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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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April 12, 1964
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Saniti;ed -Approved, For Rel REGISTER I'U. 224,103 515,464 Fron4 Sd)9 C;%or Pago Pero Petro CPYRGHT CPYRGHT ;I o' l) 4?~ tt r 15 In e n f fi `\ The informant was known to c CIA as Lt. Col. Michael oleniewski, although this was " ` Tells of Parties ;:l .~ U. S. Embassy By Clark Mollenhoff (Of The Re slor'e'Wasilineton Bureau) (CopYrlhht, 1964, Dcs Moines Register appears to be heading toward EXCLUSIVE a congressional To investigation. The Register lish tarty girls, acting as Soviet agents, had seduced nearly all of the members of t h e Marine guard and had been given a free run of the barraclcs and embassy at night. The informant said a high` 101-04-,/n service officer, serving, s embassy security officer, s an agent for Russia andi s feeding information to the; ?s)ory o se,. and SUtV--19tU!171-T- andTribun4 Company) WASHINGTON, D. C. 1 igh officials .....~.--~.-~- uf the Central Intelligence Agen- mmunists while knowingly) rmitting the Marine guard to, seduced. the wife of a high foreign, :vice officer in the U. S.. cm-' ssy made a trip to Moscovr;, cre the Soviets employed a; ndsome and, do::young mmunist to seduce hor, the' A undercover agent reported. , She reportecily hod lived with ., n for a week', had been p itoto- phed with him, and the lcGB d planned to use the material' d an offer of rnloney to obtain eurity information from her sband. ? Goleniewski reported _other_, dy ((,~r ) _received the informa-' w lion in 1959 from What .they re- h ,girded as a reliable source who C was high in the Soviet intelli- C gence apparatus. At t}be time, CIA officials h said they could not identify the r ;source because he still was h operating in the KGB (Soviet a i committee for state security) s network, and had agreed to re .,11 i ;n his Job as an informant FOIAb3b CPYRGHT Continued in `ma .. Sai#iz_ 8000600040051-9 r f 1' ! t of his actual name. .` Representative Michael Pei.;L 4, a han (Dem., Ohio), who has uestioned Goleniewski, is de- i{ C`~ir i ~[i~ lancling a congressional in-, Fi fl !, ! i G+, estigai,:G.1 of the information. GoIca-lewsili said that PO-,