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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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April 10, 1970
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Sanitized - Approved F 9990FIMA-RDP75-00 10 APR 1970 CPYRGHT GuevaraIs Aafrican Venture isaste, Senators .~'odd rnesto (Che) Guevara's guerrilla operation in Africa was nearly as bad as the disaster he suffered in Bolivia, a former Castro Cuban intelligence officer told the Senate Internal Security subcommittee in testimony re- leased today. The witness, Orlando Castro Hidalgo, told the subcommittee his "cover" job before he defect- ed to the United States was as protocol officer at the Cuban Embassy in Paris but he actual- ly was an agent of the DGI, Cuba's spy and guerrilla organi- zation. The Cuban soldiers In Africa '(the Congo) had expected to find a revolutionary atmosphere but discovered that intertribal rival- ries were far more important than revolution, Castro told.the subcommittee. He said the Cubans left Africa fearing their friends almost as much as their enemies. Met Death in Bolivia Guevara, he said, went direct. ly from Africa to Bolivia where he met his death.. The..Cuban vpnture eta Africa was '04y a ittle better than the Bolivia fiasco because most of the Cu ans got out of Africa alive, h said. Castro took asylum at the U. Embassy in Luxembourg o March 31, 1969. The testimon released today was given to th Senate on Oct. 16. The defecting agent said th Russians were critical of Cuba Premier Fidel Castro for sen ing troops to Africa, accusin him of adventurism. He told the Senate subcommi tee that all Cuban ambassador in Africa and most other Cub officials there are members the DGI under Ministry of F eign Relations cover.. ? , --- - ..iJl..'..? CPYRGHT Castro Hidalgo said his real job in Paris was to support revo- lutionary ,activities in Latin American nations by providing money and visas to Latin train- ees en route to Havana and by developing contacts among French and Latin citizens. Blackmail Used There were DGI agents in 13 Latin embassies in Paris, he said. Before taking the Paris as- signment, Castro said he was in the DGI section o p e r a t'i n g against Cuban exiles In the Unit- ed States. "The DGI almost without ex- ception uses only blackmail to recruit agents in Cuban exile groups in the United States," Castro testified. "Important Cu- ban exiles are reviewed from the standpoint of their relatives still in Cuba. The prospective agent is then approached on the basis of helping the relative in Cuba. "If the agent accepts, the rela- tive doesn't go to jail, orb re- leased from jail, or is permitted to -leave, Cuba as an exile, de- pending on the particular case. FOIAb3b CPYRGHT Sanitized - Approved For Release CIA-RDP75-00149R000400030010-7: