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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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March 18, 1964
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Rel' FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Rel NEW WAIN MAR 1 8 1964 6.MERJCAN FOIAb3b LJ -aakaladi kr7c, ? CPYRGHT f ' E ? F.' AV4 , CPYRGHT ?Aq ? 1?.....,Tra )11 k ?J.;7 i '11'1 (.7 ejk L5 H ged tile House UN-American Activi- I ties Committee has introduced a bill calling for a probe of the State Dept. "This transfer," he . said, "shows an arrogance toward Mr. McLeod's chief Heinen-_ ABRASIVE- EFFECT ant, Mr: Otepka, already hd But there's' fun the slightest been squeezed out as a. re51111- doubt of the abrasive effect the of adverse testimony about the transfer will pavc oin the grow- department's security program ing list of critieS of the State before the Senate Internal Sc- Department in the. Senate and House of Representatives. Two bills Calling,for an investigation of State recently have been in-, trocluced on Capitol Hill. . the opinions of the Congress entity Subcommittee. . and our previous legislative All of the six affected by the enactments dealing with in- transfer are World War II vet- ?ternal security. era?ns, two?like McLeod him- CRITICIZES POLICY .iself?Were once FBI- agents. 1"Both those bills- prolubly. "Added to its policy of ap- They i n el ud e Raymond will he yanked out of the peasing Communism, the trans- & ' By GUY. RIMY:\ RDS feeof these six security efficers not only illustrates the depart. the Defense, Dept.;.1-larry'llite. formed of the veteran %retails.: Cnpyrighl, 1964. N. V. J...,0 I-Arnetlranalso a is ?yell a ? 4 molly sextet's sudden sliitell in posi-' merit's true posture on the Red . in apparent reprisal f0 'isue. but its almost uncanny shitied evaluator of investi- tion 's of ineffectuality. s " Congressional eritiaism 0 ? deviousness in fending off any "i'''' reports; a nd Francis In one fell swoop state has ata contimieda it-s security program, the influences from Congress whieht;' ncc, former FBI am-h. tippeci its mitt," he ." State Department this weel, might change that -posture. ,- NONE WILL COMMENT It has shown how it really quietly transferred its Cntirt "There has been a constant six-Man tea in of hardline Playing ? down of the internie allti-ConirnI)nistS from won-: ce.curity threat during the past j.-,y.,nosl. in the peronnel SeCUriV 'hree years. Communist sub- la.k.,' i hc fictional James Bond; as legendary as those dielel. ' . . ? iersion efforts ' have Continued ,4. - ? . . _ , ' .frong and unfortunately our John It. Norpel. former ,FBI The Drove is almost certain -mard has been lowered and :I gen 1 : and Howard Slim to in fin me the si Inman') c war on the,ruriiy ,:isks,, Issue be..owered and lowered." snot her . Investigator. .3.eir friends at bodies were buried among the The order transferring. the Deserii3ed by Li 24.000 employes'. tween the State DliPartmont. lix anti-Communists was effec- "incensed" oVer the unexpected' on Capitol Hill. . on,rl la'.rana.lers of both parties . - ve on Monday. It was Seem- shuffle,' non'e of. the six would es Of these, ailzi.t11721,1107nbUo.uSi ''''''s ? , , rglY aimed at plugging the comment on the mapter yester- 7,000 are U.S. citizens abroad ? REVEMdING MOVL ? '-' eaks" from State which, have' daY? .. . __...,. and about 10,000 are foreigners 7nformeel of the latest de-i 'nand their way recently Co the But it was learned that they: working in 274 ,overseas consu-: \Peloproent today, U. S. Rent-all. ., . spent the first ttwo days, ox.,, lar poals and legations and 108 John M. Ashbrook (R'.-Ohio), their assignment in a new 15f- :Ivelarecl,: ? . ? flee of the big, building in Fog,:embassies. ' LAST VESTIGES "If ever there was -a stupid? TI'le order removes the last gy Bottom reading newspaperit. r?nd at. the "same time. deeply ' %Liget, of the tough anti-Red' , and brochures on foreign comvi -eves lin g?move at this par- ??i recning board which the lata leular juncture in its history,i4 aatt McLeod installed in 1933'. to tell them what to do. They; tries-and ' waiting for, someonei t's State's decision to banishir, administrator of the 'State, - :Ix more of its most accotn.;Devartment's Bureau of Secur-- are still .waiting: The department's official' it litillea Anti-Conummist carier;IV and?ConsUlar Affairs. ? . aen. V.- 'Lb Otto Otepka, that Version of the transfer Is that "the men are on an Important? - Corrtinu j inakes seven. - ? , ' . ? iuvw 711iCCiA1 ? ron?.1. hoPper in a hurry," said one. Loughton. lawyer. and deputy director of security for Congressional aide, when, in.! feels about the Reds pinkos- :Viso Edwin Burkhardt, and sex deviates in its midst hy; throwing away the lock 511(1 11.osr investigative talents are key." The six transferred security officers ' Were, in cried, the 'hose click." of the depart-, =IA. They k1iew where all the' Rep. Ashbrook, a member of Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040066-3 FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040066-3 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040066-3