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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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WASHINGTON POST AND INI;'S l I BALD Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040014-0 CPYRGHT ka Case dlllor .- one _auo11 Opt. , discuss- brought all of these matt Y o ttee for fiv b t e years a ers ou e contents of the final to the a - ttention-.of _my im tate Department security of the hparm &s on the ediale super pr, John _F practices, resulting in 20 vol- g~a case released; by the Reilly, and recommended-that mes of testimony dealing with nat~ Intern~1 , ecurlty_ dub waiversof in ,esigation not-be iyfrustrati ~ nfi disagree -eo tee, contains a numerranted= In nents ?akhig this rec- with superiors. The im- a rt dist o .ati>s ions ommPn 14aliQn ,Law, form- remission you apparently are lssion to tie policy ofmy supe- ttemptingto create is that I v #ha-# secret oy PM riors that waivers would be as a disgruntled Cmploye e , s on ter rot anent granted with _el t nge,-in. the chro a e cm who vas _ _ . lc gage #o aasengeawo _?genuine emer- . sing the. Subcommittee to tiugt the ttee _ __?_ the _you_say that I gave the "re- $ports- to the subcommittee to docI nl t6 T re a rng tore en ,demonstrate `laxity' in the De- 1 wiichave to .partment's security operation." UT, ommittje, was not 'The -fact is that I gave my b t nor' was; it a loyalty re memorandum to the Subcom- poit It , was a memorandum mittee.after my immediate su- ? t t' ..,sole had lass i - - -- c . r en ~hr Moran um was addressed, ti ca e a en ion o ma shad _testified that the case errs~f record' whici, in m of fly one prospective em- opinion~ required that' norma 1 ploye had been brought to t;ec 'ity ' roce'dures be "fol- his attention prior to their o19&ill~10( ore some of t hese -appointment. This testimony s werecIeiTeaIJnew to be incorrect and my fum contaned only _ memorandum proved that it the substance o unresolved was incorrect. tillegations found in unclassi- You say that my p &1ications.. Such allega Y production vio a- io r u ired firm resolution of the "reports" was "in Order =ton of a Presidential Ordr un er. e - epar men s se- issued by Harry S. Truman in cunt standards and principles > .. ~' - -1952., ' Whether I violated the the entrance - on uty Presidential Order or not is of the . individuals invo ved. an issue which will be res lved Becalrse there was no avail- . In m forth i h i y com ng ear ng or ble ,~ , ormation on one pros- subsetluent proceedings in be ve appointee it was my ~dBY iftTb~'fltation That #he re- `eourt. It is surprising that you sults of a pending check be have prejudged the matter, plat _ ape any cleaance finding me guilty before trial. wasag al ted. My memorandum You say that I "produced no volved_"MP-Ad rs fi1 I did nomch41.e arty of the ,men in - y y -? jpy tZ, but e y cited,.nla,els of, record e- QvuA;e_ o 11Siuyalty on the part of any of the men in- 3 T~tr;gu ations,{ required furfher ipvestigation and reso- lution. tors. The fact is that I ap- eared before the Subcom- ittee, as did many other tate Department employes, is a witness called by the ubcommittee. I testified on number of occasions, and in very instance I appeared with e knowledge and consent of y superiors. In briefing with y superiors, prior to my ap- earances, I was instructed to ooperate with the Subcom- ittee, to tell the truth, and of to invoke executive privi- ge. I did tell the truth. In esponse to the Subcommit- e's inquiries, I recounted cts, relating to security and dministrative practices in e Department, and not my: omplaints or frustrations, if ny. If any spleen was vented, was done by certain of my periors in attempts to dis- OTTO F. OTEPKA. Wheaton. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040014-0