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November 11, 2016
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November 25, 1998
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March 9, 1965
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FOIAb3b CYRGHT CPYRGHT Q sanitizea - Approvea *or Keie ALLEN'- SCOTT* FOIAb3bREPORT?: Inside Washington By ROBERT S. ALLEN and PAUL !COTT CPYRGHT CPYRGHT Johnson is preparing o issue a policy statement on ommu-'the nist-ruled Cuba. 1H On the basis of the ntative' ! ca pronouncement pending before ca the. President, its appa nt pur- the pose is to denounce' astro's :wri Red dictatorship but of the nou distinction is drawn etwecn them. of s The. statement also ti liden ii pro- claim firm Intention to ontinue In been in effect since tie 196 er But there will be no cl eer for Cuban' exiles who hay long urged removal of th ban against armed attacks f min the U.S. mainland, and the estab- lishment of a government-in-ex. lie. Both tl ese much- sought ob. jective's will be cold-show dered. In enunciating these views, he President will be bllcly spousing those advoca d by Richard Goodwin, princi al nu- i or of the forthcoming policy eclaration. MET SECRETLY Since the early days if the 4r, ? Cennegy administration, e 32- ear-old Harvard gradual and ? w clerk of the late istice elix Franfurter, has f pored once land of "accommod tion" ith the Castro regime. the ununer of 1961 South Am rican ewsmen, disclosed that ;ood- in had met secretly in onte- ideo, Uruguay, with E nesto ' Che" Guevera, top Castr lieu- t pant and his economic car. Subsequently Goodwin was ~+ ? ifted from Kennedy's s if as tr "Latin American adviser" to a guely defined: job as ass Sanitized - At FOIAb3b In cils wit I?sho prof trad sere Hi the toC nom for ichal and gro as r Pres doin Nam why for 90 J win bounced back into good graces of the White President. In last year's aign Goodwin was one of President's main speech rs. Recently it, w' as art. d a regular member of the estimates that since the missile crisis, more than 5,000 Soviet bloc vessels, carrying a wide range of freight and passengers, have docked in Cuba. 0 A steadily mounting vol- ume of trade with. Western countries Is now largely respon- sible for keeping Cuba economi- cally afloat. But for the heavy flow of food, cattle, poultry, oil, ecial assistant to the Presl- machinery, spare parts, motor, this role he functions chief- speech writer and "advis erinarlan supplies from NATO Latin America." allies, most of them heavy benefiiai of bil -creslions in.U.S. aid, the Castro regime. would be in 'direct political and economic; straits. PAPER BARRIER inner administration coun-, oodwin is credited as con- no, that the U.S. "can live the Cuban revolution" and d seek through discreet to woo it from Russia sub- favorite argument Is that .S. should make available viability" In exchange ss dependence on the So- dwln's stand is vigorously: ged by administration ongresional critics on the d that if it Is U;S, policy, +peatedly asserted by. the f the people of South Viet thousands of miles away, people of Cuba _- only es from U.S. shores. SHAM EMBARGO also brand the so-called mtC embargo" ? as a In effect, a paper bar- evidence they 'cite these rove drj ,VM a Under the economic embargo U.S. trade with Cuba has been wiped out. Though the U.S. was once its principal supplier, now only contraband gets through. But the rest of the world, not- : ably Western .nations, are trad- ing eagerly with the Red d'c- tatorship in Cuba. Starkly illustrative of that are the following unpublished Com-, merce Department figures (lat. mobs resources which were Hit- est available): ler's, humanity would already Major Free World* Traders be deeply entrenched In World With Cuba, January to Juno War III. Fidel's hatred is aimed 1964: Exports are listed, first;,' not only against the United States, but against all his fellow men." . . ? More mass weddings are being staged In. Cuba this $13,626,000; Netherlands, $9,171,- month. At similar functions last 009 (to Apr.),, '$3,864,000 (ro . month, more than 4,500 mar- Apr.); France, $8,511,000, $1,- , riages were performed ... As 301,000; Japan. $6,334,000 (to might be expected, Red Cuba May), . $10,658,000 (to May); has a big exhibit at the Leipzig Spain. $,5,553,000 (to Mar.), $7, Fair in East Grmany. Principal 198,000 .,(to Mar.); West Gee displays are tobacco, ruin and, many, $2,878,000 (to Mar.), ' of all things, phonograph rec- $126,000; Sweden, 42,589,000 (to ords. Apr.), $5,448,000' (to Apr.); 1'N! r t i ! g and other. transportation equip- followed by imports. Canada, $30,083,000, $101,000 (to Feb.); Britain, $10,759,000, nark, $I,- 652,000, $30,000; Finland, $773,- 000 (to Mar.), $3,000 (to Apr.); Yugoslavia, $690,000 (to Apr.), $170,000 (to Apr.); Belgium-Lux- embourg, $529,000, $27,000 (to Feb.); Switzerland, $496,000, $6,- 481,000; Brazil, $485,000 (Jan.); No Imports; Norway, $485,000 (to Apr.), $97,000 (to Apr.); Ire- land, $180,000 (to Feb.), $56,000 (to Apr.). OTHERS BUSY A number of other big U.S. itative figures are not available. They Include Egypt, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and, Uru- guay. Last year Congress, over strenuous administration opposi- tion,- wrote a provision into *the Ic and military assistance to countries trading with Cuba. The total effect of this restric- tion was nil. Tak!ng advantage of a loop- hole, wl-'ch permitted waiving the ban when deemed "in the national. interest," President Johnson invoked it for what amounted to wholesale exclu. sions. No maior beneficiary of U.S. aid was hit. Only five were penalized, and they already were getting little or no aid - Britain, France, Yugoslavia, Morocco, Span. CUBAN FLASHES Miss Juanita Castro, sister of the Cuban dictator, in a speech before the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, characterized. her brother as "another Hitler." Declared Miss Castro, "If Fidel had at his d'sposal the enor- did xlot appeem in the F?lk 5i8 d~!93 s anazn SUN. tl up?