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November 17, 2016
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July 27, 2000
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July 4, 1966
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/7'(7 /- 07 s Appro%T6MTbL eI a 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-001.49R00030045001 a;.a P~ijn Pc,e Ai LIi'G'fON, VA. NORTHERN VIRGINIA SUN 17,476 JUL4 1C CPYRGHT ese arch Necessary The House and the Senate are weeks old, Chilean leftists reacted' scouting a new and sensitive front, angrliy and rekindled Latin fears .'of the cold war: government- spun- and tempers. , r sored research in foreign countries. The furor cancelled the project, These studies by social scientists and the President ordered that the provide information useful in defin- 'State Department review all future' .Ing ,and carrying out U.S. policies research backed by the CI.,,U.S,l, ,1 abroad. Research might identify Defense Department and other non- ,th4 causes of unrest in time to scientific agencies. The federal l avert- 'a crisis or examine the role ;,agencies are not particularly happy of a particular institution In a coun- with the arrangement, and the so- try,'' vial scientists have cried "censor-., This is not spy-work but a scien- ship." tific inquiry into what makes for- Rep. Dante Fascell will Introduce cign societies tick and how they bills to soothe the strained relations. might react. It involves sociology,- between the academic freedom, psychology, political science and political interference, methods and;, other academic disciplines. goals of government-commissioned.; The U.S. has learned that such research. information is valuable but also Fascell would establish a White, that well-intentioned projects may House Conference. on the behavorial further muddy the foreign policy sciences, create an office of social waters. Sen. Fred R. Harris plans and behavorial sciences In the l to open hearings on thq delicate re- executive branch and establish a lationship of government and National Foundation on Social Sci-., .science and the complicating Juan- ence to - coordinate existing re- i ces 'of foreign relations. One clues- search. This would put the social tion he will examine is whether all sciences on morn equal footing with government-backed social research I the physical sciences. abroad should be approved and con- The government needs to' know trolled by the civilian State Depart a great deal more not only about meat, what forces are, changing the, One project of the Defense De-. world, but how people over the' partment last year was misconstru- ? world are reacting to and coping cd as "meddling internally". Oper- with the changes in their lives. The ation Camelot was to examine the behavorial sciences can be an of-,A causes of revolution in underdeve-'' -fective tool in obtaining informa loped countries, beginning with, tion needed to formulate effective,+ Chile. But neither the host govern-.. 'and realistic,pollcles abroad. ?ment, the U.S. State Department While the efforts of Sen. , Harris nor the U.S. ambassador in Chile. and Rep. 'Fascell will not provide was fully informed of the scope and all the answers, they will at least purpose of. 'the research. With U.S. 'start us on a national assessment intervention in Santo Domingo only -. pf 'ho* "best t6 use Ws mew tool ..-.r u...:~.rl~:.: w..i.a.w..t... .!_.....,...........;w.; J..aia i.6':u.?t,4ttia _ -?.....J.s.: r,.if:~ Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000300450013-9