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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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December 19, 1971
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Sanitized - Approved For F eqe QWe ' A-RDP75-0 3 By MERWIN K. SIGALE Special to The Star ".Ly a, LL6 111Le111genee et uLer o.t me has utilized an expand- the U.N, "serves as hcadquar- a Mates. mission work for DGI, lie rm or Soviet inteingence, tnat contact with subversive orga- :hat the Cuban Embassy, in propaganda to enter this coun- or Cuban and other Latin area, keeps track of the activi- merican revolutionaries. ties of Cuban exile organiza- The Cuban mission to the tions. nited Nations is headquar- "It is Castro's espionage orts in this country, he says. States." These and other inner work- Castro Hidalgo says a key ngs of Cuban intelligence are agent, believed responsible for etailed by Orlando Castro Hi- the capture of a number of algo in a book, "Spy for Fi- exiles invading Cuba, still el," to be released next lives in Miami. ishing Inc. of Miami. not directly involved espio- nage a g a i n s t the United Another Defection States, charges have not been After an advance copy be- brought against him," the for- ame available, word of anoth- mgr agent says. e n i o r Cuban intelligence trouble infiltrating agents into gency, came to light yester-the United States. Ile mentions ay. The latest defection took . available channels such as the lace in London and the U.S. refugee airlift, small-boat es- 'tate Department confirmed it capes, fence-jumping into the ?a FOIAb3b taf -except the am assn r n( the counselor - we elligence personnel." Castro Hidalgo, who fought n Fidel Castro's rebel arm nd later against the Bay p igs invaders, says he i ursuing a new life in the nited States under another dentily. Ile says it is in "sub irbia," and indicates he is no n the Washington area. CPYRGHT CPYRGHT emigrants who travel first to Castro Hidalgo was a top Spain or `"Iexico. gent in Paris for Cuba's Di- eccion General do Inteligen- Havana Training ia, or DGI. He writes that "a fundamen- Disillusioned with the Cuban tai task" of the intelli ence g egime, he and his family fled center in Paris, where he had ith them - and obtained .S. asylum. His defection became public- known months later, and so g Castro's revolutionary de- igns. Among the items Castro I-li- algo list on his personal scoreboard" he claims to ave named more than 150 gents and contacts of Cuban 'governmental organiza- derantly DGI, he says, and in the cover job of embassy third secretary and protocol officer, was to facilitate the travel of L a t i n revolutionaries to Havana for training. They went by way of France and Eastern Europe. Arrange- ments also were made, he says, for Cuban Negro soldiers to travel clandestinely through Paris to Africa, where Cuba still maintains a military unit in Brazzaville, the Congo Re- public. Castro hidalgo says that DGI has all but taken over the Cuban news agency, Prensa Latina, and the Cuban Insti- tute for Friendship with the J' r0 . FOF_ Rdle e : CIA-RDP75-00149R000400030009-9