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November 11, 2016
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March 8, 1999
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May 13, 1964
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STATINTL. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-R BINGHAMTON, N. Y. SUN - BULLETIN m. 29,620 ivVAY IS 1964 propaganda ,'1 l + 9,11,j. Donald L Kaydloe, } SN'IC (Ret.). Di'mu". Nahanni 1 branded as (. Space assts LETTERS Editor, The Sun-Bulletin: mve arc;atuu;,, Conunittee on Aeria l I Phenom h b fihi C enaaseenptnhnr I would like to bring to your 11 r attention extremely important in-.1 Congre ngrs, s`t1 to 1s now conduct an immpartial partial, formation which you may, or may open inv,,tigation into the UFO! not, be aware of. It concerns the problem. Il' these. hearings are;? very dangerous problem of uniden- finally hold 'and the chances look; tified flying objects. The facts-are good in 1964) the Air Force policy; as follows: of secrecy and censorship will al- i ? UFOs official designatic,n of most certainly be ended. these objects are unknown su 0 Wh h en t e truth finally comes; perior machinos under intelligent i out-and it will--and contact is; control, emanating from an ex- I achieved with this superior civili traterrestrial source, which havr; ? nation, you can expeot a 'com been continually invading our at pletely fantastic change on this mosphere in great numbers since, 1944 for planet such as mankind has never the obvious purpose of nor experienced. These observing the Earth civilization seen changes will be very radical on;. and mapping this planet. Whether , religion', governments, science and', the motives of these highly ad- vaneed hfironc am Fr;anrn, re the military establishment. CPYRGHT hostile remains to be seen, al-I though, in that regard, they have! committed many hostile acts. 0 The United States Air Force. with the help of the super-secret lucina?tions. The further lead you lieves UFOsare extraterrestrial vehicles is slightly off, his rocker. CPYRGHT JOHN. 'LAVAL Matawan, `.J., May 1 . Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R0004'00460030-8 - ID The manned space programs] of the United States and the So- viet Union are a propaganda front. Let's face ? i oality. The use of gi- gantic and costly rockets for the purpose of space exploration is! already ob