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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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November 23, 1966
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UM N VIRGINIA SLiN r5- [r i i tai vcgun ucuuauiuuig UJ It: III Allen-Scott Report November 19613. While still on the depallment's payroll, Otepka FOIAb3b OP to Steal has been given no work. ?bends of Otepka hay raised a legal G defense fund of $13,000 to fight " his case to the end . . , 'Edward < LB J 'thunder McCotrnaek, unsuccessful l)cm- arttnent or the Defense De- WASHINGTON House Re- "Tncr'crt kvidow's benefit rate par ment. President Johnson House Republican leaders are to, 100 pri' , 'nt of the husband's ma ,le the offer to Speaker John planning to propose some exten- ia':'i t"" rat McCormack. D-Mass., during a sive Social Security changes of "iteduc; rota age 72 to 70 tel hone talk. McCormack Is a their own in the incoming Con- lime a%r h eh earnings will no icw of the Speaker . . . A` gress. not be con. 'dered as limitation tar e number of Russians are' of b? nr!'it ." i.ei g allowed to emigrate toy oe anti- poverty ti-overty the mmoveeasure e as a ma- GOP ?'Raisr tl e. annual earnings join relatives. in Canada. members on the House Ways & linr'ation r $2,400 from tice i.ieans Committee will vigorous- it seek to hike the minimum 5;;- No price a is put on these vial Security paynient to $70 a revisions in month. tee memorandum. Instead, it As now drafted, this proposal' states that the "financing" will CPYRGHT would add $26 to the present be discussed in' another presen. cation. monthly minimum. Minimum benefits for families would be is,.....again tr dress secretary. raised from $66 to $106 a month. 4V o, se assistant Bill Scaled increases will also bet Elt advocated for all levels above Moyers, now doubling as press, those minimus up to maxi- soiiF 'fay and general assistant,, itum benefits, which would br has told the President. he would Ke,)t at $163 for individuals and like another job, preferably a $36S for families. diplomatic assignment. These increases, to be offered Although usually tight-lipped, before President Johnson makes l Moyers disclosed this. to col- ,is own proposals in the State leagues on the White House staff of the Union message in Janu- wlro were with him during the ary, are the principal recom-. President's Asian trip. nnendations in the Social Securi- In these talks Moyers said he ty package being prepared by. had explained to the President the Republicans. that he wanted to stay in goy The new rates, the most lib. crnment, but to get away from era]. ever sponsored by GOP the crushing pressures of White Ways & Means .committeeman, House service. have the backing of House Re- Moyers stressed he had as.,, publican leaders. cured the President he would Still angry over President not leave until his replacement. Johnson's blocking action in the had been found . Moyers indi-' recent Congress after he had cated an important diplomatic' announced his intentions of rais-, post will be available early next inn Social Security payments, year, but gave no hint about it. GOP leaders plan to demand Administratiron insiders say hearings on their plan. 1mmed1-. ,;Moyers has not been himself ately after the now Congress or- since the recent death of hiss ganizes. brother, whom he persuaded to. To put their program before ' become a member of The White t ice public, a "white paper" on, House staff. Moyers will be the Social Security will be issued third to leave the job of press before Congress convenes-prob- secretary under President John-; ably around January 1. Also. son. speeches are being prepared The first was Pierre Salinger,: for GOP legislators when Con- who was mess secretary for'. gross meets. President Kennedy and stayed As outlined in a Republican i on when Johnson carne In. Sal-; House Policy Committee .neat. r inter left to run for the Senate. oranduni. other Social security The second was George Reedy.-, roe?mm^ndations favored by the ' long-tinme Johnson assistant, who Ways & xreans committeemen took over after Salinger and left are: :because of nrcd for surgery on.` "Blanket in at age 65 all per- his feet. ---- sons not now eligible for Social Security at a minimum rate, t Otto Otepka, n-!to marked the and authorize a means test for third anniversary this month of such recipients where their ht- his ouster as a Stale Depart- comes are above the so-called . ment security orucer, is no clan- Safitfr'd - Approved ifdr RAF ' liaiCtAURDP7 -00149R00060'0040010-4 ;cratic candidate for Massachus= CPYRGHT By ROBERT S. ALLEN kJ efts governor, can have ahigh- and PAUL SCOTT Mr. Allen ranking job in either the Justice