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November 16, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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March 5, 1963
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clle Peas sans CPYRGHT ------- - - --- - --- DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE MORMING 127,955 SUNDAY 188,329 MAR 5 1963 hail Remarks led American to the stogy The mside story at tile roe erican flyers played in he ill-fated Cuba invasion of 961 was ferreted out by HICAGO'S AMERICAN f 01- wing a, rSlfi 'k by a Chi- ago indus `ir a1lst. The in ,}'list` told an ditor of t newspaper that friend, 0- erican Legion ffic al In consin had ldit a merican enel~ ;' ave su- lied ea i ss air 110 r re n from e_ ir4f"0to was_ Living A re o'ter was ass fined to e ,story and located the -GEN. G. R tD DOSTER general-Ma . W. Hutch, supervis g Qp- erations in an oil field. Asked about the part he played in the Cuban invasion, Gen. Hutchinson said: "I was commander-of the Ninth air force, but except for being consulted as an adviser on occasion,_,I had no part in the Cuban opera- tion." Identifies Air Chief- Then, signilicantl""'li e added: ' - "The In i- o wa t MAR 5 1963 Ahabattie r .gugard' Fie was in charge of-[acticali op- erations. He'll talk to, you if pilots, Ruri~ `p~ssotlC _ He's he can." ;right in It rya the first time in all The report Y piit in a call the millions of words of tlis- to Albert B. Persons, man- cussion on the Bay of Pigs aging editor Qf ti]e Birming- fiasco that an American gen- ham Examltter; a weekly eraL had been specifically publication. identified as "in charge" of ,;__ ,-+,_, any portion of the operation. The reporter immediately called Gen. Doster - Brig. Gen. G. Reid aI)oster - in Birmingham. G6eral Couldn't Comment Gen. Doster said he could Persons expressed amaze- ment at the identification of Gen. Doster as a key figure in the Bay of Pigs operation and said: "This revelation, by an obviously knowledgeable not commeiit`on his alleged ',source [Gen. Hutchinson], role in the Bay of Pigs opera- puts an entirely different tion, but, asserted: , light on} the situation. I feel "You might ._are to talk free now to detail facts that to a man whii c Ris he was I hesitated to print before." there - a newspaper editor Persons said he already who says he was one of the had written one long article FOIAb3b ab*, the invasion, and the part: a iean,Airmen played in it, but that the new in- formation would enable him to write another, even more revealing one. He agreed to allo* CHI- rAGO'S AMERICAN to' print them. CHICAGO'S AMERICAN in- forme tie department di CIA [cen- tral intelligence agency] in Washington of the allegations made in Persons' stories, plus the identification of Gen. Doster as commander of tac- tical air operations. The DOS ,the CIA saidl t h e_y ;}lg~ ,no .,comment to Approved For Release 2000/05/24: CIA-RDP75-00149R000400140003-3