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December 15, 2016
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December 29, 2003
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August 27, 1965
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Q Approved For Release 2004/01/16 : CL4-RDP75-060 4 1 Brings Cut in Ai'iny Funds "Project Camelot" izz e 1 WASHINGTON, A u g. 26 (UPI) - The Senate yesterday eliminated $1.1 million from the multi-million dollar Armedl Services Appropriation bill as !a result of the cancelation of the, Army's "Project Camelot" (in Chile. But this did not halt another {round of criticism of the proj- ect by two Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Wayne Morse, (D: Ore.), spoke at length against the project, which caused a similar Congressional uproar in Chile in Junc. ing a "basic social science re-t search project on pre-condi tions of internal conflict" with- out t)ic knowledge or permis-, sign' of the Chilean govern- ment or the U.S. Ambassador,: He said he was sure Amer-.: !can University's special op-' erations research office; (SORO), which was in charge', of the project, has other mili- tary contracts for similar stud. iea.. tart' study of the causes of un-jlion is included in the Defense' rest and of Potential revolu-IDepatment budget for "behav-' tion, was "intervention under coral and social science" re- !the name of research." search of which 2.7 million is: "This is butanextension of for SORO. thcpoliecsntate tactics of the The Arkansas Democrat said CIA (Cetral ... Intelli ence he hoped that "the appropriate typc_of_. intervenlion .can go yontl_ even_milifary intervention In the specific ease of Cam? drawn, _ ducted In other countries, U.S. Ambassador to Chile Senator . J. William Fui-Ralph Dungan charged In June, bright`, (D: Ark,), inserted in that he first learned of the ,the Congressional record a long project from reading ' leftist 'gtntomont critlcial of tlto proj? newspapers in Santiago, Chile,' ;Oct. The projoot was later wilier: thorough study of all our gov- ernnient's research programs." Yesterday, the Defense De- partment said the State De- partment was fully aware of Camelot and participated in 15 preliminary discussions on the! In the internal affairs of nnotit. s .country." Projects Elsewhere He said lie would not be sur- prised to learn that there are 40 to 50 similar mlutary-sponsored Approved For Release 2004/01/16 : CIA-RDP75-001149R0005003290j8-6