- porter for confirmation of the Czarevitch's story that he had known about it, Allen Dulles, former di- rector of the CIA, said, "It may all be true or it may not . . . I do not wish to pursue the subject further." In recent months, as the czarevich has made at- tempts to bring the fact of his identity to the attention of the American people and all other people, important influences have been at work to prevent such publi- cation. The word has None out from Washington that Colonel Goleniewski is un- reliable, is perhaps "crazy" (for whoever heard of a Polish Ron,anov, especially one who claims, to be the czarevich?). .~. T .c -'Z CZr':IZEVICII h a s been examined by compe- tent medical doctors. He has been given a clean bill of health as to his sanity and freedom from psycho- sis. He is suffering from a blood disease similar in ef- fect to hemophilia, and in- deed even more rare. He has met with his youngest sister, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, He has two of his other sisters ready to proclaim their own identity in the al- most immediate future. Even the "doubting Thomas" will at once ad- mit that he is a Romarov. The question that con- Approved For Dele- 2000/08/77 r`IA_DIlD7r._AA4A9R00030013nnn4a CONS'2RVATiV" ,.N T SECTION 28 PAGE 9