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November 16, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 13, 1962
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1r77 nick =up wP ~~ favorable re ot~ tla to ho a 'Take '" ~1ro#' ' taemrr t Brat's aPAeal, perpon 0 igainstj *41 sd ` i a hineo H . r utr the principle ? 1 r. Mitchell said the nation most go to 'and- strAit.a to avoid war with our nei hbor .. t ul pedI P . 1111 tebinMOIt And 11Titclxe11 1'ailr;Ie `~ CPY~ ! F $Y DAVID Ti[OMAti t Peace at a'u i'ps . , V " Hutchinson Mitchell eotrcliiiled that the fact' the U.S. has property impounded l by Cuba 'does nbi w'arrant.blood-{ shed.,. one other issue drew direct con- trays': between the ..tvto?. . I A questioner on t Old eAid to' parochial schools was answered e iyhat wal? ;biltpd as a matad ic rrc , reeved a right for eucation.... all= school asseAlbly fair Benton, I have 310 hesita ncy al ,fot'advocating 'flarbar :.`Community Culp f:iarua aid to parochi rSctioo S. F'rlday prpduced the liveliest Mo.- I against mss Hutchinson; Hutchinson; " am ry, ot; debate to date betwec r Ed aid to ward Hutchinson, this di~tr! t , sive federal education. It front rutinlnif Congressional can. is the most expensive way to meet dliiatC, and his Democratic .>o- the problem." rRi S FOR YOUTHS ponetit, =Dlr. Leland Mitchell. The occasion drew a special pro- Both candidates sparked ripv', of support as well as some sks-p possi from Dr Mitchell in the foim of a "Youth hl Washington -,tigisni from a responsive student audience at Seely McCord school. program. Deprvnding on funds While. brief, the interplay waxed available from community back- warm after the Three r i' 'i s i ing, district students would be chiropractor challenged Itiitchiu- picked by government teachers son's answer to a question onI for a three-day, all-expense. trip to the nation's capital to meet top Berlin_ d li . greys' decline into an invetigatory' ne Ifi TOPIC 1clubm officials, he out lie claimed industry, service body with only the broadest rein Hutchinson; in contrast to and. civic leaders have, over actual government. He Mitchell's prefatory praise for the ahoy.r; great Interest in the. '"non- called for dispersal of power to Kennedy administration record. partisan . program designed to counter creeping centralism. said the adnrinistration has 'sat stimulate Interest in politics and Hutchinson stressed that the U.S by and watched all over the good government among our Stn- must reassert Its own nationsl in- .world" while such 1h.nay as the dents. and in the community. ? ? terest in international dealings, not Berlin wall developed. lie ins- ']'his inside view of Washington. defer to vague "one-worldism." plied the wall should have been v ill provide. ..oil education Dr. Mitchell praised these eo"The d on the spotthat cannot be obtained out of it achievements during the Kennedy t. `"'fhe reason we did not act," Mitchell' :defended "is that it I text book," , reign: "nation introduced by, Dowagiac'3 1?om ? Minimum wage law; manpower called for. action as a farnay of La'cynski president of the C'ol retraining law; reduction of trans-! co the :NATO nations had, tin ieee sponsoring . Young Demo. portitton taxes; water pollution w bc. osihi " so instant acton. ? cratie club,, tht, two candidates i control bill; progress in space' lie w has inm. a wall led off the prugrant` with brief, expiuration-(It " holds promise hands as heicl he claimed the e wall was' catnments, ,I utchuii oU on ,lets tt i' .on be first to the moon and r a = bee -wyg while Gen~ral Eisen philosophy of govt rnnieht,.. Mitch I .think all will agree that's irrr hewer whi sti11 President. elf . on the aclrle i in itts of they ? s With f$is the 7!ennvllle attar- t tro-tant community health fa 1 Kennedy 6tdrnititb r tired, ? rinf mbveli to the companion cris- -u cilitres proilrarn emergency feed, , m ut t aodepted bare marks Goer rn rie iw ou{l _ not corxt yet aisn nrehratp to reduce crop auto- r withdrawal of our am- Pete t~itl t(le plea } free en- I t'nc Corps reelpioca .- ft in' lavana +"urae rprl erg ut alts a raid lc tr a bill to ? tbIC tiic President tl hay txovp in I+1a term s` anly an ttm to lower taritis; .deal with the qa t' x d pA? ltf pow d 1 pi a~iQ~ t~i Pe'?It `k uroPean Economic Community aehe,_Bay?ot' Pia r tshd 4c N-M rP obs F ,~ w" (k ~ nn ~" r tdx~l~~+ws.. ~? , s"'?u~x-~` r e(~' to~i~~ht"^ for` rep t a? orbsnva;soh; .f lr ~ r a+{ and retrewal ore y' bak"Q~,boos tip, ttrt?nt?d ruhaIre.sRlled =nfl:tiriitzbendiits, w~