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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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May 27, 1964
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : Cl WASHINGTON STAR MAY Z 7 196 FOIAb3b RICHARD WILSON CoverL!pA.. Record Shows Federal Officials Who Expose Shady Deals Get Bounced- CPYRGHT? has been written large here: ? partment of Agriculture. ? . B tural' Stabilization and Con- Department official who'madel Godfrey. Mr. Godfrey is the Communist-sponsored- hospi-I' r a -Government distipguished. Jerry Jack-is, who revealed to: ? u service: award to an obscure''' Congress the use of foreign b servati.on service under Agri- a .record against him. was culture Secretary Freeman. promoted. It is charged in the House OttoOte State Depart- ka p , of. Representatives that Mr. ment security official, . whofl Godfrey was given this. award although in his branch of the committed the unforgivable Federal service "obviously .a sin of a and eaching on Congress su- cover-up was attempted in the periors . E t "' what is wrong with-the inte~i- e l i S miral Anderson,. who also.,,j objected openly before Con-t! ess, has long since vanished fr m the Washington scene. appointment,-- instead of the on extended. But it looks as. Gen. LeMay's service is,, pidly coming to a close. The pattern set in these,; sson taught to Federal offi- ismanagement, wrongdoing'; bad judgment they would 'O wise to keep their mouths ?1' ut ?if they wish to maintain `4 improve their job status: 11~their 'story to Congress, 1 . s es cas e o entire Bill The'the Billie Sol,.,. nal security system in the, t in limbo is artment De St t . . , p a e Estes investigation showed, it is~. charged, incredible confu- But William J. Crockett, . sion, mismanagement, lack of'; deputy undersecretary, who !: records, duplication and" was in charge of the Otepk "woeful lack of management matter for Secretary Rusk, i and knowledge of what was, . up for promotion to carce going on in the Estes case." minister, a :better ? job. Tb Mr. Freeman so values Mr._ .'Senate Foreign Relation Godfrey today, however, that, committee is looking' into thi he confers upon him the high- because the record show est accolade of his depart- wiretapping, general harass ment as an example to others., rnent, and, attempts to de .,__. _ ?L_ < s grade Mr. Otenka after h testified and supplied records., helped the Senate Interns x os t itt p o e ee to show that the big time- . Security comm under ' some. of the weaknesses of th t er now Texas .promo prison sentence for fraud was State Department , securit November, 1961? This man, N. Gen. Curtis LeMay has bee Battle Hales', has been denied given' an extension, at lea Thus the accuser languishes `. of the TFX 'contract, for wn and the accused flourishes, he thought was a second be although the. record seems fighter plane to be used- b clear that Billie Sol".enjoed a both; the Navy and Air Forc ongress to inquire into the i v e departments funded olutely the appropriation of ' rovide these funds. This is' ress has the right to kpow Y--seems to have gotten odged in official Washington: oyalty to superior authority 1 . illie Sol Estes case . an& tmosphere for the prudent onduct ? of the public a busi?-{ FOIAb3b CPYRGHT Sanitized - Approved For Release : CJA-RDP75-00149R000600040039-3