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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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April 28, 1977
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FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00 CPYRGHT BOSTON, MASS. 'APR 2 8 , bt - 237,967 S - 56.6,377 GLOBE t_ BUD COLLINS Tit ~, - getting entirely too much publicity, telling us ? what a burden it was slaughtering Viet- namese, . and how it bothered - and still bothers-our gang over in Nam. Fortunately one of other than the Southeast Asia authority from South Boston-Louise Day Hicks- has just come back from. Vietnam to rebut such nonsense as the weekend in Washing- ton and the carryings-on of Kerry and other "negative activists." As forthrightly refreshing as ever, she has returned from. the VIP briefings in Saigon with new insights: ".. . the dis- grace of this war is not in our being in Vietnam, but rather in those who oppose ur boys. while they are there." Take that, John Kerry! Thoroughly Modern Mrs. Hicks, taking few days off from Congress to see what s really going on in Vietnam, developed he most up-to-date outlook on the situa- ion since L. Baines Johnson. It was a orthwhile trip because, contrary to what ou't'e heard, she is able to tell us that roop morale is high and most of the runts "are convinced that the place to top tyrannical Communist brutality is ietnam and not America's shores." Take that, Fulbright, McGovern, cCloskey and the rest of you "instant xperts"! And look out -- because Mrs. licks says the troops told her "they would a!ce care. of matters in Vietnam if I would' ke care of Congress with its instant ex-. er ts." . This is the kind of straight talk we Bud Collins is,a Globe Staff cohu arid. need to hear in the midst of all the peacemongering and chicken talk of with- drawal by people like John Kerry. It blended nicely with the statement the same day, Sunday, by two men dug up in Pleiku by the CIA or somebody else on our side. Introduced as North Vietnamese defectors, Bui Nogoc Chieu and Ila Xuan Phang, said tl ere is an anti-war cam- paign "deep in the hearts and minds" of their countrymen. They said North Viet- nam is tired of the war, and Ha Xuan Phang remarked, that Hanoi government has a credibility gap between itself and the people. Now wait a minute. Just because they've won the war are they supposed to be stealing our rhetoric, too? "Credibility Gap" is a copyrighted American knock, and if the North Vietnamese begin using it, that should make us mad enough to re- reescalate, The war itself was not all that Mrs. Hicks puts in proper perspective. She learned why there is a GI drug problem: "American boys lean on drugs because they haven't been able to depend on sup- port of people back home ... the task of defending freedom is never easy, but when this is compounded by nihilistic ap- athy at home, the boys turn to drugs to maintain their morale." Take that, you nihilists! In her role of congresswoman moon- lighting as Asian troubleshooter,. Mrs. Hicks has performed a valuable service to all of us-including Mr. Nixon, President moonlighting as Quaker. Neither will be swayed by the shrill cries of Kerry and the rest of the "negative activists." As a reward for completing her mis- sion successfully, I suggest the President appoint Mrs. Hicks ambassador. to South Vietnam where she can deal with the -problems first hand. All of us would sleep sounder with Louise in Saigon. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000400030007-1