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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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January 17, 1966
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FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved Pfgi ~L' 1XJftP75 January 17, 1966 wrote such a letter. For the Information of Senator4 who are present, perhaps I should read the letter into the Rsconv, Instead of merely putting it in the Rsc- saasinatlon. Sincerely yours, The PRESIDING OFFICER. The time of the Senator from Iowa has ex- pired. Mr. HICKENLOOPER. Mr. Presi- dent, I ask unanimous consent that I may proceed for 1 additional minute. The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- out objection, it is so ordered. Mr. HICKENLOOPER. Let ? me con- clude by saying, with respect to the sug- gestion in Mr. Hoover's letter that I might have some question about this matter, that, the letter was so crude and so scurrilous that on Its face it was a forgery. At no time have I had any question as to the truth or falsity of the letter. It Is false on its face. I mere- ly wish to clear the matter up so that all may know that these things are con- stantly going on ~ as attacks are made against our law enforcement agencies. The letter Is dated January 11, 1080, and reads as follows: U.S. DEPARTMENT Or JII97TCE, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVVJTIOATION, Washington, D.C., January 11, 1D66. Hon. Bom uca B. HICKENLOOPLI, U.S. Senate, Washington, D,C. MT DEAR SENATOR: This is to acknowledge your request for the complete facts as known to this Bureau concerning the anonymous letter you received containing what pur- ports to be n copy of a personal letter to former White House aid Walter Jenkins over my signature. I am pleased to comply with your re- quest and will begin first by stating with- out any equivocation that I never wrote such a letter. The letter you received In one of many anonymous mailings sent to various Sen- ators, Congressmen, and other prominent Government officials within the past week. They are part of a concerted' Communist smear campaign which was launched s year ago' The campaign began In January 1006, when several letters of this type were re- calved by Individuals who also brought them to my attention. Several more were brought to my attention by Individuals who received them in April 1965. Upon examination, the copy of the letter supposedly signed by me was be a crude forgery. Comparison of all the letters disclosed they had all been prepared by. the same person or persona. Further comparison with other letters circulated In the past in this and other countries by the Soviet Disinformation Department proved Ir- refutably that this was a Communist scheme. You may recall that the nefarious schemes of the Soviet Disinformation Department were exposed in n report prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency last year, The ATTACK ON HON. J. EDGAR HOOVER r?~???"` In the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD of September Mr, HICKENLOOPER. Mr. President. 20,1965- I had intended, during the morning hour The study revealed that the Soviet Disin- on last Friday, to discuss this subject, formation Department of the KGB, the Soviet to put in the RECORD a letter dealing ity, wages R broad-scaled road-scaled Committee propaganda ar State e offensive against with it. However, I was not on the floor U.S. agencies and pointed out that when the Senate suddenly adjourned i and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and I did not reach the Chamber quite are priority targets for attacks. It also dis- In time, closed that the overall objective is to die- The Information contained in the let- credit U.S. agencies here and abroad and em- ter did leak out in some way, however. phasized that a preferred Instrument used by For the RECORD I wish to do now what I the Soviets In their attacks Is the forged had intended to do last Frida document. Y? Typical of the tactics used In such efforts About 10 days ago, I received a scur- was the circulation of letters in South Amer- rilous anonymous letter, mailed from lea in the summer of 1964. In that case, too, Baltimore, alleged to contain a photo- my name had been forged on the letters. static copy of a letter which was alleged They were designed to make It appear that ey the writer of the anonymous letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the have been written by J. Edgar Hoover, Central Intelligence Agency had something'' Director of the Federal Bureau of Inver- to do with the Brazilian revolution of April ligation, to Walter Jenkins. 1964. The intricacies of that Communist scheme became further apparent when we The alleged photostatic COPY of the determined that my signature has been letter is so scurrilous and putrid that I forged from a letter stolen by Cubans In do not intend to put it in the RECORD. Havana In 1960.- Bent the anonymous letter to Mr. . I trust that In making these facts available Hoover, for his information and for to you I have satisfied any and all questions twtever aid and assistance it might be. which the scurrilous anonymous communi- you Mr. Hoover wrote me a letter, stating do not co not h again. es received may. have raised. If not, itate to call o that he had received the anonymous let- In conclusion, I w wo oulldd me like t to l h to e =press my let pith the alleged on of 1 ti r fil a e c p Ba Jr., W appreciation to you for. bringing the letter mpposed to have written, as to ply attention. It provides another link beb an, izus Approve F'3c L P& rQ' f-Yt -''00149R000400030005-3