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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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November 18, 1964
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NORTHERN VIRGINIA SUN Sanitized - ApprVj0gdjF$M19SbIea CPYRGHT - _-,.._..._ ? arxe -scale MMML other programs of- President , get trtu t uit -Congress. -- .J d voted on by Congresss. Johnson's much-touted "great 'an eglslation would be required . Society." to put the Reuther plan into ef- to iv -- - ~.,.,....,, < . Two federal a.5,...,...?.., --- rs ' ;X,egulate private pension funds 'a'degree of overseer authority. J saon funds by management va '" w v. ......_~- - lean Inge 41L inive. Wstieclat e i c...,..,.. -- -r-- - , . r ua uara..o .,a - -- are preparing to launch a drive l In tapping private pension gate complaints oj it-,:~ ~ funds for '"great society'.' prof- rnmtlnrities and other violations,to rally public. support for gov-.111 plan is Walter Reuth- ,pension funds. All it can do is . The two State Department.of-' .per. United Auto Workers presi- to r port its. findings to the Jus- ficlals involved in the tappk of. the President. Cabinet members - prosecution. curity officer Otto Otepka have.; and congressional leaders. The Internal Revenue Service 'new government jobs. Commi sio ? . ;ciely" nrcc heialg deliberated by conditions, the IRS moist gsdlu Communications I:is -salary is $17,000 as against" t;e task force set up had- t?ii tion , tt tax exemp . by tie Persil;cent ':especially for ' Senate Labor Committee: ' $18,000 while on the State DC-t i d s ? _. , s with lieU'ten?ant, tliori,LieS. .{ ,.bye private pension fun N" r1.,eiuirrne haave been' gee um- in ncRLt3. More' .V the State Department. In, eached,: and there :.i.s ?na indi- _._-- than 2,3 million individuals are ,other words, he was mereLy, rcnt:ion w.teu a report 'will be 'jeceiving pensions from these l shifted out of sight. ','sent to tar 'it7lite House. funds. That's what has been uneov i vcs at n ? g ;~ 'the President IS described.' as , glary of these funds, Is split On , curity Subcommmuee, ,,definitely interested" in the j he Reuther plan. 4I, ing the long-sputtering Otn.pna. n e d ly Holding ?? y , - ---- tea a detailed stu budget. utive board charging the Tiro-i Reilly and Belisle% were g:Vl?n n Reuther conlnnds' this c uld _, ._._.d l l_ a trcrvinliatie: - their new lobs. d t a o re billio s of on li ti y .. ~. n m , be done oy t hanne t, government as it would luevtta-i In tes ,private pension funds into a va-,.: bly -extend federal control overt committee early this year, Reil, directly from the ' Treasury, Ex rincipaalY as a protective t meal:, they admitted they had Instaued tle~-t wfor,., tcl stc~.; ; +3~' h . t.ItW .~6&l .it, Lrloo-cis - ofr:vn a. ? n~ ?kk 'r~ t+i'h ~S n ri n