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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 16, 1964
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N01Z_,.}_~ri nitized - Approved For Release VIRGINIA SUN JAN C;PYRGHT 4llen-Scott Report Barghoorn Will Be Back By ROBERT S. ALLEN CPYRGHT AND PAUL SCOTT The mystery-shrouded case in? Under questioning by Repre- volving P r o f e s s o r Frcdcrickl sentative Michael Feighan, D- / Barghoorn's surprise Imprison-1 0., cchairman, The Yale professor ment and release by the Russians revealed that the Soviet employe is going to "make new headlines, who serves as Ambassador Foy The Yale "expert" on Soviet 1 Kohler's ehaffeur, witnessed his". affairs. has privately admitted arrest but did not report it to signing several written state- V U.S. officials. The ,IneidLn:t took meets under threat of long pris- place in front of Barghoorn's on sentences by his Soviet in- Moscow hol'el 'after the chauffeur derrogators during his 18-day drove him back from a meeting confinement do Moscow last No. at 'the U.S. embassy. vmber. Bar.ghoorn was held 12 days Under intensive grilling by 1 before Russian authorities not!- members of a House Judiciary Pied Ambassador Kohler of his Investigating subcommittee, Pro? arrest, and American officials fessor Barghoorn disclosed that never were allowed to talk to the signed statements contained him. He was finally released on detailed information on his ac- the personal intervention of the' tiviltics and travels in The Soviet late President Kennedy. Union and his work with the This reluctant testimony of State Department. Barghoorn, which " t'he subcom-; While admitting that he didn't mittec plans to make public lat. know whether any of the infor- er this mondh, already has cast motion given 'Lire Russians could : a dark shadow on U.S.-Soviet; be used against the U. S. he negotiations to, extend (the cul-I flatly denied his s+ta'toments were ? tural exchange,?prograan and for! confessions.'the opening of consulates in both countries. Barghoorn, a key figure in These Moscow talks are dead-} U.S. - Soviet cultural exchange locked over the Soviet's refusals programs, stressed that the doe- agree to a demand by U.S. umen'ts ho signed were .'"prate- negotiators to sign an agreement cols" containing his answers to permitting U.S. officials imme questions Put to him in daylong diate access to any U.S. citizens grilling's by his Soviet interro- taken into Russian custody. I Although the Russians (lid not mistreat him during his unpris- onment, Barghoorn reported That food was Withheld from him dur- ing part of his confinements and that bright lig'h'ts were kept on in his cell e.'t aU 'times. Barghoorn also startled the legislators, who are making a thorough investigation of the U.S. Soviet cultural exchange The _ group made this demand. in the form of a letter signed by every member - Represen- tatives Feighan, Frank Chelf, D-Ky? Peter Rodino, D-N..J., Arch Moore, R -W. Va., and Rich- ard Poff, R-Va. The negotiations, which were' resumed last week in Moscow, f had been suspended in Novem-I bcr in retaliation for the arrest) of Barghoorn on espionageI Charges. I Ture legislators are planning] to recall Earghoorn to question him further about his Imprison- ment after receiving additional. information from intelligence. sources about this strange of-' hair. On or lers from Secretary of;. State Rusk, State Department, legal, officers have been direct-1 ed to press their; ouster case against su;spended security offi- cer. Otto Otepka. They have I to engage in (the new negotiations sent ntm a list of six foreign program, nvithh someheretofore service officers from which be on the ground tare benefits are unpublished details, concerning h f; is to select one as the officer il i ht d. i f eav y we g e avor o n to hear the Department's chars Russia as to make further U.S. participation ridiculous and mot es against him and his -appeal. in the national interest of our; President J'ahpute efforts toI country.',' r. mediate the dispute )ailed. This safeguard was sought by I the State Department after] members of Feighan's subcom- mit'tee, who grilled Barghoorn? demanded that extension of the cultural exchange program be held up pending a ;thorough in-1, vestigation. By unanimous bipartisan, ac- tion, the subcommittee vigorous FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040077-1