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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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April 12, 1964
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1 Of Our lalin AmeNca Stalf ? The Casl,ro press once re- ' ~ferrcd t.o' it as "an incuhatnr oP plral~s." ' To students and staff at, ~i'the Pan American Merchant 'Marine Academy- here Lhe slur in the Cuban Communist '. publication "Bohemia" was a ~rnark,of distinction, It shows, they say,' that r, "our enemies recognize us." The Academy, in an out-of- the-tvay spot adjaceht to the ATiami River, is the: siren ma,t~r for 200. young Cuban wiles. It's here they learned thA rnpes of 'alto sea-faring arks. Some, it is said, werq 'in the ranks of those who- par- Dr, Carlc-s IIevia . ? ? 4 acarlr'nty, f nrtnrler; dered. a. halt to slick a~'t7v1~;. ' ties. ,. I ; ' . g "$ohemfa" a#tack: ,' `, ":.'~:.> - , yy ..?; Ih' ,.. -!!.f'.r 4~~wA,'a~j.daar, ?':~:'. Cubans and e..?..,.~ a ~;.,,ui, ~,. 'sea-minded', ones to get to- SCHOOIa officials neither ; gelhcr, to know each other confirm nor -deny alumni and increase their skills." participation in this or other "Notv," adds Aran, '"the o qualify far admission., exile activities? Academy is good for the fu= ..~,th applicant must.b~ 17 .and ~7 "'They discuss no puns here 'tore of Cuba .:.later- all ,of ', ha a the equivalent of at" . nRilher what they have -Latin America." ~hrcn c o n n e c t e d with nor . '. lc t o high school Qducatioti what they intend to do. We' It's envisioned fha# one day ; ~ an preferably .one ,year of.,~ ?have no control over them asp '-~,--- ? ~ - co ege. "tn what they. dq' otherwise,'". i i he students will be the lead 4 said newly named Academy' ~ :urrently a class of'; Director Manuel Aran. pi's in R free Cuba. maritime ' Founded by' one-time Cu- :~ system. ~ ' ei oiled for the eight hours'a~ han president, Dr. Carlos ? ~j, yF * - Ilevia; nearly three . years'~~ '' _ ai~o, the Academy's. fate was. l ?1 ~vr1~ by Day, .uncertain when Dr. Hevil;~k~ , died early this month: ,'~ Rut its. baakera -- mogti.? ~l int~ereated Miamians - indi=~'J. sated their continued support,. and Aran, . iengtime fi?iP,nd . and A99aelate nt llrr Hevia,'~i t-?as named director.' "We're established now and . feel as .though we're at the point where we? can expand ;. and do an even. better job," ;j, said ,Miami Business-uail ' Walter Ginn;. Annapolis '23 a n d secretary-treasurer qt ~~ -~t~tcder~,t~ Bou~y Entirety.. ~uban ('.iNN SAID 3t ` is hoped.. ~?; ?;?I{s'studeitt' body ae.far:has'~ !;:Ana,:. ae Gfnn,elCplalns it,~'?the~~ ,; us ,they say, is the concern` of a students, not the Acad,~ ~. e ':i '.~ w k instruction. ''3 ~'?. he Academy has grmvn - ` ph ?sicaily xt least -since It ' ?op ned in 1!)01 in three at+c=;~ nn -floor rooms o[ a downs v to ?n office building. Class ~ at Night - - ' ' ... ~ -...... -= , Syr ru s ("two large and , twb ` anti-Communist- exiles who ,~ ~ _ - ~~' .~. hold a variety,of jobs,durinl;~ t all") near the SevenUty the day and attend the tui=', .~ steel hbye?I14 amigo -James.: waraa cc ra..cauuu?r y a a a u c. ~~ four nights,a week: 1' Instruction ~s in Spanish. 'I9~ four instructors are all former Cuban naval officezls and professors at; the Cuban .Naval Academy; They receive nl~ outward sign of lta e. stence is a~sheet of letter-~ h d stationery in the win-'--~ d and Knothcr in ~ the doer; ?? p 'claiming the "Pan Amer ~ lc 'l~lercharit.-Marlne Acad ~ ~ .n. ':,rio salary.. The ,six-month acqurse, parallels that of khe!~ ~' U.S. 1Vlerchant Marlne,~ Acad-~ r:aya it ia~"non-political, hoii- profit acid non-ritilltary." Itd purpoer+, .any ,1~ran.. and :C#iiirt Sanitized ~~Appro~red. For Release " .CIA-RDP75-00149800040001 QOQ2-8 Sanitized -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP75-001498000400010002-8 Sanitized -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP75-001498000400010002-8