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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 14, 1967
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a CPYRGHT _75F07, (70 lie gong voices in WASHINGTON - (AP) administration for U.S. ' fi ess in Vietnam. ant to Presiden ,t Johnson de , - Hies assertions he was three he late President John F. times rejected for. security K nnedy 'brought Rostow into clearance during President th government from Massa- Dwight D.'Eisenhower's admin-' og setts where h he Institute of Technoe istration; g was a professor . A brief filed in a Civil Serv-' ' 4f )tthough houghts. Rostow ice case- at the State Depart- said he had ha clearance since ment -makes the charges. It was 19 ' "he did not say why he filed, with a department hear-' ha been given it at that time, ings"officer last month on Behalf a ear when Harry S. Truman of Otto. F. Otepka, who is ' wa president. fighting ':dismissal' as the de- ostow's biographical data partment's chief security eval- on' Who's Who list him as a uations officer. sta f member in 1951 of the "F.rom 1951 onward," Rostow Ce ter for International Stud- told ?.a reporter when asked Fri- ies a private agency. Emi-' day about the brief's allegations, nor scholars sometimes receive "I had,, continuous security sec rity :clearance so. they may clearances from various agen- ma a use of classified docu- cies of the federal govern- me ts.iQ:'their studies. ment." Eisenhower took office- e brief for Otepka was in 1953. ep rted- to develop an argu- The State Department said ie t that a "get Otepka" effort onl "T y: ? here will be no com- ad its beginnings when the ment from the Department of e edy: administration came State on any matter involving to office. the :Qtep}ta case while that case It was said to cite testimony is being heard." ro Otepka to the effect that AIthough the brief has never. e Was-called into a meeting been made public and Otepka's edember 1960 with Dean ? attorney,. Roger Robb, declined us 1, secretary-designate in to discuss it, a person who has a new administration; and seen 'it gave a reporter some ob rt F. Kennedy, choice of details, is rather-president far' attor- This informant, who would ey eneral. n?t permit use of his name, T Y were reported to have confirmed the brief makes the ! Id iepka that ,Rostow would e p pointed to a State Depart. reported statement about Ros- tow and the Eisenhower admin. en post and to have sought istration. no envy clearance for Ros- The informant said, however, ' t )w ithout a field investiga- that he understood the rejec- on. 'I b Lions of Rostotiv for certain as- Ot ka was said 'to have signments at that time warn ; lk ,and stated he knew of in. -Rostow, 51, has lnna had I . IAs fo the Eisenhower admin. for schol .. ---_?-.? arly t e bier was reported 'to say he achievement in international _ _ _ wrltiar in this field. His current rl ov r Jr., then undersecre- White House post is that of ; t f state, and twice later by R do - O'Connor, then admin- chief:, adviser on international Is at r &W matter's.' He is tvi fea Sanitized - Approved For Rele 'd 4dIA,ai?QP75-00149 CPYRG'HT 11 forriia,`,said, ."Offhand, I don't know"-when asked about the report. O'Connor, reached in New York,-said, "I do not recall this' incident. I just do not re- member it." The' Otepka case has been hanging fire for nearly four years. ? John F. Reilly, then a deputy. assistant secretary of. state; ordered Otepka `dismissed in November 1963 on grounds of insubordination. Otepka was accused of giving seoret?documents to the counsel for the-Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Otepka has been fighting the dismissal under Civil Service and State Department regula- tions. In the current phase, the ~i Department's 23,000 employed: -A Foreign Service officer who sexually violated his b daughter but was never id" ciplined. -A Foreign Service officer who' forged an endorsement' an application for a credit uciq loan but nevertheless was late given an important assignnien at.the White House. -A U.S. security officer i tI a tioned in Moscow who wasi , never criticized or disciplined for going to the apartment of Soviet woman agent where he was photographed by hidden cameras with his companion, who was nude. Soviet secret po-. lice tried to get him to spy fo' ' the Soviet Union. brief went to Edward A. Dra- I- -A Foreign Service officer..;',, gon, a department hearings of who admitted homosexual tent; ficer, after hearings in closed dencies yet was given superv-i sessions. Dragon will make . sion of Marine guard personnel) recommendations to Rusk, and protection of safe combing If Rusk upholds the dismis- sal, Otepka could turn to the tions at a U.S. embassy. ('(courts -- a- forum. where many In putting the story in the Record, Miller said, "One of of the allegations that have been the root causes of the Otepka! heard behind closed doors might case was the use of emergency; .111 be aired publicly. . clearance procedure by the' -I. State Department." 1 For the -present, Otopka still is on the payroll at $20,585 a , ~. !. /+; {< ' :l . year hnt?saire he has he , only demeaning tasks at the ? department: ' . ' Several Republican senators have evinced interest in the re- ports of what the brief contains .and of what Otepka has testified', at closed hearings. - Sen. Jack Miller, R-Iowa, put, into the Congressional Record a story published by the Des i Moines Register which said the The story by Clark MolIen- 1 . AP Wirephoto, WALT W ROSYOW K ff . o said the..cases cited includ- (ed these, four ,among the State ~' "Continuous security." e : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040007-8