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December 10, 1998
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OPYRGHT Sanitized.- Ap ' House Group,. To Probe .81 it ~... '` aigfifaeturer who founded ti94 ociety - in 1i3i3a. had' charged "' .~, ? rp}raer ~eorstary'of t~altr Jphtt 4te atwr Dul16Y and CIA DUW4V n tier !toting called these otfed semi-secret operations ub}ic~ officials slits private 11 44. House Un-American Activities Committee said today he alas ordered a?prelimloary Investi- gation of the acttvitdes of .the John Birch Society, the con- troversial antt-Con ntlnia6' or- ganization. The investigation was re- quested earlier today by Rep= reselitative Hiostand, Repub- lican of California. $ member of the society. Mr. Hiostand said he ?wes sure an honest inquiry would dispel -charges that the society is a "dictatorial, Fascist" organization. Mr. Walter said the purpose of the preliminary investiga= tion was to determine. whether his committee has j.urisdbtion. Noting that its legislative char- ter limits its inquiries to the diffusion of propaganda attack- ing the principle or form of the united States Governtn@nt. Mr. Walter said. "I -don't see from the press rcports anything this society has dons that would brln it within the purview of this commtttee." ' carried on... Saxe that if meuibtilrf of`tti Mr. 'Htestatifl' became the 8irc fiociety are-called beltr eior Reuss Backs Inqulrt first member of congress o : i ~greasloria . _.COtrf rGCp1'eaenscons a, sal "?' send!-secret society today when crat of Wisconsin, said toga Amendtho" < X he-wax asked about, a tatter if ,r- , birdh w'ettY 1 e0;. slid merous letters he said he ac diem to make no attack cca attacking Chief Jusiic tile itftenseiy patriotic. It - Would society "until you kilo rr~Varren~ , d good thing to hear their the lads. He reported that many of th story from the berg them. Mr. Hic rand told an lnte letters were mlmeographcd an selves." foilowed the same general lin vie' he had joined the grow 1Jr. Hiestand "14, that no but usually did not identify th lb calico nia "quite a whit f0d viduld in the +ogiety is "' t o said; I m qui .,writers ga members of the Johi ii cit. fed to carry oqt ,a$ I Birch Society. there are gther merabe that violate hill own, " 111 a XLLC1 to ~,uau aaaaa. ...,gip - ?..,. utr,, Wc. a ova. r w.??..,--. ---- ter, Mr. Reuss said he belied+s of the society. $ h y- aI do in>r "the "Cie the letters he has received oils he 'believed each shoo! tide for," he said, 'but the inated with the society. He ga ~? TO fie- right to decide to ' wig Q8 per cant of its program !pr :>aganda o enizatlona lav f whether to reveal ?Y i tu;te~ patriotism and anti- r4 .. irpenibeivtlfip. uniam.1 , ~., -T'he ' Congneatna odd h for the chsirges against s py fed to send 171a cau a Elsenhow other. )flgh CPYRGHT r' note 'toe hts tolleaqu ublican o~ chili, ? Mr. His. because "$ frfem d ee id."soafe ofp tbyfe were cerday i, A- /t1...Clo tP.. sf were Mr. 7lieatand declined - , was n00 1 identity the senator-ofA-wh _, stra o i ~'..diter titbtf add w tlO rte spoke. Senato ,~:...,....... d to be.tidential." 'Young. 'Republican .-of Nor said flietv, were e beln bayota,,early this month beg ged up now ,iii r effoi' apt'; Bc'fn the 6eriate agai t' destro' the otsgartifzation t ir the Hirai bociety. blic opinichf. "When an anti Mr. Hieatflpd slid, made. about the'sdciety. H Sanitized :- Approved For Relea tort, but that in this tnstafQp I , fire financed and how tpey a re Z._. *1 in _ e offidlaii. bulb dgeifd that- .,. a rsv-vw a ? Californian rolamed`bo *_d a "California Col"W,4!tr ins - accuastto!> ? whoee;n they do_ not urldetgtand: . Went Taloe !111th Mr. 1-liestand said he -vas. floine cases. most. onbervauve. #'tewspapera in the country... As for the proposed ins ltd- doubt that.I will, but it'll thins the Demoara ttG lei .der- ;x !siaipctrhould , , ider in, View of the - 1"'t " interest agd !003 ' IVt#F'~?~ po3uervst.ive Republican from aitfosnia, said in an interview i,"y that be v111 continue to Mr. Utt said the organization has some strong chapters in his district, whose members have en ticallr opposed commu- 'aiamr d what'itifey-regard a?1 '~ 1,M.. d wasteful eco- M"ib projects in the State and t smunity. , . Wrote 'to Welch Declaring that he wes no' a member of the aoeiety and knew of no others in Congress ex- cept Mr. Idiestand, Mr. Utt dis- closed that within the last Fear nthet etety members to cau- on. tngm Against letting the organization "become a sort of ' 'Gerald L. K. Smith outfit." . He added, however, that so clety members' in his district were ",all reputable .people. somg of whtsm have supported I Line in the past." Mr, Utt saidi y,he. ,~iftered with Qhlef Justice, li Wa,rtn and other Supreme l Court, members. on many 'is-, but..thougtit it was "fan- titatic"' to urge impeachment of the Chief Justice. The Joan Birch Society was - founded by Mr. 'Welch in late 1 11088 as an tirganizs.tion to com- bet,- CoMMIMist subversion in the United States: It takes its . hanfe from a 27-year-old Bap- tist nnasibnAry. from Georsia who was cn-Arr Y'intelligen 1 officer in the.p'ar East during World-,W{ir,:- and was kilted by the Chinese Communists lo', days after V-J Day. . 'I'!'i orDnizatlon functioned, in near secrecy for a" Ye#, but recently it has been the target of criticism from conservative newspapers -afvrl magazines, who have charged that its tac- tica-breed distrust of American l:? institution' and damage. ti?e i lconservattve cause try hrinc;nq alt 'e0nservatives under slls- .00ftOO3O028-8