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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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March 19, 1964
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0 Sanitized - Appr CPYRGHT LITTLE ROCK, ARK. DEMOCRAT e. 4,691 S. 1 3,346 Front Wit 9 264 CHICAGO, ILL. AMERICAN Tittle Rock. Reds in U.S. Government Dear Editor: vans- v. +a defector from the Soviet KGB has told of cells operating in the; CIA and the State Department. tivas stated that he has named~ names. It would have been im-i possible, with the lax security i regulations from time to time,l for the State Department not to have been infiltrated by Com? ,munists. They have been work-; ng for decades in America andi it would be naive to think that the State Department had nod -Communists in it. `i But why has there been no' !thorough investigation of this de-,, 1partment? Why is it that men (like Otepka have tried to do something that they, not the se- curity risks (and all security' risks are not Communists but, all Communists are holes In our, security program), are usually the ones who are punished one' way or another? . President Johnson has given no indication that he plans to conduct such an investigation. The only possibility that I ,know of is the election of Sen.., Goldwater. If the security risks were cleaned out of the State Department, and it will not be a difficult job to find out who they a"o if an administration really wants to know, there will' he soir- chr.nni:,"s for the better!, in our foreii-n policy. This is not a wholesale indict-i .went of the '5'..c,te Department: but it is to say Uhat, even a few' security risks i-.i sensitive spots can do a tremendous amount of. JAMES D BALES; :.; Seary??. e. 44 ,559 S. 551,928 Front Edit Other Page Page Page MAR Reds in Governmenf"~. Congratulations on e headline and cover story on the - communist' activity in the state department, C. I. A., el al, in CHICAGO'" CAN March 5. Too many people think "it could 'never happen here." Please continue to press for open hearings and public 'confrontation ` of these, peo- ple who are aiding the con- overnment. [MRS.] ROBERTA J. pItITCHARD _~ CPYRGHT Front Emit Otho pave Page' P CPYRGHT Date: MAR 2 01964 State Departrnent Inquiry Proposed EDITOR, THE UNION: r- ?; made by the Russian de.' atinz. in the State Depart-...! [ ment .and the?.,crA, I urge-! their, congressmen and sen?.y ators to open an all-out and thorough investigation into,, partm.ents immediately. 1 l t. M A hbrook Rep o n s r has introduced a bill in this; this opportunity'. to .let our4 'voice be heard. This is very: important. It is time for' CPYRGHT Sanitized .- Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040063-6 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040063-6 FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040063-6