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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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April 1, 1961
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Rep. :he John Birch eocle~; gACi p~'t'r? :. ~ "~~`l:iestaad,paid, thaw that the eo- ureeQ a ConarcaatonC irigt.ity Re stbhi? calle4s rie'aYf,~y;;eiety ls?a rrdup o1 "rugged ladi- to refuEe ,"smears" about. the t ~, nGpr ootlf~artx tbie~ vidttalirtr" . riot i{ubieCt +to arch-c+~nsenvative group. `t~Q' !rid the sgclCty'Sa "thdnght 4batrol by same d1~- The aoaiety'a open. ;JQott? ~ ati tfgM fndivtdtt4l* tor:' K'hey ~e tao beetrlrtg,,hq gresaioual advocates were ir~et:.dediea ~ patrtbtiam ands te3d, ~otr ?itr'?F~;y' +~uoti, dE~~ l7a, 11ghCtgalnat= whlph ? dtiktep as volutttarf b:dyar W. Hieataad? and ~ ~ ." ~deaied'that itti~, action ~gombat r11 mAdfemtR . H. Rousaelot, both repreacats- ~ ?,es''t~ .' ,dp aeo-plat. ~ tioaa of cdmtriualam, and tc,la- ures of sections of ? sprgwiing ' ? .~w,;;;,,,h~,,,,, *t,,~?b,,,, form the' astloa of .theta. Ike trey know of outer Congres- "'" ""' - `?" `,`"' -'""" "less sovemment, individ five?term.Congreasman, who ra- ttAhts atul s better?woa'Id." ~ional members of the'Cnr-trn_ .,.r.. __ _ _.._...__.___ ,.__.._,; ww aa,cs V# uic wsc cwa,r,'wv...rwa .w ~ - -- society urged investisa,tiort? of ciety's?"hopse chapter,'' onndeda? ~"'" ~~ .. ~' bi! "'pt'0- ,,. ;,; ... _,.,_ _ .__ tde?,:vadhx ? M'r.? Wei~.~, Cd~. . j:~-iduais and ~Iropoaala whlcls ``wh~Rep,.Hiattwnd Called "~1te}} ii"~sl~? . rgelet~r. i he society links with Cc3tI1=1111 ` ~ t ~~ ` ~ 71q .e t atw,a~-~~ra4.t....~ oslrn.Me,.l,: ? ;p:, . replied ~E r ?:csm. nut thew was no rltOh ~.r ~Itd''tielded batgved' '~.~. rquiry on th medi>:4e hb~'1- ftep. Francis 1C. Waiter. ~:, a., chairman of the " Hti-vse Jn-American Act1y1t1et~ Cb~t- ni:tee, questiohed his soup"s ,u?icdiction on the grtiutid they c~alplaints against the. sbeiety ical with alleged ltbeis agaix~St individuals, lncludirig former. President Eisenhower, and not with moves a?atnat the anvarA: tie n. Thomas J. Dodd, D.; on::., protn}sed ,to, ask-for an avcstisation at the next meet , ng of the Senate Internal Se- ~c is a member. The- eubcom-~' Taaca ~ O Eastland, D., Mlas., eclined comment on the prn- nsal. ('omplaints Sent I'n Ac the Justice Department.. here was said to bs "concern" bout the number' of letter!. verasing upward of fifty daik~, cmplaining about the societ~~'a olitical actlvltf~s and attacks Y some John BlrcherS against ndividuals w12o disagree'witli he society's ~ proach. The? department's Ynternal ecurit?,v Division suss said to be eviewins; the slt;uatton, .but here we: e no signs o[ a formal .:vestig:~tion reportedly be-, suss there ace no complaints f 5t_ytU LOI'}' V101at1Ot15 that ?auld s~1ve the d~ uartment uri:.dictiorf. Charged ,? ith pro- ,~rr,aumented with f^ep0tta fay talE .~. S. Y.r the Jwsttc8 Depwttshen4.? .'the . Un- . Americ~tt ~1crtlNtier Comuasittee ? sad the 8eaate internal8eour- iti' 4ubdommttte>e. ~ Rtp, Rodree'ioti deform 'the , ~ ?? :~ `~. 'w `dlrebtbt[ : at ~? -.~~s. $d Laid ? been direoted ~1!t~etAl 'aid to educ~- ttttt[tu'ual 1~1 ~~~tandarda t. sitars gat inrar= ~ . ` , ?N. A:; M." Censured Soofety' The National Asrooiatioa' of '' Mantill'eaturera direloaed ycster- . i; der !h? New ?Yorlc`it hhd h1 el= feat: oe~dred 'the Sohn Birch fiodiety ih a board rbaolutiot3 adoptry! :..last !'epttmber. 'Ghir'ielt R, '8llgh 3r., execu- it[te vloe-president +of the "~ N.` 11. ]4i,. safd the three former N~ A. M: ~resldents listed as r nltmber;? of the conacll of the } ettntroverailil aoolety partici- pl-ted in ? dritwing up the rcaoiu ' which w~a passed uriani= ?' mously.. ? . - ' Zfie resolution did not 'men= ; ~ tStitt -the raciest or its founder ; s and leader, -Roberti Weigh, by ;. '~ al-me,?But Mr..Bitgh said it was ~, passed after dieclorure that Mr.' "'V9setoh -had called (;E.en. 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