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November 11, 2016
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November 25, 1998
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R00'0300180027-4 BEST COPY A VAILABLE Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300180027-4 CPY'zed - Approved `ForRelease : CIA-1401 CPYRGHT `Alliance' Progresses' By I1OM BON AFEDE YwwwM fMlw/ 1 .,Iw fww. . ,I wI To the waiting of his critics and the appluase of his admir- ers, Richard N. Goodwin is 1 turning to his State Depart- ent desk. Before he begins warming his chair, the young, controversial putt' assistant secretary of s to for inter-American af- fIra is launching a vigorous tense of the Alliance for 1 rogress. "It is something never done 1 fore. There is no standard to easure its procress except rough Impatle,:t. observers. at is no accurate index," he Glared. "Though it look , ake we're of going anywhere there sr, undercurrents of sonic good dug achieved. Hut it will take tree to four 'ears before it egtns to show." Goodwin has been on t.em-1 wary duty setting up the Mid-1. e Level blan._uower Con-i f rence, which elided in San an, Puerto Rico, las+ week. When President !' ennedy as-, a fined him to the task. thre:' oaths ago, Goodwin's small a y of detractors clicked their h els in glee. No one had heard. co' such a thing as middle-level anpower. Goodwin was being y nt into exile, they chortled. In a world tour, Goodwin per. S add 4(1 nations to attend the c nterei,cc. With President eniiedy's blessing, a platoon! V White house luminaries ssasl o i hand. Today the training of n fiddle-level workers (skilled' r, rsn' ?nel such as technicians,, t achers and administrators; h s teen given official sanction. Not all the credit belongs to oodwin. There Were others who, prayed decisive roles: Fait. W. ltestow, chairman of I to State Department policy 1 tanning council, and R. Stir- nt Shriver an,l Villi: ,n Hnd- ad, the numb,?r one and two Richard N. Goodwin lakes time in, a o` the Peace Corps. But did much of t h e 'The understanding when d it until *he completion of th. nterence. Now that it's ovr I plan to go back to the tal f partment. To the s a ut sk, as far as I knew,' h ? c mmented. dim 101-ttlent to do something else, naturally I would do it. But he has madei no such request," he added. Actually, Goodwin - who hasi both lauded and lambasted fort his participation in the U.S.'s policy in Latin America -l has not st:-ayed too far from his desk. "1've been keeping up with the cables. Almost every day I check with my State Depart- nient office," he reported. Hr show, no signs hia sts" 'is descending over the Potomac, as his antagonists have claim- ed. tie remains relaxed and j IT-assured. I Slouched in a Puerto nicol Lobby sots and drawing leis-, urely on an aromatic cigar, he' Issued a brief on behalf of the Alliance. "If is the cornerstone of our Latin policy. But you first must build a political basis before you can make social reforms. ';here have been some encour aging Gins in this urea. 1Tanv1 of the Latin .+.:n^ric?rin .cal parties are adr-t,iin; ;?.,, of the Alliance and cauulida tes are talking about it. Election results in El Salvador and Colombia were gains on the side of the Alliance," he re. marked. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149E 000300180027-4