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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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December 19, 1971
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Sanitized - Approved For st Sends CPYRGHT - efeCtOr SaYS A Cuban diplomat-spy who a g e n t s into the United vice and other governme t defected to the United States States." organizations. In 1969 with a batch of se- Because of the large nun- Upon arriving on assig - eret intelligence documents hers of refugees arriving in ment in Pari C t Hid l s as ro a , has disclosed the United States daily, he says he found "virtually t the Fidel Cas- sa s "Th i y ere s no way of entire stafft th , - excepe a tro regime's weeding out all the men and bassador and the counsel systematic in- women who may be working were intelligence perso filtration of for DGI (Directorio General nel. They doubled as dipl agents into d " I e neigencia)" . mats. the United The DGI operates in the States, Latin United States using the THE PARIS embassy, h America and C b u an mission to the Unitd e Africa. i In a book lishcd here this week, Orlan- do Castro Hidalgo reveals the operations of Cuba's so- phisticated intelligence appa- ratus at home and abroad and gives specific details of the Castro regime's. espio- nage and guerrilla activities in three continents. A third secretary in the Cuban Embassy in Paris be- fore his defection, Castro Hi- dalgo, through the informa- tion he provided the United States also: 0 Identified more than 150 C u b a n intelligence agents and contacts. . o Revealed the extent to which intelligence has taken over the Cuban diplomatic service as well as other gov- ernmental organizations. ? Disclosed what hap- pened to Dominican leader Francisco Caamano following his mysterious disappear- ance. 0 Disclosed the full mag- nitude of the Castro-Guevara subversive plan for South America. o Revealed the ? secret agreement between Castro and Mncrnw that is virtnal6. Vatrons as its headquarters, adds Castro Hidalgo, who i5 believed to be the highest- ranking Cuban intelligence officer ever to defect. TIE DETAILS Castroite at tempts to infiltrate the mili- tant anti-Castro Alpha 66 or- ganization and other- exile groups in Miami and says one key agent, who was "particularly well informed about (exile) missions to Cuba because of his-work on small boats in the Miami area," still lives in Miami. Although believed respon- sible for the capture of a number of exiles invading Cuba, no charges have' been filed by the U.S. government against this agent "because his activities have not direct- ly involved espionage against the United States," Castro Hidalgo says. In the book, Castro Hidal- go mentions the refugee air- lift, s in a 1 1 -boat escapes, fence-jumping into Guanta- namo naval base and emi- gration through Spain or Mexico as some of the chan- nels available to the Castro regime to infiltrate agents into the United States. th t did 't h i a n ou te matc the to blackmail -would-be refu- rest of his hair," Castro Hi- gees colony. and individual exiles in dalgo says. Later, he says, he CASTRO Hidalgo, who has this country into conducting found out during a trip to been living in this country undercover work for Havana. Prague that Caamano was with his wife and family Castro Hidalgo's hook, here preparing to go to under an assumed name "Spy for Fidel," reveals that ua"Clear f~a since his defec even ni eou?aj Coda a tici 1ts'`- 9W~n v~ "Cuba has never ad any as a over to a large ex- real difficulty in infiltrating tent Cuba's diplomatic ser- FOIAb3b RDP75-0014 lany, S. pies. Cuban subversive plan, prob- ably one directed at the Do- minican Republic," Castro Hidaldo says. "It may well be that Fidel Castro envisioned building Caamano into a sec- ond Guevara." CASTRO Hidalgo says that while in Paris he also learned missing details about Ernesto (Che) Guevara's- ill-fated t a - says, served as a center f tempt to lead a guerrilla war much of the subversive wor in Africa after dropping from of Cuba's intelligence app sigh'in Cuba in 1967. ratus, not only for Europ Castro Hidalgo . describes but for Africa and Lati Guevara's mission in Africa America, as an "odyssey in frustra. Many of the visitors tion," with little accomplish- Cuba, whether on legal or i ment, Rather than leading a' legal missions, were funnele guerrilla campaign, Che and to Havana through Pari his men found themselves Castro Hidalgo says, addin giving their African allies he was in charge of infiltrat guerrillas into Bolivia "rudimentary military train- ing Venea g guerr and other livi tng, and when not occupied lo countries through Paris Latl an tour, they were busy trying Prague. to keep the tribes from fight- fight- One of those visitors wa ing amongst themselves." Col. Francsco Crmano Once, the defector relates, Col. the r cisl military mono an argument ensued between African in the 1965 revolu- had advanncedcedd du aau Some who tion in the Dominican Repub had ring an at lic, who disappeared in Octo- tack wanted those who had her 1967 after a trip from not to drink the blood of the London to The Hague, Castro slain enemies to regain their Hidalgo says. valor, Castro Hidalgo says. The Cubans were expected to "IN PARIS, I received in- 'do the same, but refused. structions to carry out a Le- "Guevara and his Cubans tailed survey of a section of had to flee through the jun- the city where a meeting or 910s, pursued by enemy two important persons could troops and their former al- be held ... I learned that lies. It took them a month to the second person was Caam- get to safety, and Guevara ano " remarked in disgust that it The survey was carried out would he another hundred and the meeting was held, years before the Africans with "Caamano dressed in would be ready to receive mufti and wearing a loupe help in winning their libera- tion,' "Castro Hidalgo says. l 0149R000400030008-0 CPYRGHT