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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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February 10, 1964
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Sanitized - Approved Fr tRpp : Cl The Communist guerrillas - Panamanians, Cubans, Mexi- cans and other Latins, some of them veterans of the recent Iced terrorirst operations in Venezue- la--were flown to Mexico, From there, a number have gone to Cuba. Directly involved in this se- crel exodus are two ?1op Pana- manian officials - Education Minister Solis Palma and Eloy Rcnedetti, legal adviser to tile Foreign Minister. A detailed intelligence report charges that the two leftist Pan. amanian officials not only .cleared the way for the surrelr titious departure of the train& ,Red guerrillas and snipers, bill arranged for their coming lc Panama and were in constant touch with them during the mur dcrous demonstrations. Benedetti particularly is cred iced with being in close contac with the imported Comrnunis goons. He was especially active in getting those jailed released These sensational disclosure; are being witheld from the U.S public it the insistence of tht State Department - on tilt that their publicatiot ground might further complicate the for tuous and uncertain delibera Lions with the leftist-tinged re game of President Roberto Chi an. Intelligence and military au thoridtes vigorously dispute till view. They are urging Presi dent Johnson to make then facts known to prepare th American people for a possibl Communist take-over in Pane ma. CPYRGHT tc so extensively infiltrated with tremist demands of Palma and leaders arc claiming that only can block Communist seizure Senate investigators of 1116! are operating both underground and in the open. lision course with, Secre t tary Dean Rusk. l i_he cund is 1'inaMC I The Senate Internal `Seeurlty- ie ppl trots the leftist. wing or the So-ing of the State Department's cialist Party, with more than handling of security problems. 10,000 members. In a bluntly-worded memoran- over the Canal and the Panama- following: lion and Agriculture are heavily, puted to have derogatory infor- Communist infiltrated, as are the, mation in their security film. schools of law, journalism and A full report on whether the education of the University of i Slate Department uses' govern-' Panama. The university is 'he', mtent agencies, such as the Cen paid Red agitators, who hold key' ping and investigative work. in, places on the campus. Washington. member of the Panamanian Con- sonncl files reputedly contain gress, is a forefront figure of derogatory information,. Senator nificantly, she returned from ~ a' to report (1) when the list was, visit to Cuba just bofore tii"y prepared and by whom,. rioting and killings. She made what, if anything, has been don?~ the trip by way of Mexico-:as, about these employes, and (3) gan is radio station. Tribuna.'; been dismissed, and'the'reasons : SUN 11efz-Scott etLqrt Pa am-a vll a CPYRGHT (G"."), Red By R(3D tiT S. ALLEN AND PAUL SCOTT score Communist s hi, c agitators, in the forefront of the 'destructive rioting and slaying CPYRGH f four soldiers in Panama, have been quietly allowed to leave that country. They include eight profession- al Red killers who were seized and jailed by Panama National Guardsmen during the costly FOIAb3b CPYRGHT . Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040073-5