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November 7, 1967
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November aed - A J~ /rrjy49R000400510015 ea, sons", And yet, just , to show you how in- less varieties of scientific instruments, In- gressors to kill and maim our soldiers in tensely the administration, clings to this dis- eluding ones to measure r diati i " a on, a rcraft Vietnam. credited argument, Averell Harriman-a flight performance and the quality of so- Certainly this policy of trading with peo- leading administration spokesman-said a phisticated optics. ple who openly capitalize on that trade to year ago that people who oppose the balance- The lists of such harmless little, non- help our enemies, is something new in Amer- of-payments proposition are, in his words, strategic items run for pages and pages In lean diplomacy. During the Korean War, for "bigoted and pig-headed"-that's right, government documents. The Department of example, we cut our trade with Russia to "bigoted and pig-headed" if you disagree, ac- Commerce was even ready to ship the virtually zero ... and during the crisis over cording to Averell Harriman. Communists an Instrument to Improve the the Berlin Wall's construction, we deferred The administration's fourth argument is- accuracy of Soviet missiles until South Da- all applications for export to the Communist and there's no nicer word for it-pure eco- kota Senator Karl Mundt found out about bloc. Why, then, are we doing the opposite nomic harlotry. That's the argument that it, last winter, and forced them to cancel the today, particularly when there's an amazing says we should-supply the Reds because If license. parallel between our increase in trade to the we don't, the Reds will go elsewhere . . . Furthermore, the Department of Com- Communists and their increase in trade to which is the equivalent of saying-if you'll merce-under constant harassment from the the North Vietnamese? remember the recent articles in Life on the White House to free more items for export I don't know the answer to that question, activities of the Mafia-that you might just and to speed up the granting of applica- and I'm not sure anybody does, but Senator as well play the slots because somebody else tions for product shipment-removed some Mundt smells more in it than just "immoral- Will If you don't. Furthermore, if the Com- 400 items from the previously restricted list ity, inconsistency and a lack of regard for the munists could, in fact, get what they want of trade goods, last fall ... and did so with- man fighting for us." He says, "Communists elsewhere, they wouldn't be,yenning so fran- out checking with the major Intelligence are not Idiots. They know that something is tically to deal with us. The fact of the mat- organizations to determine if any of those lacking in our American desire to conclude ter is that they can't get the quality, speed items had strategic value. The Department this war successfully when we not only ship of delivery, service and replacement parts said it had checked with what it called the their side of the war hundreds of different from anybody else; we make the best and "Intelligence community", but when Cali- types of the supplies they need, but also en- sometimes the only kind of materials they fornia Congressman Glen Lipscomb asked courage our American exporters to expand f need use most, and if they didn't get them the intelligence agencies of the Army, Navy, even greater trade with the enemy ..." And they couldn't get them any place. Air Force and Defense Department about it, then he raises the question that may, in They would, in other words, have to make not one of them said they'd been asked for .fact, be the answer: "Are we really interested them themselves, If they could or wanted to. technical advice. in ending the war successful) o Now, the administration's final argument And that's not the only subterfuge Y. Or is this going is that our bolstering the Communists. do- on. Another government report on items for W.P.A. to be prolonged as a sort of a giant . project i give millions of dollars in mestic economy will divert them from their export to the Communist bloc deliberately profits to those in n America who are privileged emphasis on the military, which is, on its omitted a full list of types of machine tools to sell supplies to the enemy In time of war? face, completely illogical. The opposite, in because, said the committee which issued What really are the facts behind this curious fact, is true: bolstering their domestic econ- the report, "publication might upset normal and self-defeating, war-prolonging trade omy actually has helped them strengthen commercial relationships". Result: nobody policy?" their military production . . . for the simple knew what was on the list until Congress Well, there are two ways to find out "what reason that every ruble they save on non- got extracurious. really are the facts". The first is to stop all military needs-factories and chemicals and This haphazard, sometimes downright trade with the Communist bloc immediately wheat and so forth-it another ruble they secretive, approval of commerce-for-com- and the second is to launch a saturation in- can spend bn military needs. munists takes on special meaning in view vestigation of the entire subject. Our Joint Economic committee has re- of the fact that the very communists we're If you agree that we should stop bolstering ported, for instance, that Russia's industrial helping so much by our trade are helping Communist economies, the first thing you defense establishment has grown at a rate other to kill Americans. Com- can do is express your support for legisla- twice as fast as its domestic economy. A g on this paradox, South Dakota Sen- tion now pending in Washington that would Russian economist has admitted that 30-to- ator Karl Mundt stated last summer, "Amer- both halt our trade and initiate a thorough 40 million people are employed in that in- scans are getting sick to their stomachs with study of the entire subject. dustrial defense establishment-30-to-40 per an administration policy through is increasing Senator Karl Mundt, for example, has a eent of all the workers i-z Russia-and that gh the supplies we bill that would slap an embargo on the ex- only 15 million or so work in other, non- send to the Communist states, which in turn port of all items to Communist countries agricultural jobs. It's no wonder the Reds are used to shoot and kill American boys furnishing materiel to North Vietnam. The pine so longingly for our products and our . in Vietnam". bill-which is Number 2908-presently is technical expertise, no wonder they're still This continuing policy of shipping mate- idling in the Senate Banking and Currency using factories we helped them build before riel and technical expertise to Communist Committee. You should, therefore, write a World War Two, and no wonder they still pro- nations has not only provoked a rash of letter to Senators George Murphy and duce less than one-and-a-half million auto- proposed legislation in Washington, but has Thomas Kuchel, asking them to see that mobiles for a total population of over 230 mil- caused a large number of Red-trade advo- Senate Bill 2908 gets some action . and lion people. cates to have second thoughts about the you should send a carbon _of your letter to Furthermore, as the C.I.A. has reported, benefits, wisdom and morality of such trade. Senator John Sparkman, who's chairman of there is absolutely no evidence that the Com- Russia and her satellites are-without the the Banking & Currency Committee. munists plan any change In their present slightest reticence about it-supplying North There's another piece of legislation kick- policy of emphasizing military-and-political Vietnam with hundreds of million of dollars Ing around both the House and the Senate efforts to the continuing detriment of their worth of materiel to support their war effort that would bar a 50-million-dollar loan from domestic economy. against us, including, of course, missiles, air- the Export-Import Bank to Russia to help the Why the United States should pull Russia's craft and weapons. Russia's aid to the North Reds build an automobile plant. It's known by domestic chestnuts out of s hould p and sea's Vietnamese increased 50 per cent in 1966 generally as the Fino bill, and you should the fire there do strengthen their defense industry- over 1965, rose again in 1967 and, according write your Congressman and the two Cali- e when the Communists o stry- to the Russians, will rise sharply this year. fornia Senators urging them to support y An estimated 80 per cent of all North Viet- Fino's proposal to stop the use of Export-the dom don't t care themselvethat ms uc com rt theible mestic nam's imported war materiel comes from Import Bank funds for the benefit of the i me. Russia and her satellites. But what makes it even more incomprehen- Communist. sable is that many of the items we've licensed There's t tin spokesmen- h the minds of mb a, California Congressman Glen Lips- for export to Russia could be used for defense trade with Russia sssia and hia and her satellites makes present comb hsResolution i Number umber 847 a resolution-House pur poses as well as non-defense. Let's just trade with 847-which calls for the uro;af examples: it easier for them to help the North Viet- establishment of a Congressional Committee revl7 namese, though the pro-trade people do ar- to make a complete investigation of such nearly half-a-million dollars worth of gue that the difference isn't significant. dieth lene which is used for, among topics the impact East-West trade on y glycol, There's more to this argument, of course, our national and nd international interests, its other things, explosives and liquid rocket than the mere practical consideration of effect on the productivity and capability of propellants; whether our trading with Eastern Europe nations aiding North Vietnam or any . . . more than 6-million dollars worth of helps North Vietnam prolong its war against potential tinder-box, and the effectiveness of chemical wood pulp, which sounds innocent us. There also is the moral question. As Sen- U.S. controls on exports to Communist na- .eildkh except that it's used to make solid ator Mundt puts it, "Never before in our his- tions. Congressman Lipscomb says, inciden- )'oek,at fuels; tory have we found it conscionable to trade tally, that . comp uters and computer present Export Control rules and p parts,- which with the enemy in time of war." New York practices are a "farce". the Russians admit they can't duplicate; Congressman Paul Fino states, "There is no The Lipscomb resolution is pending before :'precision machine tools, in which the moral justification for givin aid t th g o ose Reds also confess the House Rules Committee, so you should they're inept . . jet air- nations who are supplying our enemies in send a carbon of your letter on House Resolu- craft engines rifle-cleaning com- Vietnam " And Calif i . orn a Congressman Glen tion 847 to Congressman William Colmer, pounds . . . diamond drill bits-which no- Lipscomb says, "I am utterly unable to un- the Rules Chairman. YRdy else can sunnly-tn help produce ?. .a......+....a ...___ ,.. ___ _. ore Sanitized A 1ge,R6 .gip@o A 49R00DI 0054001V*-9967 sltbject of Communist trade and specifically ,.about these three pieces of legislation, I can .pronlis,e_you,'you'll see some action. Brit there's something else you can do, tpo: you can refuse to do business with companies that currently do business with Communists. After all, American business is under no obligation to trade with countries that help our enemies, even if the admin- Istration urges them to do so. In my opinion, it all boils down to a simple question of a lal,odicum,of morality versus a maximum of greed, and any company that will opt for greed doesn't deserve your business. Find out, therefore, if your own company sells, anything to the Communist bloc, and keep an eye open for stories in newspapers ,and trade magazines about other companies Who,seem to think a dollar is more important than winning a war. Then write those com- panies a letter or, if you want, send them these five commentaries ... but in any case, hit them where they obviously will feel it the most: in their pocketbooks. If we can show American businessmen that-all questions of morality aside-it is very bad business to trade with Communists . and if we can simultaneously show Congress that it is very bad politics to trade with Communists ... we can end what Senator Mundt calls this "incomprehensible, morally indefensible pol- icy" of making it easier for our enemies to 'mate it harder for us. The Late Adm. Ivan Ernest Bass EXTENSION OF R1MARI{S OF HON. WILLIAM M. COLMER the years of World War I, after which he came to Washington to join the Navy's board of. inspection and survey. He then stayed here, except for his three years with the Asiatic fleet, from 1931 to 1934, and five years as the Navy's Inspector of machinery at the Newport News (Va.) Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Born near Carley, Miss., Adm. Bass gradu- ated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annap- olis in 1901. Besides being a founding member of the Army-Navy Country Club, he was a member of the Mississippi Historical Society, the Devon and Cornwall Records Society, the Mississippi and National Genealogical Soci- eties and the New York Yacht Club. Adm. Bass leaves his wife, Florence; two brothers, Dr. Charles C. of New Orleans, and Houston of Lumberton, Miss., and two sis- ters, Dr. Cora B. Pigford and Mrs. Wreathe B. Hoey, both of Lumberton. Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. tomor- row in Arlington Cemetery. EXTENSION OF REMARKS HON. LUCIEN N. NEDZI OF MICHIGAN IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Some picketed the City-County Building, de- manding City Council action against the foundry. Budd officials were well aware of the prob- lem, however, and had been seeking ways: to do something about it. They commissioned the American Air Filter Co., of Louisville, to devise a pollution con- trol system that would effectively serve an iron foundry. Last February a $1 million system was in- stalled, which Budd officials estimate will cost them $80,000 to $100,000 annually to main- tain. "It's wonderful here now," Mrs. Cipresso said. "You would never know it was the same neighborhood. We have no pollution problem whatsoever." When Budd decided to be a good neighbor, it didn't stop with pollution control. The company also planted hundreds of cedar trees, constructed attractive fencing around open storage areas, and painted the exterior of all its buildings. "See," said Mrs. Cipresso, "foundries can make good neighbors." Communists Object to Integrated Education HON. JOHN R. RARICK Mr. NEDZI. Mr. Speaker, at a time when America's air and water pollution win at a rate faster ro g ale IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Tuesday, November 7, 1967 g problems than corrective action, it is pleasing to Mr. RARICK. Mr. Speaker, when Com- ,learn of a local success story in the strug- munist diplomats in Washington, D.C., gle against air pollution. objected to their children being used as Under leave to extend my remarks, I guinea pigs and laboratory statistics in enclose such a story from the November public schools, the U.S. State Depart- 2, 1967, issue of the Detroit News. The ment put its foot down and said "no"- article follows: there can be no transfer by white chil- BuDD CLEARS AIR IN EAST SIDE FEUD dren-even if Reds-to escape from (By Richard A. Ryan) heavily Negro schools. So the experiment in international Foundries g a rule, do not make particu- mixing ended. The Poles, Czechs, and od d n neighbors. lorry go But don't try to tell that to a group of Bulgarians have taken their children out people in the Conner-Charlevoix area on De- of public schools and placed them in pri- troit's east side. vate schools just like an American. This They :might give you a heated argument proves that even Communist parents that the Budd Co. gray iron foundry at 12141 love their little children. Charlevoix is a darn good neighbor. And our State Department is upset" But it took a lot of "neighborly" actions on worrying about our image overseas. gooo pgrt of the foundry to get into their Which image? The image that every-races "The e Budd "Td people have been just wonder- thing not compulsory is now mandatory, ful," said Mrs. Frances Cipresso, 52, of 2224 or the image of fear that the foreigners Lakewood. "They've done a lot in this area." may find out that even Communists do In fact, Budd's neighbors think so much not like Big Brother regulations. Maybe of the company that the Detroit Committee what we need is a domestic branch of the for Neighborhood Conservation and Improved State Department to concern itself with Housing recently gave plant manager Rob- our image with our own people. in creating I ask that the news release from the ert Budd din for a "Immaagi nation n award. It c ci teed d B a spirit of cooperation between industry and November 6 U.S. News & World Report nearby residential areas." follow my remarks in the RECORD: Everything wasn't always so pleasant. A RACE PROBLEM FOR THE DIPLOMATIC It wasn't long ago that residents of the CORPS area were locked in battle with Budd over air WASHINGTON.-Racial violence in Wash- pollution. ington schools has become a problem for the "This was probably one of the dirtiest State Department. neighborhoods in the country," said Mrs. Some white foreign diplomats complain Cipresso, president of the Jefferson-Mack that their children attending public school Community Council and as.h the air ruined the are being beaten and intimidated by Negro paint t on cars annd as homes, "The soot pupils. One youngster was hospitalized after and and some persons ns had to be given medical treatment for their a beating. The diplomats appealed to the State De- eyes". ey"s. sidewalks and streets were always partment for help in getting their children dirty and it was impossible to hang laundry transferred out of the predominantly Negro outdoors. At times you couldn't even see SO Bhool. the Department was told that a recent across the street." For three years area residents protested and federal-court ruling forbids transfer by white pleaded for the company fb do something. children to escape from heavily Negro schools. OF MISSISSIPP' IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Tuesday, November 7, 1967 Mr. COLMER. Mr. 'Speaker, last Wednesday here in Washington, retired Rear Adm.. Ivan Ernest Bass died. Admiral Bass enjoyed a long career in the Navy, which he loved and to which he dedicated his life. He was a member of a outstanding south Mississippi fam- ily. His brothers and sisters are prom- inent in their own right in their chosen fields of business and medicine. His par- ents founded the Bass Pecan Nursery in Lumberton, Miss., which developed into the largest pecan nursery in the world, It is now operated by the ad- brother, Houston, and other members of the family. A great, and patriotic man, who truly rendered yeoman service to his coun- try, has passed into the great beyond. The Washingon Star carried the following account of the passing of this able and distinguished naval officer: ADM. IVAN E. BASS DIES, ENGINEER FOR NAVY, 90 Retired Navy Rear Adm. Ivan E. Bass, 90, a Navy engineer for more than 50 years and a founding member of the Army-Navy Country Club, died yesterday of a heart attack at his home, 3601 Connecticut Ave. NW. He had lived in Washington since his re- tirement in 1947 and worked on family gen- .ealogy, publishing two volumes. `Adm. Bass was the senior member of the Bureau of Ships' settlement review and prop- erty disposal board from 1944 to 1947. 'In his lone career as a naval engineer, he had been head of. the machinery division of the New York and Boston Navy Yards, served as engineer officer on four battleships and served as fleet engineer of the Asiatic Fleet t9r Adm. Montgomery Taylor. He held the Boston Navy Yard post during Sanitized - Approved For Release CIA-RDP75-00149R000400510015-9