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December 15, 2016
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December 31, 2003
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June 30, 1965
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JUN 3 0 1965 Z5. ..Approve?d Fo"r.kelease 2004/01/16 : Cl -RDP ?Q149F ?0500040 Cam cCarthy Calls for Probe Of Army's Proi ect Camelot: By WALTER PINCUS (which'Camelot is iust nnn 'rhw~l~lla... ,. :_ ..__.___..? t `. Sen. Eugene McCarthy, 0- Tense Department planned to that neither would' even provide,' inn., today asked for a Senate spend $22.9 million on such hl-_ a description of what SORO Is: F' inn., Relations Committee quires Ina the coming fiscal year, and what other work R h..; study of "Project Camelot" million. ...~? ?.6~. o vacn w ~bq OOne. ,' T it has been learned, hmvever t "'`~""- ? {the Army-sponsored multi-mil= .I.4_2 w r_a. _ J! r? ?` qua reas of study g aimed at analyzing potential being im toetake part in academician of: pursue d insur ent i i or g groups ,, ' nsurgent potential in that coon. n developirg scieces" ommi tee re rt nations. "appear ~ l~ try as part of the general Came: _ , stated, not to offer any lot - f o ned u In that p .. ...wl, wa a i -- .? "a ? trivial zuela in the project, an Army private flareu In the State matters on which intelligent officer associated with Camelot p People should not require stud- would only confirm that ea, with: Department. The U.S. ambas- les in order to be Informed." sador to Chile,' Ralph Dungan, McCarthy, in his letter to For, regard r foreign In ui "we lating 9 the State eign Relations Committee Chair- are rt protested the Army- financed ir, De art " men p ment now. quiry that was be gun In the man J. W. ?Fulbright, D-Ark., g said he was "concerned with the the The State Army s rtment a a Inform country without his knowledge. extent and consequences of the Chile arch wa bout the Elsewhere on Capitol Hill , the research was on f e acet of report In The Sud St th nayarat the diplomats' House Appropriations Commit. there is a growing onflict be- over the Pentagon's growing d entry ,tee plans it full-scale ? inquiry tween the State Department and ova the rapid entry Into the Defense D i ld t '~e f e epar ment s the pentagon' " stemming from studies, of foreign policy, spending on behavioral science the Chile C l - ame ot episode , and social etudieerojects '? of A State Department spokes-' social .,?,,.~.,4,. ,; ;,, ~L F.~ Citing testimony by the Arm m fi y an con rmed this n "ew cooper-1 before a House Appropriations ation in a statement that said,; subcommittee. McCarthy said "It .,,.,.? 6_ . tht a -- -- v^ ua- ^ wrui t uune aoroad would be nation or even familiarity bey undertaken with the knowledge, State Department nffhials wit and h t !s a alas indicates the Army 1n a cable last Wednesday Y"has Intruded Itself into the field Ambassador Dungan reported of foregin policy without author- that the Chilean Government ity." was undertaking an lnvestiga. 'Beyond that," McCarthy said, Lion of Camelot and he, Dungan, "(the Army) appeats to have still desired to know who the' Mailed to maint i a n any advisory SORO rhe hd esearcr.a contacted .'relationshin with the annwl.....