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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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March 10, 1967
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?~ ZL'~xLS T~.~Ai,D ? ? ? Sanitized -Approved For R~I~~~j: CIA-RDP75r ~, ~? ~~ CPYRGHT ~-c:~~~~, ~:~~~v~c~i~e ~~~~~ 1 s .~~~L~C~' .?ii DALLAS, Tex., Itlarch J~ - ~? Dallas theater magnate and longtime civic and political power, died at ~ ?~"""-~ :s3~ 'Theaters Inc. +4 j H a to e me Inc., and _ of ident of Inter-~ '. state Circuit;,; terday. Mr. . Hobl itz- elle was pres? c Mr. Iioblitzclle Dallas from ~St: Louis and had wide busi- ness and :financial interests in Texas. Mr. Iloblitzelle establishc the Hoblitzellc Foundation. A his death he was chairma i emeritus of the board of: dircc tors of the Dallas Relntbli i National I3ank. + Born in 1879 in 5t. Louis ~ Mr. Hoblitzellc way the son o a former Confederate soldier ' His mother was the daughte of Col. George Knapp, found er and publisher of the Mis ', souri Gazette, the forerunne j of the St. Louis Globe Demo crat. The Hoblitzellc Foundatio was recently in the news named as one of the pipeline through which the Central In telligencc,- Abenc?y supplie money to various F;roups. Dr. J`oLn IYI. Iluff, 71, publi health director for Norfoilc Va., from 1046 to 1064; in :Day tona Beach, Fla. Antonio Costa e tiiiva, olds brother of president-elect Ar thur Costa e Silva of Brazil; i Porto liicgre, i3ra~.i1. Florence Rokuc Fairfield 67, youngest si;?ter of ~t.h'e lat ; '. Knute Iiockne; in Tampa, Fla.. Geoi'frcV Roberts, 80, a lead ing $riti~h prosecutor et th Nuremberg war crimes trials in ~,ondan. .. ..._-- -.. ___..~.~.._.4- FOIAb3b Sanitized -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP75;00149R000400050006-0