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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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February 1, 1964
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FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP FEB 1 1964 W'.1r "7N:; roN 5rAR As .?+ B. f L :J ny the North Amerirnn Nra %p;,r t AlAinc A list o potential security r s ?:i It, nu' .it nl r rpnl' dl 11 , kept, srcrel moss It was prrprlred In 10".ti tip a n,tw-circrasrd` ,irpartnlent,al security chief, has been turned vi) by congres-' niotinl Illvcstlrators. Dated Junc 27, 1956, and signed 1 y Sco',t AMeLcod, ad- whom Hi- gne;a.i'ns are, In my opinion, scriour? in relation to the Lroa,i crcwl 'I responslbill- tics of the dep,,rhnent. Sixty per cent are Incumbents In high lcvc I nsslralmvnts in the. departnlcnt or ill the field. "About one-half are assigned to what can be caterorh.ed as critical Intelligence slots In they department or to top level boarc's and cormnittees. "The iituatior, described Is obviously serious and deserves' urgent P t;.vnt.ion.?' In an attcmpl; fo find outI what netlon was taken on the. list and how many of the empi(IYes were cleared and are st111 in the department, the, Scnale Internal Security Sub- committeo met in closed session this. '.vicel with an official of the State Department. Peparinient Is Concerned The lv,tnrrs, according t?oi congrrs.5fonnl sources, provided no inforr.lation but Is to be' questioned again after he has consulted with top State De It was understood, however, that officials in the state Department were deeply con- ,cerned about the appearance of the list in the l.and,3 of the committee. Air. McLeod left the sccurit.' post in 1057, He was named United States Ambassador to Ireland, and remained on overseas rr;signmr.nt until the' D e m o c r a t i c administration came to power. hit died in 1061. The la,t of the security 'officials In the department from the McLeod regime wa.4 Otto F. Otepka, who I. nqw fighting dismissal charges filed against him by the department, CPYRGHT Sanitized - Approved For Release :CIA-RDP75-00149F )00600040075-3 mhlistrator of the Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs in the Eisenhower administra- tion, the.. memorandum states: "On the department .rolls al.,, some 80o individuals con- errning lvhgr the office of security lifts illtornlation which raises questions in major or minor dames with respect to tile criterin of I xecutive Order 10450, nam ly questions as to possthle past Communist ne-1 tivity or associations, false st.nt.cments, Immoral conduct, homosexuality. intoxication, mental defects, etc, All have hen cirared as qualified for access t? classified informa- tion, i x50 CAscs Called Serious ,of the 800-odd listed, there are approximatoly 250 on