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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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July 31, 1966
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DAYLY NEWS CPYTzed - Approved For ReIea;Id9DP7 Francis Gary- Powers C (above) made the U-2 famous when his went., . i down in Russia. Caps- I bility of high altitude re- connaissance is illustrated by Washington, D. C., scenes at right. Tiny rect. ~,. angle at end of arrow was ?' tel and cars parked, fabulous, troubled U-2, one -o the rtvorld's best-known secrets, was back in the miles. .~; news last week. Air Force Capt. Robert D. Hick- Radar Found Powers' U-2 nian, 32, of Alexandria, La., left Barksdale, La., Air He crossed the Soviet border at more than 70 000` 'Force Base Thursday on a "routine' mission," headed feet, far above the range of any Soviet plane, which'l .toward Florida and Its' environs. Hickman :failed to would flame out in the rare air. But Soviet radar was'i make a planned turn between Sarasota and Key WeA. locked on, the spy plane, and when Powers ran into'-, as he flew down the coast, and flew.on south,..perhaps? H trouble and was forced to descend to a lower altitude unconscious because of a failure in the craft's. oxygen' he ?was'downed. The Russians recovered Powers, his a system. wrecked plane and its intelligence gear. The. high-flying plane, obviously originally hW,1`cl;. An American, pilot, 'announced the National Aero-,1 for Cuba and a surveillance mission, was spotted by I nautics and Space Administration, piously, had re. 'radar over Panama. Then, on automatic pilot, it' con-'' ported difficulties with his oxygen system while flying' tinued south high 'above the towering Andes for half a weather mission over Turkey. The unnamed pilot, the length of the South American continent. When it.s Nasa indicated, might have lost c6nsciousness and fuel ran' an out it went into a glide sad crashed west of flown over Russia by accident. Powers-could have been') Oruro, Bolivia, a tin mining town near the Peru-Chile'i close to Soviet borders, Nasa added, because the U.S. border 140 miles south of La Paz. Scattered wrecks e weather research program was worldwide. and Hickman's battered body were found by farmer;. The plane's disappearance recalled the incident: a $2,500-a-month civilian, j lot employed by Lockheed history that a. spy had invaded the borders of another Aircraft, builder of the spy plane. Powers on that day I country. 1Eisenhower accepted fttlt-'responsibility, and -Just 16 days before a four-nation (U.S., Russia, Brit- ++ the summit nieeting,wa ecuttled. ' ?, win, France) summit conference in Paris-took off-)' Pow+rs, 31, was tried, pleaded, guilty to espionage- from Turkey and headed -over the Soviet Union, faun 'charges and was sentenced -to ".10 years-three in 'targets on his knee clipboard: the rocket complex at prison and seven 1n-a prison colony. On Feb. 10, 1962, T yura Tam, east of the Aral Sea; Sverdlovsk and 'its '?I Powers was released and returned to American author-" mysteriously ? domed . missile launch points, and the :I tie in, excBange fdt' the release' of Col, Rudolf. Abel,' Soviet ; alr? and :nbmarine.' bases , at: Archangel and.;l - " ' . When Premier Khrushchev produced the plane's .; wreckage, and Powers, an agonizing reappraisal was.'. necessary in Washington. Finally, President Eisen Sanitized - Approved For Release :CIA DP75-00149R0004ft'&M-2