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November 11, 2016
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October 1, 1998
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January 12, 1961
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-R1 41AbdJ0 CANADA'S NATIONAL NEW:;PAPER THUR?DAY, JANUARY 12. 1961 Is p'~hltahed e%cry weekday at Toronto I by Tlr!?: GLOBE AND MAIL LIMITED. The Globe founded 1944. The Mail founded 1P72. \uth"rized a,s semn4 class mall. , Post Office :N yartm,-tit, Otl.,wa. it. }4OWARI, N Etl.iTER. Chairman of the lard. OAKI.F.I" r)ALI:I..EtS1I. Editor and Publliher. Cable address--Toron0o, Telephone 1?:M. 8-78)1. The subject who is truly loyal to the Chiet Magistrate will neither CPYRGHT Good-by to Spooks It is now non-U to be non-P AS,a. A non?P is any military gentleiran (jut of uniform but still doing a job for l;nrle Sam for Uncle Ho or Mao or Niklta i. General ("The Prussian") John Arnold ileintges is non-P. He was listed in official U.S. Army Registers from 19:55 through 1938. He vanished from official ken in 1959. ant! 1960. like George Orwell's non-persons 'eho dropped out of Soviet encvclvprdia~ when their existence proved emban ising. ('k neral Heintges berarr.e a, non-1.Prson ?-hen lie went to Laos. (;,:die ,iuce accords, only France .as permitted to have a military advisory group in Laos. A. group of U.S. Army officers has been teaching the Royal Laotian Army to fight Communism. All became nonpersons. laike lit?' but ('i [tcially liquidated. Their chit-f. General Ileintges, was known to every f -reign cor ,:,sporident who Inquired about the United States military aid programs in South East :\sin. With a discretion astonishing to those outside the trade, the correspondents kept the non-seEret. Only Communist broadcasts. groin Peking, Hanoi and Moscow persisted in putting tht Zinger on "The Prttwsipn". _ in fact, the only person kept in the t!ark Phout non-persons was the U S. lax- paper niitil The New York Times blew the >~atf 0 n, week. It even revealed that ;lie scar on the General's cheek came loan :nto An empty swimming pool aims military secrets end in similar dist1 In [.ict, modern security reguia rim re concerned with protecting; lit Rh. At one time As- "A,-I': d Will non-persons. The Angi? Saxn-; nublir began to regard them with faint (l:staste rafter The Quiet America's, a brc-c;i of secut:ty that doubtlgss prevented a deeper Fubsequont embarrassment. Tnu I the reason General Heintges and nis coirrades became non-U was the em- harrassraent their discovery caused their c-n p1c,\t`rs. Like The Quiet American, and t i like their many Communist cnunterpar's. they ,were never sufficiently non P. t.t..cual slacks and sports jackets,". reports The New Yo,k Tinley. "they were a familiar sight. at ar,,ny camps near Vicntyanc." Only A hen Pravda and the Peking f',~oples Daily publish similar confessions will it be wise to declare that our non-P's are truly non-existent.' FOIAb6 BEST _ grmX- Approved For Release: CIA-RDP75-OO 49ROOO300580003-6 4ft