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November 17, 2016
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February 19, 1999
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November 6, 1966
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CAVRR9Pid For f 6l asd'2bbt98i27?" C 4-RDi5I`=i .. ,. in Lt:. alo of two foreign i'U:1.'i de Mo ntrnarin ioi . _ :Byre:-on charges of file- r. y cxportint planes to Portugal is It may be retailed that last year Security Council adopted a reso- .ution . Bing U.N. members not to l Portugal suph:-oss the national- .. bcration movement in her colonies. This resolution was naturally bind- h on the United States too. What did the Buffalo hearings reveal? These two shrewd business- mc.;, tl;e court learned, had lhcen calmly sending; allegedly obsolete U.S. Ai. Force B-26 bombers to a ::::a: Lision. The profitable ss was brought to an end by ..: sta;cc" committed by some cus- ~~....n,.nccrs who apparently did 1Crow that there was difference bat veer what Washington said and dui. And so as a result of this n:".stake" Montmarin and `riaw:.e f~'..eeu t:cnhscivcs in the dor_k. 'no trio". caused confusion in Wash- "The bureaucratic mix-up Jy the customs inspectors," rNcws- teack magazine wrote, "threatened to expose the planes-for-Portugal project, and the U.S., was unwilling to be revealed in the U.N. as aiding in the suppression of rebellious Ai.c,.ns.' The ...affalo court corrected the ristake" of the slow-witted customs 0-C C:1,6. it acquitted the accused. GREcCE In mid-October Bonn Foreign Gerhard Schroder paid a visit to Greece. But he did not go titerc\ to see ileiicn is monuments. Ile wont, the Athens Avghi rcnorted on October 14, to "tiee Cr' -.more Al- ? ly to the aggressive -)nn axis and turn an :,!,skit instrument for the imple- nicntatior. of the neo-nazis' revenge pines." .fudging by the text of 'the final dry,R ~} tile attenhpt. was not C?Y" ill, although the adopted .,.??t~i tl n'ine' n1'e nt.lnhed in Very Approved For Release 2 a ::1. Y/L.I l'. i l c `~~ / ~?; i i;Obor Mancge:: "v/a ale to e:cicuYC ycL= to our We're all, one big i:appy , one big na icy faotiiy... one 1 oicg ha,-, ,y ,aant '... Reprinted' from P.ctssegna sinclaeale (Rome) ~~~KU U Greece 36 million ma.., y:... i.. compensation for the vast sums tits nazis had pumped out of Greece dur- ing the war. got nothing in return for agreeing SOUTH. VIETNAM . L:A uV~. J IYC. The best minds in Saigon got to- ?get.:er the other' clay with the best min Cis in Lodge's Einoaisy and West- :nor.aa::d's headquarters to work Out some way of winning over the South Vietnamese population. After several slecpicss nights, . good old saying "Seek and ye shall find" triumphed. The way was found and, as often is tile case, it proved to be as simple as ABC. What was needed, they decided, was a simple wooden box for coin- plaints. Such boxes should be install- "Tile views of. the two govern- ments on Nato's purposes and prin- ciples coincide," it said. "They have stressed the need for further mili- -,.ary integration to preserve the free- dom, security and equality of all the members o the alliance." This was the way the communique formulated the main result of Schrb- der's visit.. It also spoke of the neces- sily to restore "G?ernhan state unity" on the basis of Bonn's notorious "right to sel~ determination" for- mula. Later, the Bonn c orci;n Minister filled in the obvious gaps in the conl- rauni:,ue in an interview with the newspaper Ifathi-iocrini. Among other things, he, thanked the Greek government for recognizin; the "principle of German policy-tile right to :;peak for the entire Cer- man people in the international' arena.", Some in Athens had hoped that Schrodcr's visit would lead to some agreement Oil West-German aid to Greece. Her economy is falling apart under the unh,nrnhlc arnls?'hurden_ ed in every Vietnameso viii, ge. :::c .moment they saw there, the inven- tors hoped, the villagers would rush pell-mell to them with written com- plaints about all that troubled thorn. After that, there would be coalp;etc harmony in relationis between the population, and Gen. ky's govern: meat. Reuters Saigon correspondent re- ported on October 26 that "gathering complaints on everything, excessive rents to the fate of can?l ban,:, is one of the most important aspects of the latest in a series of attempts by the contra.: government to win the allegiance of the coun- try's 15,000,000 inhabitants." According to this same correspor,- dent, "census grievance" teams have already been busy for several months installing boxes for com- plaints in the villages. The question is, Will the peasants .become more loyal to the Saigon ? puppets and the American occupiers afar-r p'attin~r thoen :hnvr Tt