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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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March 19, 1964
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CPYRGHT Sanitized -Approved For Release : CI MAR 19 1964 'Political Dynamite' The Senate subcommittee and the state department' have been engaged in conflict for two years. Scores of secret hear- ings have, piled 'up 'bulky. evi- dence on conditions in the de eepartmeniofficiaa. lsTwv have state been IN STATE DEPT Ilstatepartment t ee1 forced to resign after exposure it was learned, 'admitting 'that' 166 of the 258 "serious cases"' were still in state department. employ and that a -special two-'; man panel was reexamining the" cases. The report expressed confidence that all those in-..` volved had, been adequately: "cleared" under sect0ty pro-i cedures. ',r r rtvn t AS~I i ed 'Politically,. ings. Hanes, the last security chief,: Members of the subcommittee. under the Eisenhower adman IA are now convinced that the iStration, was 'suspended under CPYRGHT ~vn{neitire1 ~'tate.department is attempting' the Kennedy administration! Washington, March 1 ? a e investigators learned today,, that five high-ranking employes 1 of the office of security, state'; department, have been trans- ferred to a special project de- 'scribed to them as "politically !explosive." The five employes in the spe- cial review branch which spe cializes in the evaluation of se-; curity risks were informed that, 'him the hearing to which he. ie by partment has delayed giving' at about lax security conditions in his bureau. Otepka is fighting: internal security subcommittee Hi who was dismissed by the state; b department last year after he fi with and support of Otepka,st signment was, in fact, predi th This quartet was reported to ti have protested that the reas- ti worked under Otto F. Otepka,:, c former deputy director of the; 'nffine of aemiriIu i of the last four remaining mem- c ,bcrs of the staff which once; S ?fer from the bureau of security u mittee report until ' after .. the" in April, 1962. -~' November elections. A Demo-1 Dissolution Is Accomplished i cratic senator' described. then One member of the special evidence as, "political dyna- review staff was transferred' mite." in January, 1964, to illemphis, Four of the , five employyes, Tenn., as an investigator. All ow assigned to a "special; others, since January,' 1962. roject" and therefore removed! have been assigned to routine rom work in connection with! evaluations with respect lo new; ecurity risks within the de-i state department employe& ' artment itself, were original Tate dissolution of the staff i n May, 1961, as the result of ajtransfer to the "special prbj-i iirnntive is d sue ale in d . , curre he security bureau, John W. the ? hostility of his superiors lanes Jr. in 1961 by noting irregulari- 13ecaxmine Security Files ties in the procedures used to. This staff was placed under; clear William A. Wieland a , he personal supervision of state department officer, who I ndertake a reexamination of sates policy, toward Cuba, both 11 security files of state de- before and after Castro's take- artment employes beginning over. 1 , 'ith top ranking officers. The, This was followed in. 1962 by i th e gr arming of lag security t at ----I persons in a position to "waiver s" by Secretar of j ake or influence oli cy were p re S 'potential security riclrc tate Dean Rusk to' high-rank- t The new review contemplated HAS MUM uepanrnenL person-i at careful attention would be . cus This process, skipping the:: tfive yen to more than 800 cases Lhad customary s been ecu invooyked only five ,covered in the 10.4 tion, on o of investigators, had hidden sig- t munist connections of aliens who associate with state de- partment employes. Hidden Significance The 'transfer, in the opinion tive last Monday. The "special, project" was reported to in volve an inquiry into the com top-side, including express iii- rections from the White House," they were told. . - The reassignment was effec- itheir new assignment was "top" secret" and admonished not to' reveal it to anyone, "This has been directed from. "? ou"w uuuug me r isennower, mpleted in 1956 by the late administration, Ott McLeod, then security In 1963, he was fired for "con' ief. thLeod duct unbecoming a state de-1 urged his superiors the ?partment officer" after he gave, Eisenhower dmi i a n stra . some classified material to .the: n to pay particular atten-,I Senate subcommittee., He has, n to 258 of these cases where 1, remained on fllaly l u sar,so? evidence of communist nections, he maid was sub-' lated In the'state department;; , ntial, and the position held' since-he cannot be officially re the state department of- I moved until he has the tearing, r was at a top level, He 'which he has, been dame, for,ped against another Alger. ma? s .Pr.: h'..'al : f~'L?,:_. t~{J . 166 Still in Department hen. the subcommittee. ned of this report, it was'. first, ,refused information the state- department. A' 1 ha nbw' been, delivercd proved For Release CIA-RDP75-00149R0006000-40065-4 F0lAb3