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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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January 18, 1964
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA=RU OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. OKLAHOMAN in. 173,499 S. 272,503 Front Edit Other Pape Pape pa" Date; 4- JAN 18 1964 ~CPYRGHT E4 IAN 'I 19 Hodges Cites' Need Industry' To Modernize This Holds Key On International CPYRGHT Race, He' Says `71sy Jim Reid The commerce secretarylcvery industry in this area said there is. sufficient know- P f?r terades to come." how right now for all U. S-1 1 it=,jges was introduced to manufacturing productivity! ~?? luncheon audience by t to increase at the rate of 10 Sen. J. Howard Edmond-. percent a year, for the next , on. The.junior senator sub.' decade, instead of the his- stituted for Sen. Mike Mon- torical average of 2 percent. roney, who was unable to be "Think what it would mean present because of another, to the national wealth if we commitment. merely doubled our 'produc- In introducing the distin- tivity increase rate--from 2,guished speaker, Edmond. percent, to 4 percent," he;son joked that he was sub- said.. stituting for Bud Wilkinson. Secretary Hodges said thej"Bud was asked to do this," i' major obstacjes to industryhe said, "hut he hasn't been modernization in this coun-gable to make up his mind I' " try have been taxes and lack of technical resources et whether he wants to. Actually, Wilkinson was of invited to the confer- FOIAb3b the same basis as whc,. sales. ."We should ! -" cash on' the barrelhea,,, he said, "not long-terns cr- ?dit." While in the ci'y Friday,' Secretary Hodges presented the president's "E". award for excellence in exporting to Aero Commander, inc.!'. The presentation y!as. made to Thomas Sim I-IT, vice president of Aerb'a= overseas division, and E..? Williams, vice president. off Rockwell Standard Corp., Aero's parent company. The award includes a blue 'Inc e unii- Suggestions a e en , race for international trade, He offered three sugges- said. i ing to win that race, Luther H. Hodges; U. S. Secretary and modernization of indus- try is a key factor in help- business becomes more prof ilable. It, can pay better wages. It can offer more goods at lower prices." The secretary addressed a joint luncheon of the Okla- of commerce said in Okla- homa City Friday. "Through modernization," he said, "with its., resulting increase in productivity, i Related News on Page 16, tions.to businessmen for car- Talking to newsmen in- rying out a modernization formally Friday afternoon, program: Hodges noted that Oklaho- ONE - Management must ma is better than the na- become completely familiar tional average i : modern- with domestic competition izalion of industry. in its own industry. He said a study based on TWO - Management must the percentage of machine tools more than 10 years old be more vigilant against for- that are, still in, use shows eign competition. the national average at 64 THREE - Businessmen I percent, while' Oklahoma is must be more alert to inva-t60 percent., sions of their industries. For' Rem coded that the Central example, the invasion of the ntell izence..,..Agen --report= textile industry by the chem- d T,ussia lagging in ferti- s d H i ical industry. noma any l liauwca - Hodges raised n I and gold citation and an ge o prndu.:;.ion, said he favored' the sale of, "E" pennant. _ '?~ , Modernization. , 150 Attend "Your plans for a world} The one-day conference at airport to handle the super-, tracted more than 150 busi-I sonic. plane, for the develop-. ness and, industry leaders!ment of a barge canal port,l . from over the state 'to Mu-jfor the expansion of conven-} nicipal Auditorium, :tion facilities, for increasing The city conference is the!foreign exports, for aug- second of 15 that will be held';menting your water resourc-f this year in various parts oft Cs, and for becoming a focal; ( the nation under partial spon;point for medical researcht sorship of the U., S. Com;in the southwest -all thesef 1 merce Department. 'point to a sense of purpose, 'a sense of responsibility; at vision for .the, future that will. Sanitized - App tcvedf Res S 1 ,being of every person- an coerce an Conference on Industrial ers for their foresight in fu- Iture planning:. city lead- fl, Southw d est IA-RDP75-00149R000400050008-8