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November 16, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 17, 1963
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OCT 1 7 1963 Approved For Rem 2000/05/24X - e Bookshelf When British S.. ies erat''ec'"~i New ork CPYRGHT Every country at war maintains an elab- orate secret service to advance Its cause by penetrating the :'enemy's military, political, economic and diplomatic positions - while ;carding its owl The functions of such an agency are ;far-' flung and vaned, from stealing ciphers and piecing toj'etj r information about enemy agent, by intercepting mail to cultivating influential pers?ons`in allied and neutral coun- tries and passing out selected tidbits of propaganda and information to friendly reptive and should be rnade fully aware of journalists and coihfnentators. our requirements end dPfirienciei and can "Room 369F-5 a frank account of. how oe trusted to re;,regent our needs in the (li' ' f "83 atn carried out one phase of such ;'fight quarters ap,i In the right way in the :,. clandestine operatidn from a base in New fT?S.A." York during r I,I. The director 8s No wonder Donavan. received an over- r'anada-born r Jain Stephenson, who whelming red carpet reception from the Brit- had been.'. . corn pilot in World \Ta I lab authorities: And according to Mr. Hyde, and subsequently4t;quired a fortune In the Donovan was Instrumental In bringing about field of telegrapl' ; jransmission of pietUres. ,in anti-Axis coup in Yugoslavia which may The, ap.'thor,;a',i Iton named H. Moritgom- have fi ected the later ckurs'e of the war by Pry Hydes? :is,! a. i!s?rzner member of ' Seen- delaying Hitler's Invasion of Russia by some son's organization,al~d seems to proceed, on six weeks. the "now i can be }7~ " basis. The resat, is On November 27, 1941, James Roosevelt a story of considerable intrinsic fascination visited Stephenson with a message from his which casts a number o sidelights on the father which Stephenson telegraphed as fol. purely nominal, char ctet of American 1eu- lows to London: "Japanese negotiations off. t7 ality, as 'iTlterpretcd `fly 'President Roose- Services expect action within two .weeks,' welt. a Pearl Harbor Eiccurred days after this As Mr. -F yde reeogr ices, . Stephenson's message was delivered, which makes the growing organization "represented an obvi- question of U.S. unpreparedness, f this blow cue threat to' ti i ej. neutrality.' 1tut still more Aught J. Edgar Hoover f . 'BI could not ha , In the intetafs of `a n th p Yi g perpetual b2L ioz2 co r ve. Hoover suggest-1 gams= of hide.and-seek with Na4l,agente to its camp y :'n' ,$ritish - Securit. ;Coo. i a ;l: ra ni litQ+eA posal theif '$S tai le'A, channel which pro- : dal --? + u?~~ uiv, e'urope rn .1 close titephensoli foound time to keep a close vided the .o y s eons of communiea ; wa`, n on int ~' troniS and isol~tionist or- "(He) kept extensive records, both in his Lion with Lond as Mr. Hyde pill* it. ai ,,a-tion, in .5.,'and prepared several head and on his files, of the misdemeanors "On a personal basis 'he (Hoover) worked hasments er a. First, among 0th- of important public men, mainly of politi- very closely with Stephenson to further What : er: nuntef?e is for a ra11 clans in Washin kp. to f h H g y o n. at t e knew which Sena. 'Alas then the wholly unneutral purpose of or.. nization ill he hope of causing confu- tors and Representatives had been financial. protecting and fu,QteringBritish interest in ly 'taken care of' by big business lobbyists, the war against Corr gLny. and Italy and, be. A wGn ots'Tet' b and which had d b , g . een unfaithful to their wives. e episodes the author instructed his officers to.assist BSC in every ! tribes a quick-wltt Moreover he was s id t d , a e .woman operative of o be adroit at hint- i way open to them,,' v-_ u?'kanizatiori who made ing that he would not use the information, if a ndeturnal ren- they made a point of telling him now a aa rid' oils with a"`e`on rate irl the Vichy nd Help from Wild i eh EmbasS for th again what was Gen. William tf S' Ronovan,wa5 va.l code ,*y e purpose of stealing departments," going on in their offices and a t#rCi`~`y lritiah ea? to 6diverted the suspicion of , ?.rcnman by taking off her clothes andr Hyde explains to the uninitiated the th.e U.S. during the perlod'ot America's for ,n the i advantages g MPW-lion-that nothing more o and disadvantages of using the mal neutrality When' Don anns went oa a ` a;ly sigtiifiearit than a liaison was. pin services of "double agents" and gives a fact-finding missign to t vlka andj,tje 'C1ect. ]"rid account of the t Mediterranean 'r'99 i i ra n tiering o! 1941 he ng in mayhem, was accompanied by,'tla.{';s enthusiastic rec- 3v for a Columnist , ras,.rult and battery, assassination and sabo- am given t me d ti ti ro o n on opera a f ves prepared for work m StepHenson. i?ere are some`iiiteresting data on anflu- behind, enemy lines. "Donovan exerca controlling influence .the AmeriVess. Iii the case of Fr is over Knox, strong nfluence over Stimson lar columnist, Stephenson, accord- , Bnt rs l bodit etff Service in A9ne ica proof inl Wor the friendly advisdry inf ue`iice 'over .Press 14 the strongest nt F: t'r ihe'a was not only able to.~.ppLace yyax r' ads in World War was a smooth- and Hull. . .. Bel ] 2e ublican, a c?,.,.+ in f olumn, but "on occasiba to 1'U lit and of Irish d BG t lie has foil fn of rep}Y him h 'copy' for a part or even the nm* a.d efficient operation. hose e sup- 7iis n tothe A f the, column itself." Even with this r t,lrve support for those hie dn`tinistra- whole o ans whoo briinve that the decision to en nter er tion. It fvan who was responsi- japse of?:time it hiay come as a little surprise the war ag u the Axis was, for all prat- blefor getting e destroyers, the bomb- it aders p~ this columnist that th ~rne ey were tical purpose ken long before Pearl Har- sight and other urg'ent requirements. g offe4 'hot bis inde a fe There is n A r"dFot R Fe~Se~ roc n e i l e r ROO04o~~ -8. finitely more roc h onovan than through (:8 o a foreign ? government, Of another T .ra;u E Nr5 14AMBERLIN IH any other individual. . . He is very re- ?US4 Ti named columnist Mr. Hyde wr;tPa? y, ie. rarM+rr0svm.r a ,..a ,