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November 11, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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February 14, 1965
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CPYRGHT HR Minggu, Djakarta, 14 Feb 6S WILLIAM PALMER IS UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE AGENT Involved in Counterrevolutionary and Anti-Sukarno Activities The periodical Mainstream, Vol III, No 20, Saturday, 16 January 1965, contains an article which details the subversive activities which have been carried out by William Palmer, a United States citizen who lives in Indonesia and is the head of AMPAI (American Motion Picture Association of Indonesia). AMPAI.is.'-an import company which has long brought imperialist films into Indonesia, particularly US imperialist films. Mainstream, which is published in New Delhi, describes William Palmer's true position in Indonesia as an agent of the Secret Service of the US imperialist government. It also comments on the connection between William Palmer and the US ambassador in Indonesia, Howard Johns (Howard Jones, Ed), who is also said to be a CIA agent in Indonesia. While carrying out his duties William Palmer has involved himself in a series of counterrevolutionary incidents and activities that have occurred in Indonesia. He also has been involved in anti-Sukarno incidents and activities. The article in Mainstream describes the activities carried out by William Palmer in performing his subversive assignments. It explains that through William Palmer the US Government has given subsidies and other financial assistance to organizations and parties which it can use to further its interests in Indonesia. In carrying out his assignment in Indonesia, William Palmer maintains close contact with a number of newspapers and periodicals and with various journalists and heads of publishing houses. William Palmer also tries to create discord in the ranks of the Indonesian Army and he is searching for a means to form a pro-US cabinet in Indonesia. The article. says that one of the reasons for Allen Dulles' visit to Indonesia on 26 September 1956 was to check on the work of William Palmer. It adds that during this visit Dulles held a meeting with William Palmer in Palmer's own house at Puntjak. Sanitized - Approve T1 o teas! CIA- 95=fl