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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 7, 1964
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Sanitized -'Approve. .or: eP s CI daff `in'Secura tai Pro besBs Simpson Asserts Cases`. Wait for' $ Years .of the. state department's of, Tice of security. "I have been informed on, un- impeachable authority that the subcommittee has amassed a great volume' of testimony and evidence in support of my ob-' servations on 10 o a e security procedures procedures in the state depart. he said. r "The subcommit(:oe con troled by Democrats,, has ques- (Chicago Tribune Pros! Service] `? Washin ton, Oct en: Mil- war L. Simpson (L, o j charged today that at least 15 top-level state department offi- cers were ? recommended for suspension or- separation eight years ago on security grounds but have been retained without adequate investigation . of the evidence against them. Simpson said he was not ques- tioning the loyalty or stability of the 15 officers but 'attacking "the. unconscionable and ridic. ulous system under which, these 15 could 'be.'..retained by the state department without a coin- plete reevaluation 'and investi- gation to clear up -the original charges that led to recommen? !dations. for their dismissal or suspension.",' Ten -of the 15 officers, Simp- son said, occupy government positions in grades between , . GS-13,and, GS-16 "(receiving sal e called up the state depart- $l8)0001 and the other five hold higher grades.. ."AII Important Jobs" "All hold jobs of substantial importance, including deputy assistant secretary of state, of- fice director, first secretary of embassy, .counsel general, and co,pnsel," he. said. "Foreign service officers are not unrep- resented ,.in 'the group of 15." Simpson indicated that his in- ormation camp from the rec- ecurity subcommittee, which gation for' almost three years seriously "questionable" in re gard to the security responsibil- ities of, the department and' urged his superiors to.take ac-1 tion to avoid the possibility of "another Alger Hiss case." ,?y "Clearances Are, Issued' "Security procedures in ,the' state department;" Simpson said'; in a statement, "ostensibly pre-} vent security, risks from gaining' access to sensitive posts or in-;; formation. But top-level officers can overrule the security find- "Numerous : 'top-level . clear-; ?ances have been issued to over"" rule recommendations t h a V certain people be, suspenaed or separated. These :have com4? even in the face, of unanimouai' concurrences; f a v o r i n g dish missal. "It is clear that in such in,, -stances the mete act of order. ing or issuing a' clearance does; not; change. the facts which led, to the adverse recommendation in the first place: In'every case during the last 10 years where't a, security. clearance has been { retary of state, the secretary's action came arbitrary re-" pudiation of the"judgment of security conscious subordinates'! who had passed on the case. Cites Otepka Ouster Simpson said the dismissal of ,Otto F. Otepka, state depart pent chief of security evalua , ship" to the compilation of ? the list of security risks be-.:? .cause Otepka was the "lash stop security officer still with' the department from the days; When McLeod ran its security."' Otepka was fired last year" because he testified before the Senate internal security sub-.I committee and gave informa-' ti6n on. lax, s ec u r i t y in his branch.. ?.. ,Sanitized - Approved',*.', or Release : CIA. RDP75'-00149R00060004002.5 8 tioned scores of witnesses and accumulated bulky documen= ary evidence in executive essions during nearly a three, ear period. It has not pub-; ished any of its findings and pparently does not propose to o so before,the Nov. '3 elec- ion. "The Treason for the delay Light be deduced from thq tatement by a member of the ubcommittee that the hearings ontain political dynamite. T ink the American public, is ntitled, without further delay, be informed of conditions earing on our national secur- y.,, Hold Key Positions All 15 state department offi- rs hold highly sensitive and eat to use "the clear remedy. ailable" for, determining if y of.the'individuals represent security risk, instituting re- ve;tigation and reevaluation their security, status. The process 'should be ex nded to all state department ficials and employes a we r. ommended'for suspension or. paration on security. grounds, y positions Simpson noted asserted. The 15 state department offi- rs, Simpson said, were on a t of 800 potential security ka compiled in 1956 by the e Scott McLeod, then head of security office. McLeod. re- l